Flu season: folk remedies against the virus
 The first approved vaccine against influenza using the US military as early as 1940 during the First World War. The chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko urges all to fall planting. But not all the vaccinations and all sorts of reasons.

Regardless of whether vaccinated or not, should be given enough time to prevention. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle: eat a balanced, sleep well, move more in the open air.

It is recommended to wash daily nasal mucosa with water and divorced her in sea salt. Rinse the throat with tincture of calendula or eucalyptus.

 Flu season: folk remedies against the virus

Daily drinking 1-2 cups of broth hips. You can drink it instead of tea. In pharmacies even sell bags of crushed rosehips, which is brewed as a tea.

On the night of useful course to take pine baths. 2 tubs per week. Total 15-20 baths.

During the flu epidemic is not out of place in a bucket to wash the floor to add a few drops of essential oil of any conifer.

Previously, our grandmothers were added to the water to the floor vinegar, he also kills germs.

A flu usually comes right after the New Year, as we relaxed, raznezhilis in a whirlwind of bright holiday.

And now, all of a sudden fever, weakness, headache and muscle pain, runny nose, and cough less.

 Flu season: folk remedies against the virus

Experts advise not heroics and immediately call the precinct from the clinic. And if you are very bad, and "fast".

In no case can not go to work, except that you can infect others, and even make yourself worse. Influenza, moved to his feet, gives complications in the lungs, heart, joints, kidneys, causing exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Someone with the flu is very good interferon Immunal, Kagocel, arbidol Someone homeopathic remedies.

But experts warn that are sold in pharmacies OTC means "from the flu" is actually useless. They can only alleviate the condition, but not cured.

You can not drink antibiotics and desirable to shoot down the temperature, if it is below 38. If the above, the doctors recommend paracetamol   or Ibuprofen .

Against the backdrop of a viral infection should not take aspirin It increases the risk of internal bleeding.

 Flu season: folk remedies against the virus

It is necessary to drink plenty of warm water with cranberry, lemon, a black currant, broth hips.   The fluid removes toxins and facilitates the patient's general condition.

Once the temperature drops in addition to fruits and vegetables you need to eat a piece of white meat chicken or turkey bit.

The patient should be their single towel, spoon, plate, cup, which washed with boiling water with soap.

In order to prevent the flu doctors are advised to wash their hands often with ordinary soap and water, wash the nose slightly salted water with the addition of 1 drop of iodine in 1 cup of water.

For nasal lavage physicians advise as mineral water «Essentuki» №4   and №17 .

Before going to work is recommended to lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment . But more than 15 days to use it, doctors do not recommend.

Then you can use a drop of lavender essential oil   or tea tree oil .

 Flu season: folk remedies against the virus

It helps to lubricate the nostrils soap.

At home and at work you need to ventilate the room more often, at least every 2 hours.

Put yourself in the office near the aromakurilnitsu with 2-3 drops of tea tree, pine, citrus.

If not aromakurilnitsy, essential oil can drip to the bottom of the ceramic glass and pour boiling water to ½.

Do not get sick helps tincture of propolis, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, rhodiola rosea, echinacea tablets.

Increases immunity onion, garlic, any cabbage, red fish, cod liver oil.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva