Human genetic inheritance - gift or a sentence?
 In May 2013, in the American newspaper The New York Times column, "My medical choice" Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has announced traversed surgery to remove the breast. A prerequisite for surgical intervention was the statement of physicians 87 percent probability of occurrence of the star of the disease of breast cancer. How justified operational measures in the absence of direct evidence? Genetic heritage of human -podarok or sentence?

The allopathic approach, with its narrow specialization in modern trends of western medicine - not a rarity. The human body is equivalent to the mechanism, the details of which you can withdraw and change on the other. Modern man convinced that carry out the operation, to which there is only a hypothetical predisposition is much easier and more profitable than to take the genetic characteristics of the organism, and to take responsibility for his health.

However, many years of experience in traditional medicine indicates that a person has no "extra" bodies. Surgery and the removal of any organ is justified only when it is the only possible way out. Deprived of spleen, kidney, breast or other organs of the body is forced to work in extreme mode, which in turn, could adversely affect the longevity.

Expose your body scalpel without direct evidence is inadmissible. By genetic prognosis should be treated as information from which should benefit and prevent potentially possible trouble.

What is a genetic predisposition?

The notion of "genetic predisposition" shows that two people living in the same poor conditions are more likely to arise from the disease of those who have a family history of it. Accordingly, the conclusion follows: to be healthy, you must take care of yourself, and time to eliminate risk factors.

Here is a vivid example: in the family genetic predisposition to obesity. Quite often people perceive predisposition both the problem - "if all my relatives fat, then I will be the same no matter what I do." - As a person gets "excuse" not to look after themselves. However, if it is rational to eat and stick to the minimum required physical exertion does not threaten obesity. The same can be said of other diseases.

 Human genetic inheritance - gift or a sentence?

How to live without the disease?

Errors during cell division in humans are ongoing. The immune system controls the process - deformed cells "destroyed" by leukocytes. Genetic changes occur in the body only when the human immune system is weakened. To prevent the occurrence of genetic disruption is necessary to strengthen the body's defenses. Negative thinking and unhealthy lifestyle - factors attracting disease.

What to do if you are at risk?

The more people in your family suffer from any disease, the higher the risk of it from you. However, in your power to prevent the disease.

Hypertension.   When susceptibility to hypertension monitors the pressure at least once every six months. After forty years of making a comprehensive examination of the body and follow preventive measures, warning of heart disease.

 Human genetic inheritance - gift or a sentence?

Heart diseases. If your father or grandfather had a history of heart attack, and they suffered from coronary heart disease before the age of 55 years and mother or grandmother - up to 65 years, then the likelihood of heart disease have high. To minimize her get exercise, limit alcohol, do not smoke, maintain a normal weight, limit fatty foods and learn how to overcome stress.

Diabetes.   Heredity are two types of diabetes - insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent. In order to prevent the disease moves a lot, limit fat and light carbohydrates, maintain normal body weight, once a year examine the blood to determine the level of glucose.

Alcoholism.   If you have a family history of the disease, control the amount of alcohol consumed. Do not ignore the opinions of others, if they feel that you are abusing. With the loss of control, contact the person to get rid of dependence.

Breast cancer.   If you have a genetic predisposition to the disease, together with medical professionals Develop tactics, including the number and frequency of ultrasound and mammography. In addition, every month the same day of the cycle independently inspect the breasts for the presence of seals.

 Human genetic inheritance - gift or a sentence?

Depression.   With a predisposition to depression make a good rest of your life. Take a walk in the fresh air, visit a massage and do fitness, as well as cultural trips to museums, art galleries, etc.

Healthy life, faith in their own strength and a positive attitude are able to fix any problems, including genetic! I wish you health for years to come!
Author: Natalia Bartukova