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 When I asked my 9 year old nephew, about a birthday present he wants to, in response I heard: "I want a mobile phone." To my question: "Why do you need a mobile phone? "He said," This is cool! Almost all already ... ".

My nephew goes to school, which is located in the neighboring village, 3 km from the house. The children are taken to school bus - and there, back and forth. Parents know exactly what their children are transferred to the "hands". Is it really need a mobile phone for my nephew? I think it is absolutely not necessary, among other things - it is guaranteed to lose this "toy". And, on the other hand, if parents always "kept under control" of their child having a mobile communication with him?

Returning home from work, I accidentally witnessed a "dialogue" rather monologue, as the conversation was heard only one side of the conversations. Fourteen teenager sitting with friends in the pavilion when he called my mother, he gave the signal to friends' quiet! "I whisper and said:" Ma, I'm on electives, then call you back, you're in my way. " After the "lights out" style company satisfied all laughed and continued gatherings. Yes, my mother heard her son's voice, even relieved - when the son of fact ... But does this mean that the situation presented to the son of true? No, of course, but when he heard the voice of the answer, you can buy some comfort.

Development is not reversed, mobile phones - this is a very significant achievement, allowing to "be in touch". Try to understand some of the nuances of our relationship with mobile phones in order to reduce the possible negative impact.

 Call me…
   A living organism - a complex bioelectric system: the heart, brain, and internal organs have bioelectrical activity, any organ of the human or animal is a source of radiation. Mobile phone signals are able to interact with the natural bioelectrical activity of the human body, causing a violation of it (the body) functions, as well as all other appliances. They say that with the advent of mobile communication of the cities disappeared cockroaches. I do not know whether all of the cities, but I have asked many of his friends - now no cockroaches ...

Particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation and microwave children due to incomplete formation of all systems, as well as people with weakened immune systems. I will not go in depth medical and try to gather in one place Tips how to protect yourself and minimize the harmful effects of mobile communication .

• First of all, you need to pay attention to the specifications when selecting a mobile phone, giving preference to devices with high sensitivity and low specific absorption of coefficient (SAR);

• Of course, do not buy phones of dubious origin and without the relevant documents - not save on health;

• Telephone best carry bag (away from the body), but not in the pocket. And certainly do not use the "service" of sewers and hold the phone in a small inner pocket of clothing that is sewn right in the heart. Fortunately, now rarely see a man who has a mobile phone hanging around the neck, and in fact it was a mass phenomenon before;

• Headset BLUETOOTH, Hands Free significantly reduces the negative impact of mobile communication, since it does not hold the device to the ear;

• Do not forget the presence of the good old wired telephones often use them in the office and at home;

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 • It is necessary to abandon the long conversation, it will not only save your money but also save health - doctors do not recommend talking on a cell phone for more than 30 minutes per day. Besides, this time should be divided into portions 5 minute intervals until a call with a break of 20-30 minutes;

• SMSki has not been canceled, and while typing your phone is significantly distant from the head;

• Especially refrain from talking in an unstable connection, since the power of the phone in this case is automatically increased;

• Do not hold the device to your ear to make a call, you can do after the connection.

• Do not place a mobile phone while sleeping near the pillow - the best is positive at a distance of 40-50 cm and switch off at night, use the auto power alarm;

• Remind your children, if they have a mobile phone, switch off the machine at the time of school hours and not simply mute the call;

• Do not put your mobile phone in close proximity to other appliances.

And the most important thing: often talk with their loved ones and family, not only on the phone ...
Author: Galina Kruglik