Tampons are not hygienic, but healing
 Are you satisfied with your women's health? Unfortunately, according to statistics 75% of women will answer to this question is "no." But this is only the official statistics! In fact, if you ask his close friends, they all shook their heads. And if you are curious at them, they take in relation to their gynecological diseases, it would appear that many of them just live with it, is extremely rare address to the gynecologist and even attempting to recover, do not lead follow through, relying on Slavic "perhaps self-will."

Meanwhile, a negligent attitude to its women's health leads to the fact that many gynecological diseases develop into a chronic form, lead to distortions in the intimate life, and even infertility.

Chinese medicated tampons ( pill Gonzo, Clean Point, Beautiful Life ) - A simple and accessible form of domestic prevention and treatment of many diseases affecting women: an intrauterine inflammation, inflammation of the pelvic area, appendages, polycystic, cervical erosion, polyp, infertility, diseases caused by such pathogens as Chlamydia, ureplazmu, Trichomonas (vaginitis, cervicitis and etc.), hemorrhoids, incontinence, cystitis.

Not every medical practice there were cases when, after a year of application of medical swabs eliminates the need for operations to remove tumors in the uterus (cysts, fibroids, polyps, etc.) Also marked fastest (after half an hour after the start of) the analgesic effect of the treatment tampons.

 Tampons are not hygienic, but healing

Through this simple means of genitals displayed bacteria, viruses and their metabolic products. Chinese medical swab herb is a small ball, wrapped in marlechku, a thread, which, as with a conventional tampon during insertion of the tampon into the vagina 7 cm should remain outside help and then extract it.

 Tampons are not hygienic, but healing

The structure of the therapeutic ball include:

- Angelica, normalizes the female hormonal balance and reduces inflammation,
- Resin dragon tree, effective in the treatment of infections and tumors,
- Bornean camphor, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect,
- Acacia catechu - guardian of childbearing,
- Lilac, normalizes the menstrual cycle.

The main difference from the hygienic tampons treatment (except for composition) consists in that they are administered for three days. Ie a swab inserted into the vagina to remain there for three days. Chinese course of treatment consists of three tampons tampons. After removing the swab first 24 hours you have a rest, and then again three days entering the second swab, then rest for 24 hours, etc. That is, the total course of treatment will last 11 days.

Started using tampons better treatment on the first day after the end of menstruation. Anyway, a week before menstruation new treatment should be completed.

Every time you need to retrieve the next tampon abundantly douche weak broth chamomile. It is necessary to deduce from all the vaginal discharge that pulled the medical swab. If all this is not a good attribute to a laboratory for analysis, it shows that your body is cleansed of necrotic substances. The latter, incidentally, does not itself appear. Often, after application of the second discharge of the tampon is still greater than the first. It is important to be prepared not to faint from the sight of all, from what will purify your body.

ABOUT! I can already hear your indignant cries of no confidence in Chinese products, that may not be all that easy on the inadmissibility of self, that you under the guise of a glossy article slip advertising network product, the threat of intoxication due to the introduction of the tampon on three days, about the danger of violations of the microflora of the genital organs.

But let. Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. And by the way, not without reason this nation is so prolific! Neither is there the best proof that they are experts in the care of women's health?

And, of course, nobody is talking about self-medication. Before using medicated pads, you should consult your gynecologist.

As for the network product, in our latitudes, medical swabs really is hard to find in the pharmacy network. But in the same Chinese herbal balls for women's health are available in all pharmacies and are much cheaper than ours.

The need to introduce a tampon for three days does seem unusual and embarrassing. But in fact there is no danger. After all, he does not clog the tampon vagina tightly as his fellow hygienic or menstrual cup. Herbal ball is small and easily through the allocation will go out.

Violation of the microflora in the genitals after applying the treatment tampons and speech can not go, because their action is directed precisely to restore it. In fact, phytochemicals, of which, indeed, is a medical pad, are antioxidants and antigipoksantami. Their action is directed at neutralizing free radicals and removing anoxia of tissues and cells. All these processes normalize microcirculation. Medical swabs are a kind of absorbent to absorb all the negative microflora, whereby the uterus and other female organs are cleansed, and improve their health.

Yet a number of contraindications and dangers   therapeutic use tampons really carries.

- Thus, their use is prohibited during menstruation and is contraindicated for pregnant women.
- Virgins therapeutic use of tampons is not recommended for the same reasons as conventional tampons.
- During the course of treatment with herbal miracle balls sex life is prohibited, but three hours later after removing the tampon and douching sexual contact does not hurt.
- Ladies suffering from increased vaginal dryness, may experience some difficulties and discomfort during insertion of the tampon. To solve this problem, the tampon prior to use can withstand a few minutes in water at room temperature.

 Tampons are not hygienic, but healing

And finally I would like to point out some pleasant side effects from the use of medicinal swab. The fact that the work of medical tampon is not only women with sexual organs, but also from the entire endocrine system. As a result of the uterus rejuvenates, improves skin tone, dryness and leave spots on her, even wrinkles (!). Many men say firming vagina their partners and improving their libido after applying the treatment tampons.

In this age of travel and promiscuity medical swabs modern woman can protect against various diseases during the voyage when the familiar intimate hygiene broken, and after having unprotected sex. Last - it does not negate the need for the classic means of contraception, but in the force majeure situation will significantly reduce the risk of getting a disease transmitted through sexual contact.

In short, the therapeutic tampon in a handbag to be!
Author: Natalia Hryshko