How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist
 Given that the cost of dental services only growing, prevention and home dental care is especially important. What dentists are advised to take us between visits to them?

What kind of drinks and foods are best avoided, if we want to keep your teeth white?

If we talk about the drinks, this red wine, coffee, tea. Among food dangerous for white teeth can become quite useful food - a dark vegetables and fruits, berries and portobello mushrooms. They have a lot of antioxidants, to give them not the best solution, as well as those listed drinks, but they can cause discoloration of the teeth. What to do? First, brush your teeth after eating and drinking. And secondly, and brushing your teeth before eating, because she is not painted enamel, and a raid on her talking about this professional dentists. When brushing your teeth is not available to you (pretty hard to do it at work, during their studies), there are products that act as a natural abrasive agent, for example, do not eat sweet fruit or vegetable (apple, carrots, celery).

What kind of toothpaste to buy?

Toothpaste - is, in fact, a mild abrasive agent, whose purpose - the removal of the adhesive film on the teeth, which we call touch. Therefore, in principle, any paste can eliminate the plaque. Whitening properties of pasta nothing to do with. The only thing you should pay attention when buying toothpaste - fluoride content in it necessary for enamel remineralization.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

However, the brushes do not always cope with all sites on the teeth. For example, the interdental space is available for the most difficult to brush. In this case, comes to the aid of dental floss. How to choose - a matter of personal preference. There are wax, without wax, mint or flavored thread - they all work about the same.

Should I use a home teeth whitening kits?

Those whitening kits, which are sold in supermarkets and drugstores have low concentrations of peroxide, as opposed to those used by professional dentists in private offices. Therefore, on the one hand, whitening kits, commercially available in an accessible safe due to sparing concentrations of bleaching reagents. On the other hand, with their help, it is difficult to achieve any tangible result. Still, doctors for that we have followed the teeth with a brush and paste, and every six months to come to them for bleaching.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

How can whiten your teeth sensitive?

Conventional home whitening kits may not be suitable for sensitive teeth. For these patients, dentists are advised to look for "their" products, and always report tooth sensitivity when visiting the dentist. For sensitive teeth, a special product - gel Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel It virtually eliminates the sensitivity of the teeth and is used before using conventional bleaching systems. It activates the whitening gel, but at the same time protects the teeth.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

Is there any safe folk recipes for teeth whitening?

Old, time-tested method of whitening teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide - still works. These things remove plaque and a little bleach. But you can not use baking soda and peroxide is the time! Everything is good in moderation. Another folk recipe with lemon bleaching - dentists do not advise. Citric acid destroys tooth enamel, it robs calcium. Generally, any acidic foods should be treated carefully. For example, white wine, although it does not stain tooth enamel, but also destroys the enamel, due to the high acidity.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

Are there secrets to help maintain fresh breath?

Bad breath can have several sources: the gums, tongue, throat, lungs, stomach. So, the first step is to assess the condition of the gums and mouth, to make sure that the assistance should go to the dentist is. But maybe the bad smell - is the result of bacterial processes in the throat (the main symptom - a sore throat). If you have frequent heartburn or other digestive problems, it is necessary to pay attention to the stomach. The cause of bad breath may be some foods that you eat. For example, spicy food contains essential oils that are assimilating in the blood and getting into the lungs, have a peculiar smell. This explains, for example, an unpleasant smell from food with garlic.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

Do I need to clean the tongue?

Indeed, the new commercials toothbrushes are often reminded that it is important to brush your tongue. And this is true. After all, language is a kind of haven for bacteria. The decomposition of sulfur compounds are distinguished lead bad breath. Therefore, keep the language clean is very important, and it is not a marketing gimmick. When brushing your teeth after a meal, do not forget about the language.

Should you use mouthwashes with fluoride content?

Yes! And again, yes! Although the media can often find discussions that the teeth should be to monitor the level of fluoride, its surplus leads to tooth decay and fluoride ingestion and behaves disruptive to the internal organs. But in the case of mouthwash wary about fluoride is not necessary. Its concentration there are minimal, and the benefits will be significant when using.

 How to keep teeth white between visits to the dentist

Is there a diet for the strength of the teeth?

When a person increases, it is important to take in sufficient calcium and fluoride. This helps calcined teeth. Adult enough just to have a balanced diet to maintain the already calcined enamel healthy.

The article used the recommendation of a professional dentist and orthopedics from New York, Laura Torrado.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin