Middle-aged disease "young"
 Secretary, the operator call-center and tourism manager, designer and programmer. What they all have in common? The answer is simple - back pain! Unfortunately, the disease of the spine is the scourge of the twenty-first century. According to experts, about 87% of the population suffer from this disease.

You expectant mother? Or maybe you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and the job is sedentary? Lifting weights and abusing high heels? It is precisely the most susceptible to this illness at risk. Let us understand how to confront and fight the disease of the spine, prevention is appropriate at any age.

The fact that health begins with our posture, we all know. And we remember how in school we blamed for the stoop, let mom wearing high heels and platforms, and office computer never had to be a better friend. But, unfortunately, it is to preserve the health of proved quite difficult. And the numbers are not important in the passport cover all this pain, school and college students-freshmen, steps over the age of Balzac and increasingly binds our mothers and grandmothers.

Without going into the essence, it seems that the spine is a very complex and incomprehensible part of the body. And God forbid, "face to face" with her never to face. But the reality is the opposite. Spine - the axial skeleton of a man, it consists of 32-34 vertebrae interconnected cartilage, joints and ligaments. In the spine are five divisions:
- Cervical (7 vertebrae);
- Thoracic (12 vertebrae);
- Lumbar (5 vertebrae);
- Sacral (5 intergrows vertebrae);
- Coccyx (3-5 intergrows vertebrae)
( Glossary of science. Glossariy.ru ).

Durable, flexible and elastic. Here are the main adjectives that should be associated in a healthy person with a backbone.

What is the secret of healthy and beautiful posture? There is no secret. You just need the right time and take care of the spine. And here the important role played by exercise in the gym, and even the usual morning exercises at home before work is fine. The main thing, as they say, regularity and a positive attitude.

1. Lie on your back, bend your knees and clasp their hands. Make rolls back and forth. Repeat this exercise five times.

2. Lying on your back, bend your knees and do the exercise "bike". Make five revolutions feet in each direction. It is useful to alternate this exercise with the "scissors." The main thing - keep your feet at a right angle.

3. It's time to relax spine. Feet shoulder-width apart place. Hands bend at the waist and slowly lean back. In this position Hold for about 10 seconds and then return to the original. It is also an excellent means of relaxation is the usual horizontal bar, which hung on, you immediately feel relief after a hard day.

Gymnastics, as you see, is done quite simply. It will help remove the daily stress and to restore the flexibility of the spine. But this is for the recovery of the spine is not enough.

 Middle-aged disease "young"
   Need more to organize your workplace
The room in which you work, should be light, in addition to this additional coverage in the form of a desk lamp should fall to the desktop from the left corner. Desk should be the average height, and legs in a sitting position to stand under the table. And do not put the foot on the leg! This violates the circulation and can even lead to disease in the pelvic area and genitals.

Computer chairs have to be adjusted in height and have on the inside of the back of a special bulge - "lumbar cushion." This will make the process of "sitting" more comfortable for your back.

The monitor should be placed on the table in front of you about an arm's length so that the upper limit of the monitor is at eye level or below for no more than 15 centimeters.

Is their correct position and hands while working at the computer. The elbows are parallel to the table surface and at a right angle to the shoulder. It is desirable that during the wrists on anything rested. Computer keyboard should be positioned 10-15 inches from the edge of the table.

And, of course, does not spend in a seated position for more than 2 consecutive hours, be sure to make the mobile 5-minute break. Spend warm hands, a turning movement, play shoulders, make heads turn, and do not forget to bend back a few times. Rotary twisting back will also be welcome.

 Middle-aged disease "young"
 Back, as well as any part of the body, it requires special attention and relationships. And, of course, she, like others, likes to be pampered. Half a liter of milk daily It's like Our Father! Also on the menu regularly to be present cheese and sour cream, eggs and green vegetables rich in vitamin B3. Beans and peas provide cellular respiration, and hence the full access of oxygen. Rose hips, cranberries, sea buckthorn and broccoli maximize the elasticity of blood vessels and muscular frame. In general, more likely to take vitamin complexes, particularly severe winter and off-season. They will not only enhance the immune system, but will provide a full inflow of vitamins and minerals in the body.

You should not reject the massage , Relaxing bath with aromatic oils and herbs. Anti-inflammatory effect and normalization of metabolism are guaranteed. Do not forget about swimming, country walks, and regular rest. If you want a beautiful and graceful posture, then you should reconsider their views on smoking and try not to overeat. But is that all is not worthy of you to gracefully walked with her head held high, shapely legs in high heels, but with a healthy and flexible spine! This is your achievement and your goal. And for that, believe me, superefforts do not need!
Author: Valentina Pyatygo