Talent is given to health
 Everyone has a talent, and this is not necessarily singing or dancing. Even the ability to clean the apartment and cook a meal is also a talent. God gave man the gift of giving an opportunity to somehow prove himself, and take place in this life. Everyone gets their gift "of his strength." Talent is not just heard, they are for something needed.

  What is a gift?

Let's understand the concept of talent. In Greek, the word "talent" means "one who is." In ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia, Asia Minor, the talent is the greatest currency. Now they call human talent, some of its ability to a specific activity, the natural ability to work in their chosen field, gaining skills. Talent enables a person to perform the most complex activities, thus, this work becomes a favorite pastime.

Talent may be manifested at an early age. For example, the boy does not like the toys, he is interested only tools. In this way, we can determine that in the future it will probably be a mechanic, repairman or something like that.

People get gifts in different areas: music, literature, art, technology, medicine, education, etc. And it must be so, because without it mankind could not exist. And with so many different talents, all can cooperate with each other.

Indeed, without technical talent, people would not have invented cars, aircraft, computers, and no medicine - could not be treated, do surgery, to give birth to healthy children, etc.

Howard Gardner   in his book "Frame of mind"   He outlined seven types of intelligence (talent):

1. Verbal-linguistic (journalists, writers, poets, and others.)

2. Digital (mathematics, salesmen, accountants, etc.).

3. Spatial (artists, designers, architects, and others.).

4. The physical (athletes, dancers, and others.).

5. Personal (people he inspires his talent, which he wants to develop).

6. Interpersonal (politicians, speakers, presenters, actors, etc.).

7. Talent environment (farmers, trainers, and others.).

 Talent is given to health

  The Parable of the Talents

In the New Testament there is a story about the host, who was supposed to go to another country, but before I go on the road, he left his three servants talents (ie, in ancient times, it meant "money"), so they can use them. Later, after returning home, he asked them about the money. Two said they have invested in their business, traded and made a profit, while the third hid the talent, dug in the ground, to give back to the owner. But, alas, the king became angry at the third of idleness and took it from him given talent. And the other two servants praised and rewarded for their work. In the Bible, God is the master of this, and the money - it is the talents of people. Parable itself teaches not to be lazy and use their capabilities.

Having one's ability and developing it, you can get the next one. One talent brings the two talents, two - three, three - six, etc. And no one should complain that it has no powers, it is true, we got everything, without exception. And everyone is responsible before God and people for the use of their gifts.

The conclusion is that all people have the talent, and even emotions, to some extent, they are. For example, if you enjoy life, share joy with others and reassurance to anyone. If you are healthy, help the sick person. Ways to use you can think of a lot of talent.


Maybe someone will ask: Health and also a talent? No, but they are interrelated. There are people who almost never get sick. Such a life can be called a blessing, but, alas, few such people. It turns out that any human talent affects his health.

If you look, everyone is their own destiny, one that has to do with my life. When a person has health problems, it focuses excessively on the disease in the end it will only get worse. But if he has some talent, for example, to paint, he can do it, forgetting about his illness. The less people will think about the disease, the sooner it will recede. A person who is engaged in their favorite thing, produced endorphins (happy hormones) that are responsible for the sensation of pleasure.

Who of us does not enjoy looking at the fruit of the business? Carried away by the work, if a person moves to another world, thinking only of how to improve what he does. After all, artists, writers can sit for hours over his work, forgetting about everything.

 Talent is given to health

All the sick people who were involved and develop their talents, not only to achieve success in life, despite his infirmity, but also their physical condition improves. By developing their gifts, man, as it strengthens the spirit, strives for something which is going to the target, but it is not for the lazy! Every talent takes effort. We want to have all of the best, then, you should give themselves the best one. Becoming perfect in the business, we become such. And if a person says that he is bad, he can not deal with anything, but constantly whines that he is sick, and the changes will not occur.

There is an old Russian film "I can not say goodbye." This is a story about a man who, due to injury, can not walk. He has, as it happens in all patients became depressed. She taught him do what he likes. He became interested in the work of wood, creating different things in the reclining position. The man forgot that he could not walk, he began struggling to live fully using their talent. Gradually, the disease began to recede. But this film is not only about talent, he is also love.

So let us love, learn, develop their skills and do not be lazy to live this life with dignity!
Author: Svetlana Doskoch