Feet, second heart
 Eastern medicine is the so-called stop a person, considering that on the foot reflex zones focused projection of all internal organs.

Foot accumulates data about the state of health: how the individual organs and the whole organism. When exposed to the reflex zones of the foot, we have an opportunity to influence the internal organs without direct contact, stimulate their work, getting rid of the disease unwittingly, without spending huge amounts of money and not getting unwanted side effects. No wonder people say about synthetic drugs "One lechish - other cripples."

In many eastern countries foot massage - it's almost a culture preserved for centuries. The foot is most distant from the heart, to ensure normal blood circulation at such a distance from the heart is very difficult to stop normally accumulates over the life of a huge number of toxins, which further slows down the blood flow. Taking care of the foot, we will have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

The doctors of traditional Chinese medicine is recommended to take a hot or warm foot bath before going to bed, thinking that it is not only an incredibly simple and effective way to strengthen the immune system in general and the promotion of self-cleaning of the body, but also a significant "impact" cold in the early stages of the disease.

I remember from my childhood: As soon as a cough or runny nose, my mother sent us to "soar feet." The water added salt or mustard, baking soda, dried herbs and leaves of birch, oak, currants, cherries, pieces of resin (resin needles) or turpentine, hay dust. The legs were immersed in a bowl of hot water to the ankles, occasionally pouring the hot water. This method is used for decades as a matter of course. Very effective! And fragrant!
pay attention : The procedure is contraindicated in the increase in body temperature over 37 5 -37 8, varicose veins, also must be careful hypertensive and people suffering from angina. In such cases it is better to make a warm, but not hot foot bath.

After a hot or warm foot bath should be rinsed with cold water, or to arrange a douche - rinsing is alternately cold, then hot water, then wipe dry. Foot rub and stretch properly, and having studied the layout of bioactive points, it can be directed to work on certain organs or body parts, pressing and massaging these points.

 Feet, second heart

According to the same Chinese, foot baths in the winter - warm, spring - strengthen the immune system, in the summer - protect from the heat, and in the fall - strengthen the respiratory and digestive systems.

To increase blood flow to the head and chest to the legs, cold foot baths used - 3-5 minutes standing in cold water, which reaches to the calves. In such a hot summer evening bath it helps overcome insomnia with a strong fatigue. A "walking" on the cold water - a great tempering procedures. To do this in the bath or basin is filled with cool water, which is represented by "walking in place." Children and weakened adults should be started with a few steps and water at room temperature, eventually lowering the temperature of water every day significantly increasing the number of steps. The main rule - do not take breaks in the program quenching. If for some reason there was a break in the classroom - you need to start all over again: a few steps, while continuing to increase every day.

 Feet, second heart
   Here some recipes for herbal foot baths .

- Fighting Athlete's Foot
Prepare the broth: In one liter of water to boil Around 15 minutes shredded bark of willow and oak, about 50 grams. Let it brew. You can add 5-10 ml of alcohol tincture of propolis. Baths take the course at least 10 days to 20 minutes.

- Warming bath (help warm up after a frosty walk)
The warm water (about 35 degrees) is good to mix a handful of salt, you can add a few drops of essential oil. The duration of the bath for about 15 minutes.

- Bath anti-inflammatory effects, wound healing
2-3 tablespoons of crushed bay leaves pour boiling water, cover and let stand. Add the warm water when taking a foot bath. This bath has a good relaxing effect.

- Universal Foot Bath
Pour boiling water over 1-2 tablespoons chopped lemon balm and as many chamomile, insist 5 minutes. Dissolve in water a tablespoon of sea salt, add tincture of herbs and enjoy the bath!
Author: Galina Kruglik