Everyone knows that clothing made from natural materials of the most useful, it allows the body to breathe. In summer, it is cotton, silk, and in the winter, of course, hair.

People from ancient times bred sheep, goats, camels ... We often carry products from sheep's wool, and it can be said, no price, it is not as expensive as the clothes of wool, such as llamas, affordable, warm socks.

But wool is also a medical, so lambs wool helps with liver and kidney, fur dog treats radiculitis, camel hair is the prevention of nasal bleeding, wool rabbit get rid of insomnia and neurosis, even if it stuff the pillow and sleep on it.

Doctors recently strongly advised to strengthen the immune system to use pillows and blankets from sheep and camel wool. Blankets relieve chronic fatigue and depression.

   Traditional healers say that healing is particularly rough unpainted wool, it retains almost all the forces of nature. Therefore, in the winter you can wear socks knitted from thick rough rustic wool sweaters.

Especially useful woolen clothes impaired people who have had severe disease, the elderly, children.

The infant, experts advise to hang on the wall wool carpet. Wool Rug, postelennuyu on the floor in the room will be useful to the child, and not only to him.

Sofas, chairs, couches and better about making the blankets made of natural wool. They create an aura of health, confidence, comfort, calm and well-being set up.

People with low energy, shy, withdrawn, inactive clothes of wool gives the energy burst of cheerfulness and pushing for action.

Shawls and scarves recommended undergirding throat as compresses or compresses are applied treatment on his back, of course. Wool enhances the action of medicines and warm.

 When our homes in the winter cold, many are embarrassed to wear felt boots . And in vain! Valenki recuperate not only Peter I, and Catherine II. In its order the boots worn by the maid of honor and her majesty. By the way, the niece of Peter I, Empress Anna Ivanovna permitted to wear boots court ladies even Gown.

Once the boots were considered one of the most coveted and valuable gifts. In the old man, who had his boots, he was considered eligible bachelor. And if a guy liked a girl, she threw his boots into the yard, alluding to the fact that he send matchmakers.

Boots, worn on bare feet, perform a micro-massage the feet, body healthy entire body. Give preference should be handmade felt boots.

Women who wear woolen products, longer than their peers who prefer synthetics, preserve health, youth and beauty. But you should know that it is not recommended to combine in their wardrobe items made of synthetics and wool . For example, nylon blouse will not allow wool suits have a beneficial effect on his mistress. Therefore, to be a silk blouse or cotton.

To improve the condition of the skin under the sheet is recommended to lay a blanket, after several months the skin visibly rejuvenated.

When you work at a computer is useful to sketch on the shoulders of wool scarf or shawl. This beneficial effect on the neck and back.

Tights and pants made of natural wool, worn next to the skin, actively struggling with cellulite.

Hands rejuvenated to wear woolen mittens and gloves. If you want to be healthy, beautiful and elegant at the same time, you can buy gloves rabbit fur goats or Angora.

And, according to experts, if only from autumn to spring a woman will give preference woolen things, in the spring, it will not look tired and pale, but energetic and luminous natural beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva