Rules of survival during PMS
 There are days when you feel at ease: that you have the mood on the highest mark, then at zero, you quickly get tired, is not happy with yourself and others, you are angry, you ready to cry from the imperfections of the world, but what is most It goes to your loved ones ... And these days you are each month! Well, you're not alone - according to statistics at least 90% of women suffer from PMS, or premenstrual syndrome.

What is what

Premenstrual syndrome - as the name implies - is a series of painful symptoms that a woman is going through for a few days before menstruation. In those days, you may feel discomfort in the abdomen, chest pains, headaches, dizziness, will quickly tire, often want to sleep or relax. But hunger and suddenly had a passion for salty and sharp little - it's all business card PMS!

What's the matter? But the fact the features of the hormones. Due to the increasing level of female hormones your body accumulates liquid, which is said to be and is the cause of physical and psychological problems.

How to help yourself?

You are mistaken if you think that relieve premenstrual syndrome can not be over! There are many ways that, if not eliminate completely syndrome, then provide a few days before menstruation in a much more comfortable state! However, you'll have some work to do. Ready?

Problem: abdominal pain

Before menstruation can help foods rich in calcium. So, if you take three or four different fermented milk products (eg, milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese) every day before menstruation, and in their first few days, you will greatly facilitate their "fate" - these foods will help you cope better with both psychological discomfort, and with pain.

 Rules of survival during PMS

In addition, in the days of PMS try to regularly defecate - that this was no problem, Eat wholemeal bread, fresh vegetables and rice.

Problem: edema

Edema occurs due to fluid retention in the body. Therefore, shortly before the month you need to abandon the use of those products and substances which retard the salt from pickled cucumbers, salted and dried fish, etc. In addition, give up (at least temporarily) from alcohol and cigarettes - is largely save from edema.

It will help to combat swelling and diuretics: brewed herbal teas - buy grass for them at any drugstore.

 Rules of survival during PMS

The problem: a rash on the face

If you've noticed that on the eve of menstruation on the cheek or on the nose "as a bayonet" pimple appears, know that it is the result of active work of hormones. Of course, you do not work to suppress the hormones, but clear skin - it please! In the days of PMS try every 1-2 days to apply to the face scrub - to cleanse the skin from keratinized scales and sebum. Also, remember that acne can provoke a variety of harmful products - roasted, peppered, too salty, spicy. As you know, this is what I want to before menstruation, but if you want to keep your skin free of uninvited "guests" - abstain!

 Rules of survival during PMS

Problem: fatigue

You constantly feel tired, broken and sluggish? Well, it's no wonder - your body is experiencing stress! Try to plan your work schedule, travel and any physical activity so that it does not come to the days before menstruation.
Of course, there are times when a business trip or a trip you can not undo, but you should know that in the days before menstruation you should get plenty of rest, had a good sleep and do not overload yourself! Fruits, vegetables and freshly squeezed juices help you move more easily these days.

 Rules of survival during PMS

The problem: mood swings

And with that, you can fight! I heard about the substance serotonin, the so-called "hormone of happiness"? Here it is something and you need it. You probably heard that it is contained in bananas and chocolate? However, it will stop at the first: Eat bananas! Chocolate contains serotonin though, in this period is not so useful.

As you can see: a little effort - and PMS retreat! Good luck!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya