"Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
 Cold feet - a problem familiar to many women, it is especially characteristic for the winter period. Why the cold feet suffer more than other parts of the body, and why women suffer from this scourge more often?

It's all about the structural features of the body. Muscle mass, which is to conserve heat in this part of the body is small, subcutaneous adipose tissue is little, and the area of ​​the skin, gives off heat, is quite high. There is a physiological explanation for the fact that women are much stronger than men, cold feet in winter - the ratio of various hormones in men and women are different, there are differences in the rate of metabolism. A woman's body is designed by nature for bearing offspring, and the task of maintaining the internal temperature of the body to maintain a balance of temperatures in the internal organs, for it is of paramount importance. But the small vessels of the hands and feet are especially on the periphery of attention, and at risk of hypothermia heat they unhesitatingly taken in favor of more important organs.

Fortunately, the situation is not hopeless, you can deal with it, and even quite affordable and simple methods. In any case, if the chill of legs is not associated with any serious illness kakii.

How to keep warm in winter
The simplest thing we can do is to dress according to the weather. If our body is reliable shelter from the cold and hypothermia internal organs are not threatened, and to take away the heat from the feet of the body there is no reason. So in the cold season, the first thing we should pay attention to - the functionality of clothing and footwear, and only her beauty and fashion trends matching albeit pray thee in second place.

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
   During cold weather about elegant boots with high heels and narrow toe is better to forget, winter boots should be large enough to persisted air space between the foot and footwear, and to not interfere with the tightness of the blood to move freely through the blood vessels, warming his feet. Do not neglect warm insoles, preferably wool with thermal insulation, dry them on a regular basis.

The question whether to wear tights, and how they Dolny be warm, leave to your discretion, but personally I would recommend extreme cold woolen tights under trousers and warm socks .  If your feet mёznut even with warm woolen socks, try heat-resistant - they prednaznachny mainly for tourists who are fond of winter outdoor activities, but should be fine and to prevent freezing feet in a city .  However, Thermosocks Thermosocks strife, they come in different types, are designed for different purposes and, therefore, different and protective qualities and durability, and the ability to remove moisture .  A mixture of wool and synthetic fibers is extremely popular in the production of thermal socks, as a combination of optimally solves almost all problems .  Good Thermosocks of modern synthetic materials such as Hollofil®, Thermax®, Thermastat®, they successfully combine the properties of natural materials, and, moreover, deprived of many of their shortcomings .  Socks made of such materials hold great heat (as well as wool), they are pleasant skin more durable than wool and dries quickly .  Choosing thermal socks, be careful, do not Narva on the banal forgery!

Physical activity, movement - one of the best ways to deal with the situation when cold feet. Do not stand still at the bus stop waiting for transport, walk, jump, stamping his feet. In no case do not smoke in the cold, smoking reduces peripheral blood circulation, it makes the feet vulnerable to the cold even more. Do not go out in the cold hungry, a good breakfast or lunch calorie will not let you freeze. If the cold will spend a lot of time, grab a thermos of hot tea or broth hips.

Well, if precautionary measures have not helped (or you have neglected them), and your legs have become "icicles", once in the heat, immediately begin to warm to the procedures.

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
 Warms the inside and outside
Once home, after a long winter walk, liberating promёrzshie feet from shoes, socks, tights and other means of insulation and put into a warm bath. Too vigorously rub the place should not be frozen, legs should be warmed slowly, the water temperature in the bath to increase gradually, starting with 20-25 degrees and bringing to 40-42 degrees.

Fast warm up when chilled legs help alcohol compress   in the area of ​​the feet. Besides the traditional way, there are more original - the plantar portion of thin socks moistened with alcohol (vodka), put on the socks heated in hot water legs, put on top of warm woolen socks. The rush of heat after this procedure, you will feel instantly legs literally begin to "burn" the cold recedes.

Will warm feet massage   feet and legs completely. Feet can massage your hands, dry brush or special massage roller. Massaging feet above the feet, keep in mind that all massage movements must go from bottom to top in the direction of the feet to the heart.

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
   Odnoremenno with the activities of external impact, and not miss the opportunity to warm up from the inside. I do not mean alcohol, but I think, cups of mulled wine, brewed according to the rules, in this case will not superfluous. Designed to help keep warm and just a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon, hot milk, drinks with ginger, cinnamon.

For example, such spicy-herbal tea   warm the whole body to the tips of the toes, it supports the immune system and do not give the slightest chance of a cold: take 1 teaspoon sage, mint, chamomile, bay leaf, valerian root, plus adding a piece of ginger, two cloves, a pinch of coriander and a little black pepper on the tip of the knife. Fill every liter of boiling water, press 1 hour in a thermos.

So you can drink to warm up, if the legs freeze not only outside, but also in a warm room, although, of course, in this case, to gain commitment and to address to experts, first of all, to the vascular surgeon. He will be able to conduct the necessary studies to assess the condition of your blood vessels and, if necessary, will tell you at what doctors need more surveyed, especially if there are other unpleasant symptoms: drowsiness, lethargy, general fatigue, weight gain, swelling, deformity veins .

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
   After all, "merzlyavost 'feet can be a symptom of a sufficiently broad range of diseases such as varicose veins, diabetes, dystonia, disorders of nerve impulses, reduced thyroid function, perhaps, the case of excessive activity of the autonomic nervous system, or there are problems with the connection cloth or pushing load of emotional problems.

The root of your problems may be in anemia, it often affects women. Check your blood hemoglobin content, if its content is lower than normal, try to enrich the menu rich in iron products and, possibly, the problem mёrznuschih legs will go by itself. Try also to your diet winter there is enough vitamin C, which is responsible for the permeability of the capillaries and collagen synthesis, regulates vascular elasticity. Broth hips, kiwi, citrus fruits, sauerkraut - the best sources of this vitamin in the winter. And nuts, pumpkin seeds fill up your diet with vitamin P, is also very important for a good blood circulation, in addition, it prevents oxidation of vitamin C.

When reduced vascular tone does not neglect such procedures as the douche. This tempering and restorative action can be used both morning and evening.

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
 Make life easier for those who are constantly cold feet, can also warming creams for the feet . Typically, they include natural ingredients that activate blood circulation: red pepper extract, camphor, cocoa butter, rosemary and sesame.

If cold feet constantly, and no concomitant diseases undetected poprubuyte warm them by the following means:

- Cream Foot Bath Lavender Creme Fusbad, Gehwol, Germany.
- Warming foot bath Fusskraft Warmebad, Gehwol
- Warming foot balm Warme - Balsam, Gehwol
- Warming balm with arnica Laufwunder Fubbalsam Warmend, Lutticke, Germany

 "Permafrost" legs, and how to fight it!
   If the skin is tender legs, try a children Warming cream for legs "Our Mother" in his part of badger fat, extracts of aloe vera, red pepper, lavender essential oil.

Prepare warming foot cream can be independently, mixing a couple of these components with the usual children's cream or Vaseline. Apply a warming cream on the surface of dried feet after a foot bath.

You can try to warm the feet of the following tincture : Two teaspoons of red pepper, pour a glass of vodka. Insist 10 days, then strain the infusion and greased the feet at night - will improve the blood supply, and feet will not get cold. That just made with red pepper should be used with caution, he warms the well, but often causes allergic reactions and irritation.

Less nervous, eat well, put on one's shoes on dress and weather, to carry out activities and procedures, improves circulation - these simple tips will help you keep your feet warm in any cold!
Author: Olga Travleeva