Test the heat, sun, sea. The dangers of the summer season
 Summer - is time of grace, that we dreamed of and long winter evenings, and during endless dreary rainy off-season. And finally - blue sky, sunshine, gentle warm sea (or river) waves ... It would seem that you can relax and rest happily surrender, but, rest - rest, and can not be vigilant. Summer turned to did not trouble you should not forget about some very important points.

Firstly, the heat for the health of at least (and maybe more) dangerous than a cold. Solar and heat stroke, burns, gastrointestinal problems, pneumonia and sore throat - that's all the consequences of frivolous attitude to health in summer. In the period of maximum solar activity dramatically increases the strain on the cardiovascular and excretory systems and their organs (kidney, skin, lung). Therefore, sores in the hot summer is no less than in the cold winter. And provoke their emergence are two main factors - overheating   and supercooling , Moreover, the higher the temperature "overboard", the more likely it represents both danger.

The skin in summer

Summer skin suffers first. The most modest of trouble - just burn a few days and hide in the shadows. But excessive tanning can provoke the appearance of the skin of various tumors, including malignant. So to sunburn should be approached with caution. After all, in fact, a brownish tint, which acquires the skin to the sun due to the release of the pigment melanin - is its protection, but if the skin can not allocate as much melanin to protect against a dose of sun, there is a burn. Since the burn comes quietly, then focus on the sensations on the beach can not, just need to strictly abide by the duration of sunbathing to start 10-15 minutes. You should not sunbathe between 11.00 and 17.00 hours, you should use sunscreen (SPF or referred to as SP).

 Test the heat, sun, sea. The dangers of the summer season
   But I hope that bathing longer, you will protect yourself from sunburn, you should not. The first rays of the sun the water flows freely, and secondly, the water acts as a magnifying glass and only helps burn.

If you still do not guard themselves, and come burn the skin first thing you need to chill out. To do this, use compresses and lotions with a simple cold water (better to add the ice cubes), vinegar. Cool and moisturize the skin, you remove unpleasant sensations. And now proceed to the removal of inflammation, here you will be ointments with vitamins - B5, A, E, C, and hyaluronic acid, as well as protivoozhogovye gels and ointments on water-based basis. But the skin smear sunflower oil, sour cream and other materials at hand is not necessary.

But not only dangerous summer burns to the skin. The heat increases the number of pustular disease. The pores of the skin, sweat and sebaceous glands are working intensively in this period. Through them is more fluid, and with it, ammonia, nitrogen compounds degradation products. For pathogenic microorganisms (streptococcus, staphylococcus and other germs) is a favorite treat, they are happy to reproduce on sweaty skin. In summer, often popping pimples appears acne and other ailments.

In the fight against this scourge will help cool shower (or at least wiping), though many times a day, as the soul (and body) will require .  To avoid the appearance of pustules on the body, it is useful to take a bath with herbal extracts, antiseptic: chamomile, celandine, succession .  But frequent use of drying the skin soaps and gels for the benefit of the skin hardly go and may even provoke such widespread skin disease as a "solar shingles" .  It usually appears after a few weeks of the appearance of the skin tanning shoulders, back, chest and arms of small whitish spots .  The skin under stress conditions (sun, drying cleansers) loses its ability to resist pathogens - fungus tinea versicolor, and acid, which produces a fungus that reduces the ability of skin cells to produce pigment, causing the skin and appear whitish areas .  To avoid this trouble, you need a smaller roasting in the sun, use their personal litter, not to weaken the skin frequent washing with soap and water, soap and gels to apply moisturizer .

The risk of hypothermia

 Test the heat, sun, sea. The dangers of the summer season
   Swimming or playing in the water (river or sea - without a difference), in the heat, you can not help noticing hypothermia. Runny nose, sore throat, bronchitis, pharyngitis, otitis - not so rare consequences of neglecting the rules of swimming, even in hot weather. A sure sign that you need to go out of the water for the prevention of hypothermia - "goose" skin and light blue lips. But it is better not to come! Make sure that your ears would not enter the water (prevention of otitis media), and if this happens then the "shake out" of her ears, when out of the water, jump alternately on each foot, and bowed his head at the same time in the appropriate direction. Yet it is important not to abuse cold drinks on the beach, and sweets such as frozen juice.

Another danger - if you sit on the cool stones, cystitis can occur (a very unpleasant thing), and jump on the skin boils - purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and the surrounding connective tissue. The most characteristic place of defeats - the skin of the buttocks. If there is itching during the day and formed a reddish swelling the size of a 1 penny, it most likely boil. Prevention of such unpleasant phenomena is simple - do not sit on the cold sand, stones, etc., puts a towel, change clothes from wet swimsuit into dry clothes.

And yet hypothermia (as well as overheating) can provoke an aggravation of herpes, what is popularly called "Fever on the lips" .  Herpes - a viral disease characterized by a rash on the skin, mucous membranes grouped vesicles filled with liquid .  These painful rashes and scabs on his lips not only cause physical discomfort, but also greatly spoil the aesthetic appearance .  According to the World Health Organization, about 95% of the world's population are carriers of herpes, but it appears not all and not always .  Typically, "wakes up" herpes Falling local immunity that just happens when overcooling in water, overheating in the sun, fatigue .  It is useless to powder herpes smear creams .  This may aggravate the disease course, and also cause further infection .  Suitable for drying zinc ointment, coping well with treatment ointment "Gerpevir" cream "Zovirax" .  Good reviews as a modern and effective means to eliminate the cosmetic effects of herpes, there are on medications 5% Liniment tsikloferona .  From improvised folk remedies successfully used earwax and toothpaste-type "Pomorin" . 

Well, it is better not to bring the case before the exacerbation of herpes, and if you know of such a tendency:
- Not supercool under any circumstances;
- Do not overheat the sun;
- Does not light up under the direct rays;
- Strengthens the immune system in all possible ways.

Relax with pleasure, but do not forget about the simple rules of safe recreation. We all know about them, but for some reason, their implementation is often neglected or forgotten about them at the crucial moment?

• Do not fry in the sun for hours, morning and evening tan useful and safe;
Do not swim, "until you're blue";

• Drink enough water, though not enough to drink just water, it is best to use mineral water containing potassium, magnesium and calcium;

• Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably made of cotton and linen, mandatory headgear;

• despite the heat, beware of drafts, do not sit on the cold;

• look carefully where to sit (lie down), and he takes his hands, so you will protect yourself from the bite of poisonous insects;

• Use alcohol free sprays, low-flavors. The sun, sweat, alcohol and essential oils - not for combination.
Author: Olga Travleeva