Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?
 The test showed two bands! You are pregnant! Joy has no limits: even to - your long-awaited baby already lives within you! However, the excitement does not leave you - you know that almost all pregnant women experience morning sickness! You wanted to be happy, but with the fear of discomfort expect first ... However, not everyone knows that the morning sickness in pregnant women - a phenomenon not necessarily. It can be avoided, however, be ready to make some effort! Ready? Then read on!

What is the reason?

We know that morning sickness - a set of ailments at the physical level, accompanied by psychological discomfort. Toxicosis may be an early and late. Early morning sickness experienced women to 12 weeks of pregnancy - it is transferred is relatively easy and does not threaten the health of mother and child. But late toxicosis - or preeclampsia - a much more dangerous. It occurs at a later date and neglected ailment during this period can not - you need to see a doctor, and, perhaps, to go to hospital.

In this article we will look at it early toxicosis. To begin with we shall understand: what is it? Why toxicosis "pursues" many pregnant? Doctors until then argue about the reasons for this state of the organism.

Some doctors argue that the reason for aggravation of a chronic disease that affects women. Others say that the case in a bad environment. Another group of doctors believes that it is in the body's natural reaction to the growing future mother in her new body. There are also those who gives priority to psychological reasons - they say that you're afraid of the future liability issues with her husband, pain during childbirth, etc. Probably the truth - somewhere in the middle. Therefore, the approach towards victory over toxicity should be complex.
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

11 tips for a victory over toxicosis

1.   Let your first meal will take place in bed. In the evening, prepare yourself on a plate next to the bed a little breakfast - some crackers, nuts, or a slice of dried bread. After that, a little lie down - and even then rise. This will help you in the morning to overcome nausea.
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

2.   During the day, snacking often, but in small portions.

3.   Drink special vitamins for pregnant women - support your body!

4.   If you want to avoid the nausea and vomiting - give up all marginally useful products - fatty and pepper. "And salt can? "- You ask. It is understood that during pregnancy is a topical issue! Salt, fortunately, it is possible - but a little bit!

5.   No "suhomyatok", but lunch of "first-second-compote" is also not benefit. Paradoxically? Not at all! Simply the best at this time the body takes soups - they are quickly and easily digested and do not lead to nausea.
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

6.   Do not drink excessively hot or cold food - it will irritate the stomach and cause nausea.

7.   Get enough sleep! That says it all.
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

8.   If you feel sick - suck mints, chewing gum and even better not to buy, it will help to move the sick "icicles."

9.   Roundabouts you are contraindicated. And along with them - and that gives a "carousel effect" - too active dancing, driving fast in a car, trips to the crowded public transport ... In short, all of which can "lull".

10.   Cigarettes and alcohol - it's not about you! Moreover, not only while carrying a child, and already a few months before the planned pregnancy (at least three). After morning sickness - it is also the release of hazardous substances that you have accumulated in your body. So if you want it to be transferred more easily cleaning - start to clean your body in advance.
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

eleven.   Deal with the situation at the psychological level. Even if you're glad that soon become a mom - psychologists say that on a subconscious level, yet can worry about pain during childbirth, the baby's health, your appearance after giving birth, because of the relationship with her husband ... In addition, if prior pregnancy in your family had problems, for example, with housing - now you perceive the situation in even darker colors!
 Pregnancy is a joy: how to cope with toxemia?

In short, try to pull myself together. His excitement you will not help, but the nerves themselves and the baby, who feels everything that happens to the mother - spoil the fun! Be calm for the baby - in fact all your nerves will not only give your baby, but then will be felt: it is proved that the children of those mothers who very nervous during pregnancy are more likely to cry less sleep, and later have problems communicating. Remember that even before the birth of your crumbs first need calm and confident mother!

In the end, remember the well-known folk wisdom: God gave the child - and the child will!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya