Eyes vampire, or 11 responses to questions about conjunctivitis
 Red eyes - one of the main features of such a widespread diseases, such as conjunctivitis. Eyeballs become bloody color, why do look ominous and resemble bloodshot eyes of a vampire. In this article we will try to understand the causes of conjunctivitis, its degree of danger, learn how to navigate in its symptoms, prevention methods and treatment. But about all in order.

What is conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis - an inflammation of the outer membrane of the eye. 40% of complaints related to ophthalmology with its infectious form.

Whether it is dangerous disease?
Conjunctivitis is treated fairly quickly and does not cause complications only under one condition: the timeliness. Launched conjunctivitis left without medical examination and treatment, can be very dangerous. Therefore, at the first sign of conjunctivitis is an urgent need to see a doctor to be examined, to take the prescribed treatment and hygiene, eliminate if necessary and possible allergen, it has caused. When complications of conjunctivitis are treated in a hospital. Advanced forms of the disease can lead to serious vision problems develop into chronic stage up to complete loss of vision!

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?
Besides the already mentioned earlier in this article redness of eyes, other symptoms of conjunctivitis can be itchy, matted eyelashes after sleep, mucous or purulent discharge from the eyes, tearing, pain and / or swelling of the eye.

What causes conjunctivitis?
The cause of the conjunctivitis may be viruses, fungi, bacteria, infection, allergic reaction, chlamydia, and the overall decline of the immune system resistance. Each of the forms of the disease is different treatment, which is appointed by ophthalmologist.

It is clear that allergic conjunctivitis   is caused by an allergic reaction to a pathogen: pollen, dust, cosmetics, food, contact lenses, medicine, household chemicals, direct sunlight, etc. Companion of this form of the disease may be a runny nose, watery eyes, itching, pain, swelling of the eyes, skin rashes or asthma. Sometimes allergic conjunctivitis requires additional consultations at the allergist and dermatologist.

The reason viral conjunctivitis   are adenoviruses, the incubation period that can last up to 8 days. This usually affects both eyes at once. Satellites of this form of the disease swelling, pain, tearing, and redness of the eyes, sometimes the presence of purulent-silizisto film.

Fungal conjunctivitis   often occurs after contact with animals, vegetables, fruits, or people who are carriers of yeast, mold or other fungi.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis   most often affects children. Very often it is due to the fact that the child rubs his eyes with dirty hands. It is also the cause of bacterial conjunctivitis may be staying in a dusty environment. The most dangerous agent of bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria Chlamydia.

Infective conjunctivitis   provoke different infections. Often, the same infection, which is the causative agent of tonsillitis, measles and can simultaneously infect the eyeball.

Is it contagious disease?
Most forms of conjunctivitis - infectious to others. Therefore, if you suspected conjunctivitis, better a couple of days to stay at home until the disease begins to take place, and the doctor does not confirm this.

Allergic conjunctivitis is a form is not contagious.

Is there a cure conjunctivitis traditional medicines?
If it is not about the infectious form of conjunctivitis, sometimes traditional medicine is enough in the fight against this disease. But when conjunctivitis is an infection, without pharmaceutical drugs can not do.

Often an ophthalmologist appoints medical treatment in parallel with the national. Pretty well established in the treatment of conjunctivitis eyewash by using chamomile. In addition, for each eye, you must use a separate cotton swab to avoid relapses. Besides chamomile for such washings is fine sage tea. Prepare infusions are as follows:
2-3 teaspoons of herbal pour half a liter of hot water and cooled to room temperature.

When using herbal infusions should pay attention to the fact that we simply wash their eyes, and do not do compresses and bandages. Indeed, in the latter case, you can trigger a new breeding ground for bacteria.

How to treat?
Selection of a medicament for the treatment of conjunctivitis will depend on the form of the disease. So come to the pharmacy and ask for a cure conjunctivitis, not previously visited doctors fail. A drug that will be effective in the fight against contagious form of conjunctivitis, would be helpless in the case of an allergic nature "vampire eyes."

In the case where the cause of conjunctivitis is an infection, the ophthalmologist may prescribe antibiotic tetracycline ointment. Apply it on the lower eyelid several times a day and always before bed. But we should remember that tetracycline ointment is contraindicated in allergy to its components, and fungal diseases.

Also contagious form of conjunctivitis successfully addressed various drops:
floksal, Sofradeks etc. If treatment is to start on time, on the second day eye pain, redness and itching of their will. And as urgent aid to the patient eye can throw at 20% sulfacetamide for a couple of drops 2-3 times a day.

With allergic conjunctivitis fighting by eliminating the allergen, it caused, as well as taking antihistamines.

What are the contraindications conjunctivitis?
- Self;
- Visiting public places;
- The swimming pool;
- Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene.

How long is the disease?
When applying for a skilled operative medical symptoms of conjunctivitis leave the next day. The duration of the treatment is 1-2 weeks, depending on the stage of the disease.

How drip drops in the eyes and use eye ointment?
If you can not open your eyes and drip a drop in the middle of the eyeball, you can just make it to the inner corner of the eye. Once the eyes are opened, the medication immediately distributed throughout the eye. Similarly, if the cream can not be put on the lower eyelid, it can simply squeeze a small amount of the eyelashes. The ointment melts a bit and get on the inflamed area of ​​the eye.

How to prevent?
Preventive measures to prevent the emergence of conjunctivitis are:
- Personal hygiene (need for themselves and teach their children how to wash their hands frequently and do not rub your eyes with dirty hands);
- Intake of vitamins;
- Hardening;
- Ventilation of rooms in which are;
- Regular baths with soap and water toys for the child;
- Regular change of towels and bed linen;
- Using only his dedicated towels, napkins and bedding;
- Washing only boiled water.

Follow these simple rules, and then no one can say worriedly in your favor: "Something you have red eyes like a vampire ...".
Author: Natalia Hryshko