Going on vacation? Putting a first aid kit!
 Tuning on vacation, we dream of good weather, the warm calm sea, on the wonderful excursions and walks, the wonderful quiet or, conversely, noisy evening - do not want to think about the possible ailments and diseases.

But nevertheless, it can happen because of the long journey, climate change, diet or accidents - the body needs time to adapt to the new conditions. From injuries and no one is safe - a banal cut or bruise can spoil not only the mood ... So even in the suitcase is always not enough space for all the right things, a place for first-aid kits required to reserve.

Consider the problems that often occur at rest, and the most essential medicines, which must be in "selling" the medicine cabinet.

Wounds, cuts, bruises   often happen in life, holidays are no exception. Bare feet is quite possible to injure or shell on the jagged shard of glass. Of course, a good idea to take care of security in advance and bring your safety shoes, but if such a trouble occurred, use the first aid. So, be sure to set the selling first aid kit:

* Bint in sterile packaging
* Bint wide (non-sterile)
* Elastic band
* Vata medical
* Plasters, including bactericidal

Means disinfecting:

* Vial of iodine, brilliant green (remember that only the wound edges are processed)
* The solution of hydrogen peroxide (it is possible to lubricate the wound surface)
* Streptocide (you can sprinkle the wound for the purpose of drying and disinfection)

It should be noted that the southern sun presents an unpleasant surprise for unprepared skin - high risk "burn" on the first day of rest. You do not need to neglect protective sunblock, and if it so happens that the skin is reddened, not hurt to use tools to mitigate the effects of burns, stimulating tissue regeneration. Can not be in the medicine cabinet means for processing the burn surfaces (wounds), for example,

* Panthenol or argovasna

The disorder of the digestive tract   - Not such a rarity on holiday. First of all, you need to be careful not to drink water of questionable quality, to be vigilant when purchasing foods, wash hands thoroughly, fruits and vegetables. Before buying from a seller on the beach, private traders "hot to pies", think in what conditions and from what ingredients they can be prepared. Do not be careless, do not risk your health and that of their loved ones, buying food from hands of persons who are not eligible for this type of activity.

So we put in a first aid kit:

* Pantotsida tablets for water disinfection
* Activated carbon (remember that coal is used at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight)
* Remedy for diarrhea (Immodium, Kaopectate)
* Remedy for constipation (bisacodyl)
* Ftalazol (antibacterial drug with food poisoning)

For eyes   as a first-aid doctors recommend

* sulfacetamide (sodium sulfatsil) in a special tube-dropper.

The eyes may get speck of dust, sand, midges, you may accidentally stumble upon a twig during a walk or a blade of grass. Of course, the eyes respond to nasty accident irritation and tearfulness. First of all, the affected eye should be rinsed with clean water to remove dirt particles and toxins, and then use the drops. Drip need for several hours, immediately after the unpleasant incident. Be sure to consult a doctor if the condition of the eye has not improved!

Ears   on vacation more often suffer from foreign matter and insects, trapped in the
ear labyrinths, and trapped in them from the water during swimming and diving. In the first case without the help of a doctor can not do - it is better to entrust the specialist difficult process of extracting a foreign object, the water in the ear on forces to cope themselves. There are several methods tested on himself:

a) Imitation pump. Slightly tilt your head to shoulder, putting a hand to his ear and dramatically take away from his ear.
b) Blowing water. Close the nasal passages fingers as a pin, with the mouth closed trying to "breathe" air. Thus puff, but also increases the internal pressure in the ears, the water flows.
c) Tampons, twisted from the bandage, inserted into the ear passages, water is absorbed, tampons extract. You can moisten the swabs boric alcohol, which also do not forget to put in the medicine cabinet,

* Boric alcohol useful in the treatment of ear, if they suddenly ache.

Allergies   can suddenly overtake even those who had never faced her
manifestations. The pollen of flowers, exotic food (for you) food can trigger allergies. Not excluded insect bite, after which comes the allergic reaction, dangerous life. There simply can not procrastinate, after the first allergic symptoms immediately call an ambulance, every minute is worth it! A first aid kit be sure to put your

* antihistamine (tavegil, suprastin, klarotadin - select the most suitable for you)

The common cold, herpes   - Very often unpleasant companions summer holiday. Variations in temperature of air and water, air conditioning, drafts are the causes of these symptoms. So do not forget to replenish first aid kit appropriate means to help you with the least loss to overcome the disease.

Put a first aid kit in the anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic agents:

 Going on vacation? Putting a first aid kit!
   * Ingalipt spray (anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the mouth and throat)
* Aspirin (anti-inflammatory and antipyretic)
* Diphenhydramine (applied at a high temperature in combination with aspirin, as well as allergies)
* Macropen, Doxycycline - broad-spectrum antibiotics, better to be in possession of, but not be used without a doctor's prescription!
* Dental drops (for toothache drops soaked cotton ball applied to the aching tooth)
* Galazalin - nasal drops, which constricts blood vessels and relieve nasal congestion, as in the cold and in respiratory allergies
* Gerpevir or other means of virus.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases or the occurrence of acute manifestations Unfortunately, it is not excluded. Knowing the problems, do not forget to put the medicines you use regularly, as well as other means "just in case":

* Validol, nitroglycerin, volakardin, Corvalol, caffeine (cardiovascular drugs)
* Reglan (antiemetic)
* No-spa (antispasmodic drugs)
* Aeron (If you suffer from sea and air sickness)
* Thin nylon thread (to extract the tick if you have been attacked by him). From the thread makes a loop, which is necessary to carefully remove the head of the tick with the bite. It should give a mite extracted for research in infectious department, to begin treatment immediately, if the tick is a carrier of dangerous diseases.

It must be remembered that in any form of the disease, if possible, the sooner the need to consult a doctor. And even if there is no pharmacy - much needed at your fingertips, in your first-aid road. Do not forget to put in a first aid kit instructions for use of medicines.

Comfortable and good health, and let the kit you do not need!
Author: Galina Kruglik