Natural substitutes for tablets
 I enjoy taking the medicine? I - no. Afraid of side effects, poor quality drugs. But, natural alternative to respect. Meet the most popular natural substitutes tablets.

Of course, serious health problems can help a doctor. But with such ailments as headaches, coughs, colds, insomnia and so on. Not in a hurry to run to the drugstore for chemicals.

Ginger tea
With anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can deal with several symptoms - such as sore throat, abdominal pain, headache. To use ginger as a medicine make ginger tea. Cut into thin rings piece of ginger root (about 2, 5 cm in length), cover with water and simmer for 5-10 minutes. The longer the boil, the more powerful will drink. From sore throat drink ginger tea with honey, and sweeten the drink is, and will add additional health-improving effect.

Coconut oil
The girls realize what benefit to our beauty is coconut oil. Moisturizing properties of this product can be used with a cold. When you blow your nose every 2 minutes, the skin on the sinuses becomes dry and cracked. Lightly lubricate the nose coconut oil, it will soothe and moisturize. The aroma of coconut oil has a calming properties, this disease is also necessary.

 Natural substitutes for tablets
 Gargle with turmeric
Many people know about the rinse salt water or soda to relieve pain in the throat, relieve swelling in the glands. But if you add together with salt (or soda) in warm water to rinse and even turmeric, you get a very powerful tool. Turmeric - it's such a spice, a yellow powder, which is almost every kitchen. Turmeric - excellent anti-inflammatory agent, give the mixture to rinse nice yellowish tint and flavor.

Now on sale there are many nasal sprays for the Clean-Out nose at a cold. But there are also concerns that these sprays lead to addiction, besides their composition is not quite straight. Remember the old grandfather's method. Cleansed the nose with salt water. You can pour the water in a small spray bottle, and carry, spraying into the nose every 2 hours. Natural and simple!

 Natural substitutes for tablets
 Eucalyptus oil
If difficulty with breathing, blocked nose - it helps eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil. Mix eucalyptus oil with a small amount of warm water, soak in a solution and bring a handkerchief under his nose, try to breathe. Either grease the nostrils solution, moisten the skin of the nose at the same time. You can lubricate the cloth soaked in a solution of eucalyptus oil, breasts, it will facilitate breathing. You instantly feel better.

It is proved that melatonin helps the body to recover. It is a hormone that is produced by the body during sleep. Then, our grandmothers were right who said that the dream - the best medicine. And we add that more and most affordable. Just a good, deep, 8-hour sleep.

How often we underestimate what we have. But water - and, really, strong revitalizing drink. Eogda you are sick, the whole body is working at the limit, to be cleansed of unwanted pathogens. Drinking water helps the body to cleanse more quickly and efficiently. On ordinary days, drink 8 glasses a day, and during the illness better than more. Adding lemon juice to the water will increase water output svoytva pathogens. In addition, lemon water helps fight nausea. The same is true of the water with the addition of mint.

Aloe and Kalanchoe
On the windowsill we grow an entire pharmacy. I will not list all the properties. Let me just say that the Kalanchoe is indispensable in the treatment of wounds, abscesses and cuts. Its juice can be used to treat acne and age spots. And the talent of aloe to heal wounds, reduce inflammation, help with SARS, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, eyes and skin. Aloe heals burns and frostbite.
Author: Your Tamara