Add energy to your day!
 Outside wet, cold, windy and dark most of the time. Leaving home - a dark, from work - a dark and somehow did not get to keep all the energy for the whole day. But being a woman so hard to look good and you need to have the strength for it, and yet still need to take care of the home, pay attention to your friends, and well, that was a twinkle in his eyes.

Each of us knows that the better mood, better health, so we become more beautiful. To recognize that many of us do not have enough vital energy for a variety of circumstances. But since no one will take care of us better than we do, then try to shake things up.

In our life there is no minor things, therefore, to become more active, cheerful and purposeful, it is necessary to take into account too many factors. Let's start with the most important - a dream. It is a pity that not everyone has the opportunity to take a nap for 30 minutes during the day. And because it is so helpful.

Good sleep - a good day
Dream - our all. In sleep we rest, our body is restored, so it is important to sleep was enough quality. I, as a mother, I know that does not always have the opportunity to sleep and go to work right. But more about that later. Now about how to sleep well and get enough sleep.

 Add energy to your day!
   1 .  The quality and sometimes on the very fact of sleep, affect our psycho-emotional state .  We tend to worry so much because of the work that they themselves do not notice how we exhaust ourselves in a deep pit of depression and poor sleep .  In this state, it is difficult to make a feat of labor .  So try as often as possible to leave work at work .  To distract there are many ways - from shopping to sex .  Choose the one that will help you .  And hold it as long as possible .  If you absolutely can not get distracted, use natural sedatives (teas, baths, massage and essential oils), or sedatives from the pharmacy .  By the way, here's another fact of life stress: the more nervous and worried, the worse the brain works .  Not slept with memory disorders neurotic just do not attract the attention of neither men nor employers .  So off panic .  Understand yourself, and with a clear conscience go to bed . 

2. Not a bad idea to set yourself a time when you go to bed. This will bring some order to your life. In addition, since it will be easier to understand how much time you need to feel relaxed. Scientists are advised to sleep even hours: 4, 6, 8. Of course, it will be difficult to be reconstructed, but the result is worth it.

3. Come up with an evening ritual. This helps not only to lay babies. Take a bath or shower. Drink a cup of herbal tea. Read a book (not just action-packed).

4. The darkness and silence. To sleep is important. To avoid stray light and noise. Draw the curtains, turn off the TV or music. And close eyes. And as the song Enjoy the silence.

5. Do not overeat, do not drink alcohol and do not exercise right before bedtime. Overexcited psyche and a full stomach - not the most successful campaign for a healthy and sound sleep.

6. Finally, a bed, bedding and furnishings should have to sleep.

 Add energy to your day!
 Power and Energy
Sleep, now you can eat. Food - the main supplier of energy in our body. Therefore, it is important not to skip meals (especially breakfast). Try to eat less sugar, flour and fat. This food leaves a desire to sleep. Easy food contrary will spend the day on a high note. Eating often, but little by little, you will not only lose a couple of pounds, but briefly distracted from the work, which will allow your mind to rest. And to change the type of activity.

The diet is best to develop yourself by watching how your body reacts to a particular product.

Caffeine - a great way to cheer up. Excessive use of them, of course, not necessary, but in the morning and in the afternoon it is possible to have a cup of coffee, eat a piece of chocolate or a cup of tea. By the way, some nutritionists suggest replacing regular coffee - latte. Since milk is contained therein, strengthen bone.

Also, try to drink plenty of water, especially during the heating season. And, of course, do not forget to drink vitamins.
Author: Vera Karabutova