Claus! And frostbite ...
 In the summer we have experienced a fantastic heat, and no one is eager to experience more extreme and winter. Still, the coming of the cold is better to prepare in advance, and no harm will be armed with some knowledge in order to avoid becoming a victim of frostbite.

Frostbite - is damage to parts of the body at a low temperature in winter. In extreme cases, it might even necrosis of the cells. In heat-loving people frostbite can occur at -15 - -20 ° C. And Northerners endure and 40C.

In the days of my childhood and we were cold -41 - -42S. The school in the cold days children did not go. We played on the streets and somehow did not get frostbitten. But in recent decades winters have been warm and slushy, body workout without forgotten how to cope with low temperatures, so it should help.

When exposed to low temperatures, as explained by science, vascular changes occur - tiny spasms of blood vessels, blood flow stops the action of tissue enzymes. A temperature below 30C damaged tissue, and cell death occurs.

Signs of frostbite

- The first sign of frostbite as a whitening of the skin at the site of frostbite, unfortunately, many do not notice the time. Indeed, we do not see ourselves in the mirror in the cold and good passers, who are interested in the counter, it was not so much. All in a hurry about their business and pay little attention to others, such as hurrying somewhere.

- But where the frostbitten skin begins to feel tingling, then the pain. If you do not pay attention to it, frostbite plot numb.

- Skin is not only cold, but also a dense feel. The color white as a sheet, it becomes bluish and even yellowish.

- If frostbitten limbs, then because of the violation of their functions, the person can not move his arms or legs.

 Claus! And frostbite ...
 How to help

- Doctors recommend at the first sensation of freezing start to move actively.

- With little frostbite, where only reduced sensitivity, and it warms the blood supply is restored, medical care is required.

- However, if the warming is developing edema appears chills, fever should immediately call "ambulance."

- In no case do not self-medicate.

- Before the arrival of the doctors for pain may be given: analgin, baralgin no more than 1-2 tablets ketorol, Nospanum, papaverine, consulting the contraindications of manual that is attached to the drugs.


- In the bitter cold to go outside is not desirable, but often have to go.

 Claus! And frostbite ...
 - To avoid frostbite, doctors are advised not to go out into the cold in his short coats fashion and fine stockings, and a multi-layer clothing - a dress or blouse to wear a sweater, jacket or two sweaters, then coat, fur coat or jacket.

- Instead of the gloves double gloves. On the legs, cotton, top wool socks and boots with warm insoles. Do not forget the tights and trousers.

- Any metal rings, chains and bracelets in the cold in order to avoid frostbite should not wear.

- Cheeks and chin protect woolen scarf and a high collar sweater.

- Before you go out in cold weather, you need a hearty breakfast. If in the middle of the day or night to be somewhere to go, you also need to eat, because the cold body uses a lot of energy.

- In winter, should postpone all moisturizers and use them to warm spring days.

- If the frost is not very strong, then a half-hour before going outside, you can apply on face greasy cosmetics.

- After returning from the cold to heat, it is not recommended to lower the hands and feet in hot water or hold over the fire. You can not become powdered with snow, wool, alcohol, oil, drink alcohol.

- It is better to drink tea with honey or raspberry, currant jam.

- Northerners to rescue the skin from frost smear lard, our grandmother smeared with goose fat. Now someone smeared cream bought at the pharmacy, "Rescuer", but it is far from the smell of the fragrance of roses. Well help ordinary baby creams such as "Frost", "Rosy cheeks" or fat "Nivea" for the whole family. Apply the cream, experts advise a half-hour before going outside.

- If after a walk in the cold to be sitting at work, where the air is dry from the heat, the cream should be removed with a napkin, face moisturizer with mineral water without gas, and half an hour before going to work again, apply a protective cream.

- For a helpful hand mёrznuschih evening bath:
2-3 tbsp. spoon oak bark pour 2 cups boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, push for 1 hour and keep your hands in the broth for 15 minutes. At night, lubricate with olive or sunflower oil unrefined and wear cotton gloves.

- In winter, the skin of the face and hands from peeling and dryness saves honey. You can just spread it on clean skin, but it is better to pre-lubricated with vegetable oil, and on top of the softened honey. Wash off after 10-15 minutes with warm brew of weak green tea, or broth of parsley.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva