The power of faith
 The word "faith" is primarily associated with religion, namely, with faith in God. But if you look, in fact, even the atheists believe in the fact that there is no God. It turns out that everyone in something believes. Faith - a proof of the invisible, waiting for what is not, but in the future to happen.

In today's world many study psychology, and almost every doctor agrees that the treatment of any disease process starts in our head. And indeed, since before the medicine was not as well developed as it is now: people are either cured or died. How did they manage to get rid of serious diseases? Very simple - finding a balance, peace and quiet in their lives, despite all the difficulties.

Healing words

Faith, by itself, can not act, it is like a flower needs minerals and water. That is, if you say you are believers, and nothing else do not do, it is unlikely to be any result. "Faith without works is - is dead." It must be nourished by word and action. For example, if you can not move, then simply type in his head and repeat a thousand times a day: "I'll go, I'll get up on their feet." Or constantly imagine that already go. Do not be lazy, do the necessary exercises, try to really stand up. Through faith and toil of the people healed of complex diseases, even cancer.

Treatment word practiced since ancient times. This method originated much earlier than the medicine itself. Prayer and talk heart to heart was and always will be! In fact, the words are of great importance: the word can worsen the human situation, on the other hand, to rescue. It hurts and heals, exhilarating and depressing.

  Word is part of the organism that transmits a particular signal through the brain at any sick body, acting on his work. Hence the conclusion: the faith for healing up at the feet of terminally ill people. Scientists have studied the prayers of the faithful people and to make sure that the body after reading the words occur only positive changes. That is, the stronger the development of spirituality in a person, the easier it is to heal. We must remember that faith can augment not only positive energy, but also negative, if you constantly think of something bad. For example: "I am sick, I have nothing to help." In this case, the disease had not depart from you, thinking well, you just do not win it.

 The power of faith

  Interfere with any doubt?

As there are good and bad, so go with faith and doubt - are two opposites. Even a small uncertainty in the healing of disease can return back. If you think logically, that doubt hinder people to achieve the target. Then comes the despair, depression. But sometimes it can only be for the better. For example, if you're ugly, and could not succeed - to be attractive, you missed the opportunity to have a lot of admirers. Instead, you will love the one and only for your kindness, not for beauty.

Vera - is a gift that has been given to man. And it should be used only for the good. If we consider the relationship between people, it can be seen that very trusting people always get into some trouble. An old proverb says: "Trust, but verify." But to live without trust in others - it is impossible.

  Faith in man betrays him new strength. If the patient is no support, he dropped his hands, come the doubts that there is no one to dispel. Thought occurs to him about the deterioration, even death, and he resigns, unless you change the decision - to live again and recover.

  The same happens with married couples. Once the trust between them disappears, start quarrels and misunderstandings, attack fears about her husband's infidelity, etc. In fact, maybe he does not want to change, but the women's subconscious fears it easy to be driven to it.

  The doubts that haunt and often persecuted people - a ticking time bomb. They need to be on my own drive by any means. Probably, it is easy to remember how much you wanted to do but could not? Why is that? For the same reason - questioned. If you go forward, you will never need to look back. Alas, doubts always arise in the subconscious of the person, and as long as he is alive, they exist. The only way to defeat the doubt - it is constantly learning to believe. Clearly set a goal and go for it.

 The power of faith

  Faith of hearing

Without faith, humans would not exist, and even medicine was powerless. When a person takes a drug, he also believes that it will help him. Faith - a little seed in our hearts, which eventually will give fruit. Faith will not, if you do not hear about miracle cures, dismiss stories of faith and recovery. It comes from hearing, for example, preaching in the church or just comforting words of a loved one. What fills our ears and eyes, so we are inside.

  If you choose the path to health, it is necessary to try to fill ourselves only positive information, watch movies about healing, read the necessary literature to avoid experiences of stress. Everything should be only positive. Faith, by itself, will not take root in you, if it is not constantly fertilize. If you believe that only relentlessly and inexorably, to the very end.

  To find out whether a person has faith, it is very easy. For example, you say that you believe, but for some reason the drug does not help, relieving the disease does not occur. The answer is simple: you do not believe. The believer claims that he was in good health, even if it is ill. It is worth considering: if you really want to defeat the disease, or simply you do not care?

  And finally, I want to quote the words of the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius: "Life - this is what we think about it." So, let us be masters of their own destiny, to believe and to fight for their health.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch