Boils, colloquially known as a boil or chiry, is an acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and its surrounding tissues.

Cause it pyogenic bacteria, most often staphylococci. And most worryingly, perhaps, that boils may appear in the midst of summer vacation or holiday work.

Boils may provoke cracks and even microscopic abrasions, contaminated skin, vitamin deficiencies, weakened immunity and chronic diseases.

Furuncle may see not one, but several, the plural their appearance called furunculosis.

Most often boils are formed on the back of the neck, neck, groin, buttocks, forearm and back of the hands, just in those areas that are more susceptible to contamination.

Regarding the occurrence of boils on buttocks ... All of us love to sit on penёchke, piled on the tree, on the stone, sand ... My friend, a resident of the city went to the village to visit relatives there, and sat on the wooden unpainted porch. As a result, multiple boils. We, the pampered urban residents, it is necessary that a litter before you sit down.

At boils there is one interesting feature - they only appear where the hair grows. That is, in the palm at the base of the fingers or the occurrence of boils impossible.

That is about to appear boil, people usually do not immediately realize. The first signs in the form of itching, redness and even swelling in the hair follicle is not immediately alarming due to the fact that in the summer we are often bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. A scratch in any case impossible.

In the second phase there is a dense rounded painful inflammatory nodule purple-red, raised above the skin. Redness and swelling gradually increases.

After 2-3 days, the tissue softens, becoming greenish hue is formed rod boil, there is pus. There is a growing pain in this place, there are other ailments as a weakness and headache.

But after 2-3 days rod boil, usually alone and rejected forms a deep, slightly bleeding wounds.

You can not   not only to squeeze or massage the boils, but just to touch them, since it is possible further spread of the infection. If you squeeze a boil near the mouth, the infection can get into the brain. Dangerous boils in the groin and armpits. In place of the extruded boil scars remain for a lifetime.

Experts say that a single boil is not dangerous for the general condition of the body. It's quite another thing when there are several.

However, one can boil significantly worsen health when he appeared on the face or neck. These boils provoke fever, chills.

If the boils appear often, and sometimes even on some pieces, it is furunculosis and it can only be cured by the doctor. If the process is run, there may be complications until sepsis.

In case of boils in all directions depart red streaks, increased lymph nodes appeared fever, chills, you should immediately consult your doctor, since in such cases, help is only a course of antibiotics properly selected.

   Folk remedies for boils

- In the event of a boil can help it to mature, if you put a compress consisting of vodka (or cologne) and boiled water 1: 1. Boil rapidly matures, bursting and the pain decreases.

- Traditional medicine recommends pulling pus applied to ripe chiryu leaf aloe cut side kalanchoe leaf, cabbage.

- Some recommend applying burdock leaves, soaked in boiling milk or steamed onions.

- Take the two parts of pine oil and one part of ointments Vishnevsky, mix well, put on a piece of clean cotton cloth and apply on all night to the sore spot.

- Chew 1 teaspoon of raw buckwheat groats, attach to Boils at night, morning remove.

For prevention   frequent occurrence of boils:

- Rates of drinking beer yeast.

- Infusion of rose hips, black currant and strengthening the immune system, protects against furunculosis.

- And in the summer should eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs, and drink herbal teas in their own country house it may be leaves of black currant, raspberry, apple, pear.

- A tendency to boils, experts advise to exclude from the menu of coffee, black tea, alcohol, cheese, all grilled marinated.

- It is necessary to treat all their chronic diseases.

- And be sure to observe good personal hygiene, to keep the body clean, treated with iodine or brilliant green slightest scrapes and scratches. Jar of these funds need to take with you going to the cottage or on vacation. And then no boils not darken nor summer, nor the other times of the year.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva