Features winter foot care
 I think all women agree with the statement, "the legs look beautiful, sexy, attractive - to care for them." Although the general principles of care remain constant, each season its demands and has its own peculiarities of care.

While some may argue that since the winter legs hidden from prying eyes and from the cold, then a special care for them is not necessary, and in this period his feet require no less, and even more thorough and consistent care than in milder seasons. And there are good reasons!

If you do not pay enough attention to the feet, such troubles as dryness and flaking of the skin, sweating, exacerbation of fungal diseases of feet and nails, foot deformities, foot fatigue due to poorly chosen shoes, will not be slow to manifest.

Choose shoes

The first condition management Foot care is comfortable shoes for the winter season - it should be light, warm, high-quality, well-ventilated, sorted by size, in any case does not close. The best material for winter shoes is leather. It takes the form of very good feet, good breathing, leather shoes are much warmer.

 Features winter foot care
   It is not necessary to buy winter shoes with heels higher than 4 cm. Let the heel is low and stable, with him you will feel more confident on slippery and uneven sidewalks of winter. The narrow, cramped, uncomfortable shoes, moreover, that contributes to the emergence of corns, foot deformities, and ingrown nails, it prevents blood flow to the toes and can cause frostbite.

If you have the opportunity came to work to change shoes, be sure to do it. The habit of changing street warm shoes lighter office itself takes part of the winter problems, such as irritation to the skin of the foot arch, sudamen, numerous scrapes and diaper rash.

And here at home, experts recommend at all to do without shoes, walk barefoot - even the feet breathe, and the body is hardened.

We are struggling with sweating

Probably the most common problem that does not cease to bother us during the cold season - sweating feet. The fact that the skin brake is devoid of sebaceous glands and has a pretty rough thick outer layer (the horny layer of the epidermis), but equipped with an abundance of sweat glands. If the shoe is too warm, if you can not change the shoes while in the room, or unsuccessfully selected material tights (socks), the excessive sweating of the feet is quite normal winter companion. The fact that sweating is unpleasant in itself, is understandable, because the bacteria that develop in a moist environment, becoming a source of foul smell, but it threatens the health of a pretty big trouble. Wet legs can freeze quickly even in the shoe, moreover, the upper layer of the skin is softened, its integrity is violated, this may lead to the development of fungal diseases, and also to the dehydration of the skin and exfoliation.

To solve this problem, you can use special deodorant for feet. Use their recommended twice per day. Creams, lotions, powders, deodorants Athlete's Foot - these tools can be found on the shelves of stores, pharmacies, and an assortment of them quite large. They all contain antimicrobial and antiseptic agents, as well as talc, zinc oxide, essential oils and plant extracts.

Cope with sweating can help correct care. Personal care - clean and dry skin feet. Do not forget at the end of the evening water treatment carried out douche for the feet. Cold water - the right remedy for sweaty feet, well, in addition, a shower beneficial effect on increasing immunity to colds. After showering should sprinkle with talcum powder and skin of the feet to do a light massage, massaging, kneading and stroking fingers, feet and toes. It improves blood circulation, increases blood supply. You can then apply a nourishing cream.

 Features winter foot care
   Not bad help to cope with contrasting sweat bath with a decoction of oak bark, though, to start and finish the procedure should be cold tray. To enhance the tanning effect can be worn at night light cotton socks with the powder inside the mound of oak bark. In the morning is enough to rinse his feet with cool water and grease cream from sweating, for example Vichy Podexine Anti-Transpirant . This cream contains antibacterial agent ozotsin, prevents bacteria and regulates sweating. Suitable for all skin types.

We struggle with dry

No less common than sweating, it is dry skin feet. At constant contact with warm wool and synthetic fabrics, with little air exchange skin becomes excessively dry. Against the background of dryness, there is often a significant problem, such as hyperkeratosis (thickening of the horny layer of the skin). The skin on the feet becomes excessively dry, firm, flaky. The reason for this unpleasant skin changes is slowing exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis.

Our task - to help the skin to get rid of these layers, moisten and soften it. With this excellent job creams for the feet with so-called keratolytics - active substances which are already exfoliate dead skin flakes. An example of this can serve as a means of rich emulsion gel-cream Uriage Keratosane 30   (Uriage Keratozan 30). This cream combines incorporating active substances, keratolytics, soothing and moisturizing ingredients to eliminate peeling of the skin, moisturizing and effectively combat the thickening of the skin, it is easily absorbed, leaving no greasy buildup. If you use it all the time, even the most hardened portions are elastic, soft and moisturized.

After water treatment, always use moisturizer for the feet. To effect was better, apply the cream on slightly damp skin

To legs were beautiful

 Features winter foot care
   2-3 times a week, arrange their legs of a spa at home. Aromatic bath with herbal extracts (chamomile, celandine, needles) and the addition of essential oils of peppermint, lavender, tea tree perfectly relax muscles, relieve fatigue and prepare the skin for peeling. The water in the bath should cover the foot at the ankle. This bath should be taken no more than 15 minutes. After a walk on legs bath scrub, it will provide a soft and easy removal of the hardened layer of the epidermis, make feet healthier and softer. Usually, creams for feet have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Try to scrub "Yarrow and volcanic pumice"   from "Green Mama", it consists of yarrow, widely known for its medicinal properties, the particles of volcanic pumice, and linseed, sesame, lavender and cedar oil. After treatment, scrub, rinse your feet with cool water and pamper your skin with a nourishing cream, preferably with a high content of vitamins F, A, B, and lipids.

When applying the cream on your feet is recommended that you massage from toes to ankles.

And now a pedicure!

It does not matter that your pedicure, perhaps no one will see (except household), but you'll know what it is! And it allows you to feel confident and comfortable. All the more so beautiful nails - it is healthy nails. So, do not forget the time to trim nails, follow the nail plate and cuticle cream or oil to rub polish to improve their elasticity.

To preserve the beauty and health of the feet in the winter pay special attention Nutrition . The diet must necessarily be a product with sufficient beauty vitamins A, E, F. They are rich in animal products: fish, liver, cod liver oil, butter and vegetable butter, cottage cheese, egg yolk. Despite the fact that winter is the best season for fresh fruits and vegetables, try to enrich the menu of yellow-red and green fruits and vegetables. Kiwi, citrus fruits, rosehips, sea buckthorn, peppers, spinach, kale, parsley, carrots, green onions, pumpkin - a good choice for winter.

The attention you give your legs, will help to keep their health and beauty, and fully prepared to meet the first warm days of spring.
Author: Olga Travleeva