Summer - it is certainly a great joy. The sun is shining, birds are singing, the flowers bloom. But in the summer we no longer walk, and therefore the load on the foot more. When walking, the foot is increased in length and in width. And then some people notice that the bones in the big toes have increased, and new shoes hurt. Rather, it is flat ...

Alas, flat suffers 20% of children and 40% adults.

In order to find out whether or not flat, it is possible to conduct a simple test. Lubricate fat cream soles of the feet and even stand on a piece of paper. Then consider your mark. If the inner edge of the foot there is a recess, which occupies more than half of the middle of the foot, it's all right. And if no recess or it takes less than half of the foot, it is an indicator of flatfoot.


The symptoms of flat feet are:

- Pain after walking or exercising,
- Fatigue and the swelling of the foot in the evening,
- Can appear headaches, low back pain,
- Shoes have to buy one size larger
- Heels quickly tread down the inside.

Causes of flat feet   It can be very different.

- Someone is innate, someone - acquired.
- Many women and girls develop flat feet because of the constant high heels, especially if the shoes have a pointed nose. It is known that women flat is 4 times more often than men.
- The cause of flat feet can be overweight, which puts pressure on the foot.
- Provokes the development of flat feet, and diseases such as diabetes, myopia, an inflection of the gallbladder, muscle weakness, and ligamentous apparatus.
- There it during pregnancy.
- Sometimes, when there is prolonged standing on his feet at risk postmen, sellers, hairdressers ...
- Important role in the development of flatfoot played by heredity.


- For the prevention of flatfoot experts recommend wearing comfortable shoes on a small heel with a rectangular or round toe.
- An active lifestyle supports the muscles in good condition.
- In the morning, it is recommended to make a douche for the feet.
- In the evening baths with sea salt, or normal.
- It is recommended to include in the daily diet dairy products, fish, seafood, dried apricots, baked potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
- Avoid weight gain.
- Outside the city, in the country, on the coast is recommended to walk on the sand, pebbles, grass, needles.
- At home, in the bathroom to lay special massage mat.
- Should monitor their gait, trying to put his feet parallel, and while walking to rely on the outer edge of the foot.
- Do not be redundant and routine inspections at the orthopedist.



Treat flat walking, contrast baths with herbs, especially useful hot tub with camomile. Bath with pine extract has a tonic effect. When it is well wipe his feet a piece of ice. This will help get rid of fatigue and heaviness.

The therapeutic effect has and massage. You can choose to start with stroking, then knead the foot from the heel to the toes along the inner edge of the foot, the middle and the outer edge.

You can roll the foot for 10-15 minutes a conventional rolling pin or bottle.

Do not do without gymnastics. Exercises usually picks up a specialist, and you need to spend on exercises at least 10 minutes a day. Some of the exercises can be done even in the office. For example:
1. Lift the toes and squeeze the toes. Relax the feet. Repeat 10-20 times.
2. Dilute the toes and hold them in that position for a few seconds.
3. Alternately off the floor the socks, the heel.
4. arches arch of the foot as far as possible, keeping your fingers and the heel off the floor.

Leisure at sea, do not forget to bring with smooth stones, polished by the waves. A few handfuls of pebbles in the late autumn, winter, spring is poured into the bath, pour water on the ankle and walk along it for about 10 minutes every day. This is a simple and highly effective way.

And let your legs will always be beautiful and healthy.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva