I'll bite you! Do not!
 It is well summer: heat, light, vegetables, fruits, flowers. But the insects that often spoil the holiday and annoying in everyday life.


Perhaps there is nothing more disgusting and intrusive flies. They fly into the room through the open windows, open windows, loggias and balconies. In the country, they generally behave shamelessly.

The flies feed on any organic food, including feces, manure and other impurities, so survive and reproduce in virtually any environment. They live in 3 months, but during this time a female has time to be postponed to 2000 eggs from which larvae appear and then the new fly.

We fly to the base of each foot have sticky hairs studded cushion with which it is easy and free to move on smooth walls and ceiling.

Flies carry various intestinal, stafillo - and micro- coccal infections, bacteria, spreading diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid fever, tularemia, brucellosis, botulism, spreading worms. In addition, being in the room, they interfere with how to work and rest. Thank God, in our area do not hobnob deadly tsetse fly.

 I'll bite you! Do not!
   Humanity is struggling with flies over the centuries. Preventing the spread of flies is the cleanliness. The best way to destroy the flies is considered disinsection, which is carried out due to the specialists.

- To combat the flies hang adhesive paper . She was ready to buy or make your own.
  1. Dissolved in a pint of water 1/3 cup sugar, 20 g of potassium dichromate, 1-2 teaspoons ground black pepper and 50 ml of ethyl alcohol. The resulting mixture soak heavy paper, dry and place on a plate, moisten with water only very paper.

  2.   Dissolve 1/3 cup milk 1st. spoonful of sugar and add 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper.

There are other folk remedies .

- Sprinkle wherever possible, the flowers of tansy.

- Flies can not tolerate the smell of tomato leaves, so the country is recommended to plant tomatoes under the windows. And in a city apartment can be planted in a flowerpot indoor tomatoes.

- Get rid of flies may 100g. camphor, volatile oil burner or burners.

- If you cut the paper into strips and hung on the window. The wind will move with them and fly will fly into smaller.


Mosquitoes also very unpleasant creatures. Scientists say that for every person on the planet has more than 100 million of these bloodsuckers. Central Russia - this is certainly not the tundra and taiga are not, but, nevertheless, mosquitoes can spoil much outdoor recreation. And in the country, they do not give rest, worst of all, the mosquitoes often settle in the basement of modern buildings and penetrate into the apartment.

Although it is said that mosquitoes carrying malaria, a little, it's somehow not comforting. Being bitten and scratched - unattractive prospect. Now on sale there is a huge amount of mosquito control, you can choose what your heart desires.

Or use folk remedies .

 I'll bite you! Do not!
   - Some collect bedtime mosquito vacuum cleaner.

- Mosquitoes can not tolerate the Persian chamomile, scientific name - pyrethrum. The plant can be grown at home or in a few places sprinkle dry inflorescences and leaves can wash the floor, adding an infusion of Persian daisies.

- Pesky mosquitoes just smell of anise, cloves (spice) and eucalyptus, valerian, cedar. Essential oils of these plants can dampen the cloth and put it on the window, brush only cautiously so as not to leave the spot, a corner of the mattress, curtains ... These oils are also added to the water to wash the floor. And rinse bedding.

- At the cottage room can be treated with carbolic acid.

- Wheat grass, which is so fond of cats and dogs, mosquitoes do not like. It is enough to fill 100 g. wheatgrass 1 liter of water and simmer until the broth is not yet acquire a straw-yellow color. Cool and wash this broth. Mosquitoes do not come close. This solution also wash the floor, walls, window sills.


It is they who in recent years has become a major headache for anyone who likes to relax in nature. All increases the number of ticks - peddlers encephalitis, a brain inflammation that is. Ticks are not infected with encephalitis, can carry other diseases, such as Lyme disease, in which the temperature rises, and on-site implementation appears strong itch mite. Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics and passes quickly.

The best protection against encephalitis is vaccination . But it must be done in the fall. If the vaccine is not made, it remains to hope for their care.

Unfortunately, ticks are found not only in the forest, but also in the cottages. Sometimes you can read that ticks jump from the tree, but it is not. They live in the thick grass, overgrown with weeds, rarely on the bushes.

- Going for a walk, you should wear clothes, tight-fitting with a hollow collar covering the neck, sleeves and tight pants with cuffs on elastic bands.
After the walk you need to carefully examine themselves or ask another to do it. A man does not feel stuck tick.

- If a tick is found, it is impossible to sharply pull out it, otherwise you can pull the body from the head, and it will remain in the body. It was in the head, in the salivary glands of the tick contains a virus.

- The easiest way to drop a mite warm vegetable oil and vodka, cologne. Tick ​​razozhmёt jaw and rotary movements carefully it can be removed.
Wound treated with iodine or alcohol.

- Tick throw experts do not advise putting it in a glass bottle with a tight-fitting cap, insect should be referred for examination to find out whether a tick is infected with a virus.

- If the temperature of the body bitten person within two weeks be above 37, 2 degrees, you should consult a doctor immediately.

- Ticks in some way deters the smell of essential oils of tea tree and pine. You can lubricate them gently clothes slightly from the inside, or may be stained. Oil applied to the skin on sunny days it is impossible to avoid burns.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva