We will verify the biological clock: bird, dove, owl
 "Good morning! "- Joyfully exclaims one man cheerfully jumps out of bed. "Horrible start of a new day" - sighs another, trying unsuccessfully to turn off the annoying alarm clock, without revealing sleepy eyes. How to learn to live in accordance with its biorhythms? On health, the choice of profession and the daily routine of "biological bird" talk in the article!

Japanese scientists claim that every person has a genetic code that determines its biorhythmic clock. I know it is extremely important, since life "by the rules" will help to avoid the development of chronic diseases and even help build a staggering career.

Thus, according to sociologists, larks often suffer from heart disease in pigeons may have problems with the nervous system, and owls are vulnerable to troubles with bones and joints.

Larks achieve exemplary success in work, involving the accuracy and thoroughness, pigeons perfectly manifest themselves in the field of managers and executives, and the owls are very successful in the field of creativity.

Determine personal code

There are several ways to find your place in "the world of birds."

Natal method

The exact time of one's birth. If you were born in the interval from 4 am to 11 pm - you are an early bird. From 11 pm to 16 pm or 24 midnight to 6 am - you're a dove. Well, if the first publication took place in the period from 16 pm to 24 o'clock midnight - you are, respectively, the owl.

The mathematical method

Immediately after awakening, measure heart rate and heart beats in 60 seconds. Divide the first value to the second and get the result.

If the ratio of the pulse: respiration is 4: 1 - you're the pigeon, the ratio below 3: 1 says that you are a night owl, and a high index of 5: 1 and above allows you to see in you a lark.

Temperature method

After waking up, measure the temperature, note the value and continue to perform daily routine. An hour later, repeat the measurement. The temperature remained the same - you are the representative of a lark, increased by more than 0, 8 ° C - you are a night owl, but if the increase is less than or equal to 0, 4 ° C - Dove.

Tips for daily routine for larks

The early bird catches the worm feeds ...

You think, and feel free to go for a morning jog. However, according to scientists, such an active morning can lead to serious consequences for your health. Intensive training in the period from 7 am to 9 am extremely unfavorable for the heart, which is the "weak link" in the body of the lark. Therefore, if you prefer to strike activity in the morning, be sure to precede her a small gym or charging.

What's for breakfast?

Appetite lark is active from the moment of awakening. However, do not jump on the food right away, you might want to drink a glass of water with a slice of fresh lemon or half an hour before a meal. In the morning your diet should include cereals, fruits and green tea. But coffee until later!

How to work?

The peak activity of larks accounted for 7-10 hours in the morning. Unfortunately, many people have to spend the time to overcome the way to work. If you have the opportunity, try to mentally make a priority of working cases and Line up in the head case for the report. In doing so, you will come to the workplace in full combat readiness. But whatever has been saturated your time, do not neglect dinner, to be held no later than 14 noon.

Practice siesta!

Of course, to sleep for an hour after dinner, you are unlikely to in the office, but to sit for 7-10 minutes with his eyes closed in the workplace, renouncing all cases, is quite real. During the specified time the brain has time to go through all the cycles of sleep and "recover".

Dinner and sleep on a schedule

After 20.00 lark body adjusts to rest and digestive system goes into "sleep mode". In order not to provoke a stressful situation in the body, eat dinner as only "light" food. Curd casserole, vegetable stew or seafood - perfect for the evening meal. Do not drink fluids after 8 pm, as even a couple of cups of herbal tea may withdraw morning swelling.

 We will verify the biological clock: bird, dove, owl

Tips for daily routine for pigeons

Keep yourself in shape

Chronobiology say that biorhythms dove allow him to actively pursue both morning and evening hours. Training in the gym, scheduled for early morning or early evening, are extremely efficient and fast will be pleased with the excellent results. A necessary condition for well-being pigeon - is relaxation at lunchtime.

Maintain internal biorhythms

Pigeons have one internal feature. Their clock is very easy to "knock down". To live in the right rhythm always, support the body with endorphins. The source of the latter are pleasant affairs and concerns. Get in the habit of making small evening walks in the fresh air. It is the nature will help you synchronize your biological time.

Do not operate at night!

Nightwatch contraindicated for people such as "blue". Scientists warn night work for people with type daily biorhythm is a carcinogen. Take this into consideration before agreeing on the night shift, promising mountains of gold to you. It is possible that they will be spent on the restoration of your body.

If they lost their biorhythms

To accelerate the process of transition to a normal schedule can be guided by the following tips.

- Rest on linen bedding bright colors. Scientific studies suggest that it helps to fall asleep as soon as possible and a sound sleep.

- Half an hour before bedtime light the aroma lamp in the room with the scent of roses, lavender, sandalwood, hops, geranium, frankincense, sage, lemon balm and ylang-ylang. This will help calm the nervous system.

- Use the bed for its intended purpose! If you can not sleep - get busy. Read, knit, stands out from the laptop, but outside of the bedroom bed. Delimiting space for wakefulness and sleep will help you work out a sleepy jerk at the moment when your head touches the pillow.

 We will verify the biological clock: bird, dove, owl

Tips for daily routine for owls

Get up early!

From natural to wake up the actual owl takes quite a long time. To feel "at ease", get the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you need to. Put it in a place away from the bed so that you had to go through the whole room before being shut down. Do not ignore the "invigorating drink" - a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey or a slice of lemon, as it will set you on a new day.

Sports - health pledge

Start your day with light loads. Yoga, streytching, swimming or pilates - what you need. But severe stress, such as running or exercising on a power simulator, "medical admission" you only in the evening.

Hold the course "all ready"

To the morning was pleasant, it is necessary to take care of in the evening. Take a quarter of an hour before, to pick up the image of the business for tomorrow or collect a bag to work.

Do not forget to eat breakfast

Since the digestive system of owls in the morning running slowly, your meal should consist of grains of cereals, yogurt, cheese or fruit. Avoid fatty and heavy protein.

Distribute time wisely

Chronobiology recommend that you first take a half-day on the simple mechanical action, and the second - on the strategic objectives. For example, before lunch - check email, type in the required documents and approval of his superiors, put things in order on the desktop. The purpose of these manipulations - to help you get into the working channel. But the period of business activity owls, which account for 13-14 hours, schedule important business meeting or perform tasks that require extreme concentration.

Living the biological internal regulations will help you take out of life what you want. Take care of yourself and be happy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova