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 Express-test showed two bands. This means that you will soon become a mother. Here is where the fun begins. In pregnant women, especially if it's your first pregnancy, there is a lot of unnecessary fears, many of which are associated with future changes in the figures. Who is afraid of pregnancy gain extra weight, someone - stretch marks, while others fear that the breast droop and lose shape.

First trimester of pregnancy

In the first trimester tummy expectant mom is just beginning to take shape. But now you need to prepare your body for the upcoming changes. In the beauty industry today, there is a separate branch specializing in the desires and needs moms. There are many creams, sprays of stretch marks, wetting agents and the like. But do not forget that the cosmetic products - is not the basis, but only addition. From my experience I can say that there are many ways to prevent stretch marks :

- Firstly, light exercise, no one forbids.   The smooth rotation of the torso to the right and the left, with the pelvis and hips should be in a calm state. This exercise strengthens and tones the muscles of the side. Not worth much strain and overdo it. In such a delicate situation the measure is necessary, you will feel at runtime. Also today, many schools for the future mothers, which certainly offered a course of physical exercise as well as yoga. Yoga for pregnant women better start practicing early in pregnancy and continue until delivery. This will not only strengthen your body, but also help to greatly simplify the process of childbirth.

- Secondly, proper skin care . Stretch marks may appear in a variety of places: on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, calves, lower back, chest and even the hands. Prevent their occurrence is possible, but to get rid of existing ones - is almost impossible. Shallow extensions can be more smooth with the help of cosmetics and some procedures, but from the deep will only laser resurfacing. The procedure is lengthy, and somewhat painful. Do not forget about the cost of such a procedure. Alas, it is not every mom can afford. In order to prevent such things as fit douche and olive oil. I used oil on a daily basis. Rubbing it in the above described space.

 Perfect Mom


Many expectant mothers come discouraged by the thought of his chest after feeding. In fact, breast shape does not change during the feeding, and during pregnancy. Features of the breast tissue such that fat tissue holds its shape well, but the glandular tissue form does not hold at all. Toward the end of lactation, the glandular tissue is replaced by a few fat, but the process should be gradual.

In addition, a very large role in how to lose a breast form or not after feeding, is heredity. But if the expectant mother is not able to affect the inheritance, that is something to do for the elasticity of the chest can be.

Of course, the creams are good, and many mothers speak positively about their action, but to use them better before birth because of odors may discourage the desire to suck the baby's mother's chest. And if you intend to feed a child for a long time (at least up to two years), then the use of alternative means of creams.

The most important thing in the process of lactation - is to choose a good supportive underwear, which should start to wear in the last trimester of pregnancy (some can be started early because of the large size even before pregnancy), and then wear the entire period of breastfeeding.

The same goes for your tummy, which is growing all the time. The market offers many special bandages . They are divided into support, postpartum and versatile. I note that it is better to spend more and buy the first two. In the experience of many of my friends mothers, it has been proven that a universal belt use brings much smaller than the previous two.

 Perfect Mom

Excess weight

Pregnancy takes place, and in the mirror you see is no longer himself, but a kind of elephant. So? No, not true, I tell you. Falling in love, their rapidly changing shape, mentally you will be easier to return to your former weight. It is said that a pregnant woman should eat for two. But is it really? You will not be afraid of any stretch marks or extra weight after delivery, if you listen to your doctor in the antenatal clinic. Remember that it is necessary to add weight gradually, but in any case not dramatically. After all, a dramatic addition kilograms leads to such undesirable stretching.

Whim whims strife. Remember that many highly desirable food will not benefit you or your child.

Adhering to such a recommendation is not tricky, you'll be fine in a delicate position, and at least a lovely young mother.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova