Fleeing from the heat. Part two
 We continue to talk about how to preserve the health and beauty of the hot summer.
Part one - here.

1.Progulki outdoors
If you value your health and beauty, try not to be under the direct sunlight from 11 pm to 17 pm. At this time, the sun is very aggressive, threatening skin desiccation and burns, strong heat lowers the immune system and weakens the body, there is a risk of solar or heat stroke.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two

If, however, there is no opportunity to sit in a room, choose when moving the shaded side of the street from the shadow of the trees and buildings. Many girls come in handy remembered originally intended Umbrella - protection from the scorching sun. These umbrellas are gaining in popularity. In addition, they look and romantic air.

You could not avoid overheating, there drowsiness, dizziness, quickened pulse, found it hard to breathe? Do not ignore these symptoms, you need to take care of themselves to prevent more serious consequences of solar or heat stroke.

First of all, go into the shade, in any case do not need to go to bed, it is better to sit comfortably and relax. The vessels due to the heat, and so extended, in the supine position they are even more expanded, which is fraught with collapse. Another important factor in this situation, breathing exercises: slow deep breaths, holding the breath for 2-3 seconds, exhale. Frequent shallow breaths only enhance oxygen starvation. Undo buttons clothes - breathing should be free to wipe his forehead, neck, hands handkerchief soaked with water. Drink water leisurely sips. In the hot season, I always carry a bottle of plain water. If the symptoms have not disappeared malaise, fever, increased shortness of breath - call an ambulance!

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two
 2. Saving water
The more water we overturn the day - so the body easier to endure the heat. If you have to spend the day at work - often rinse your hands under running water. At home, it is desirable to take a warm shower, not icy. Under cold water vessels narrows and then expands further. Well refreshing cool bath with sea salt, with essential oils of lemon balm, grapefruit, mint.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two
 The dream of every "parched" - relax on the waterfront. But before you jump into the "pool with his head," to probe the pitfalls in the literal and figurative sense. It is not necessary in hot condition immediately dive into the cold water - from extreme temperatures can happen spasm of blood vessels of heart, even for a healthy person. It is best to first cool down in the shade, go into the water slowly, gradually accustoming himself to a decrease in temperature.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two
 Swimming in the fountain is no surprise. It is a true oasis in the concrete and asphalt. And even if you're not ready to dive into the fountain, do not deny yourself the pleasure to stand under a suspension of water droplets and admire the rainbow.

3. Clothing and accessories
Clothing plays an important role in creating comfortable conditions in the heat. Firstly, we should not neglect the hats, if you do not wear a sun umbrella.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two
 A wide hat of straw or loose cloth cap "in the hole", crocheted, baseball cap from lightweight fabric with mesh elements, scarf or shawl - pick and choose what fits your image. It must be remembered that the headgear should not be close, should not create a "greenhouse" effect, preference is given to a loose light tones and natural materials. Visor hats or fields do not only protect the head and hair, but also the person from direct sunlight.

By choosing sunglasses should be treated seriously, poor-quality sunglasses not only protect your eyes but can harm them. Good quality sunglasses can not cost a penny.

You do not need to get involved in decorations made of metal and stone - these materials are rapidly heated in the sun and exacerbating overheating. Also dangerous are some ornaments made of glass - they can focus the sun's rays in a way that is likely burns to the skin.

I prefer summer handmade jewelry made of genuine leather, textiles, wood or polymer clay. Latest summer decorations from natural materials, if you are not a stranger to ethnic style. I just love the beads of apple and pear seed and persimmon seed bracelet.

 Fleeing from the heat. Part two

Choice of clothing in the heat - it's almost 50% of the component of your comfort .  First of all, the need to prioritize the composition of materials, because of their hygroscopicity, heat transfer ability, air permeability .  There is competition, natural fine fabrics: silk, linen, cotton .  Well proven clothes from viscose - an artificial material obtained from natural raw materials (pulp) by chemical .  Often manufacturers to reduce the cost of clothing made from natural fabrics, using synthetic lining that I am personally very annoying .  Which makes sense to buy a dress of silk lined with polyester? After all, the body will be in contact with the polyester is from all the advantages of natural silk we get only one - its beauty .  Even a thin synthetic fabrics create a greenhouse effect, which leads to overheating of the organism .  Of course, now many modern technologies and a new generation of synthetic fabrics, but these things are expensive, often we risk to buy a fake .

In the hot season it is not necessary to get involved in tight clothing, even if it is made of thin material, it reduces body heat. It is best to wear light colored loose. If possible, eliminate ties, belts, corsets. Give the body the freedom!

It is very important to choose the right shoes. When fitting please note that the legs are often swollen in the heat, and sandals are so called precisely because they bare legs! Do not get involved with a lot of shoes thin straps that will dig into tired feet, shoes made of artificial leather and other synthetic materials. Leather, textile, external seams, comfortable shoes - my priorities when choosing. Wear sandals with stockings - many fairly consider bad taste, so if in accordance with the dress code is not allowed to appear in an institution without stockings, even in the heat, you just need to have a few pairs of summer shoes. High heels - increased load on your legs that request vacation, consider this when purchasing!
Author: Galina Kruglik