Jeans - convenience or harm?
 Class in the ninth, and I did not think about how you should wear jeans - resorted to the school, threw a bag with textbooks, rented a strict and, wearing your favorite jeans, went for a walk on the street. And you just have to throw them in the chair until the next evening. Frankly, I began to occasionally forget that behind them to watch out - wash, iron, fold, and if it is not the first year - not wishing to throw in the trash. After some time, this realization has come a very peculiar way. The doctor told me - the redness on the skin surface vnutrebedrennoy nothing else, as the impact of my favorite jeans. These are on. Passed love, as they say, wilted tomatoes. More specifically jeans.

The truth is before you throw them out of your life, I flipped through more than one web page. As it turned out, jeans are fraught with many dangers that can not imagine! Rash, peeling, circulatory disorders, allergies, dermatitis, erythema, and even the fullness! This list can be continued trouble for a long time! Now more.

Now, almost every second woman is the subject of clothes, and does not think that it can be dangerous to her health. Especially for them, I will spend a little excursion into medicine.

Dermatitis.   It also refers disparagingly jeans like I'm in high school years? Congratulations - you are the best candidate for the fungal disease. Why is that? Yes, because the body of a permanent contact with a dirty cloth, first "earn" dermatitis. Then I was lucky - I immediately went to the hospital. However, if a person is not just addressed to the doctor - the disease gradually "captures" more and larger areas of the body. Hence there is a fungal disease.

Poor circulation.   A lover of skinny jeans and slim line models, too, can not be good. Tight trousers can simply break the blood circulation in the legs and cause burning. You feel uncomfortable? Spit on fashion and beauty, and remove them immediately!

Get kidney disease or overweight   risk of ladies jeans with low waist. The fact is that they do not cover the body portion, where these vital organs. Shirts and T-shirts also often do not perform these functions. Hence, girls often suffer from pain in the kidneys. Overweight they can because the body, so try to protect yourself excess fat (that is, insulate themselves) at the waist.

Gray, white, blue, black, red, purple - colors of jeans diverse. That's just why it is such a result? Naturally, artificially. More no paint was not useful for our body. That's from the jeans we can get quite unpleasant results in the form allergies .

What to do to avoid these ills?
  1. Buy jeans size. To do this, before you buy be sure to try on them. Try to be like them in the store and somewhere to sit down. If you can not shake, and you feel comfortable in them - safely buy.

  2. Once felt irritation - throw jeans. It is a pity? While they should boil and carefully iron the inner side.

  3. Do not wear jeans all the time. Replace them with other items of clothing.

  4. They must be washed at least once in two weeks.

  5. In cold weather, wear a padded waist jeans and a sweater.

After reading all the above, I think it became clear to you - jeans are not as harmless as they seem. No wonder that people long to get used to them. But all this, of course, applies only to those who have day-to-day breaks in the super mega fashionable jeans and did not care about their health. Dear girls, everything is good in moderation. So if you now sported jeans, and tomorrow you can wear trousers, the next day - a skirt, even in a day - shorts or a dress. Variations are plenty. And your body will thank you and to others. After all, every day you will be different. And that means - attractive. And mysterious.
Author: Larisa Trishkina