A number of unfortunate changes pretty face ... and how to deal with it!
 Wrinkles around the eyes, blurred contour severe fold between the eyebrows, chin, "bulldog" cheeks - changes creep imperceptibly. And now, with disappointment, we looked at their "converts" in the mirror and pretends in his mind, what will cost us a face lift, and can do more "beauty shots" and lifting procedures. Why is it, and can we prevent this?

Unfortunately, available on the 57 face muscles are working with us in full force and effect unless the chewing, and even then, not really. But mimic muscles that forms the face and the tone of which depends largely on the general form of the person involved and did very poorly. But not to atrophy, the muscles also need work. Of course, the facial muscles require a special approach, they are unlike other types of muscle, skin muscle is - weak, thin, soft, they do not move the part of the skeleton and skin. Under the influence of these muscles on the skin appear wrinkles, bumps, pits - changing facial expression.

While the skin young and supple, these creases and holes quickly straighten out after the termination of the muscles, but when the elasticity decreases, wrinkles become permanent. And it turns out - a habit frown sooner or later lead to the formation of deep wrinkles between the eyebrows, and the habit of prim upper lip and lower corners of the mouth hi rise to nasolabial folds. The skin that has lost elasticity can not crack, but also weak and lost elasticity of the muscles can not return it to its original state.

That there have been two ways of prevention and control of change facial contour : First, to maintain elasticity of the skin (the right care, masks, creams, procedures), and secondly, every day to do special exercises to help facial muscles will be toned. Regular exercise for a specific muscle group, you can achieve a lot, even to some extent, change the shape of the face.

The simple, useful and pleasant, that you can do to improve facial contours and prevention of change - Smile and Kiss! Kiss drives 29 (according to other sources - 34) of the facial muscles: this training is an excellent prevention of wrinkles. To smile from the heart, it is necessary to use 40 facial muscles - also great exercises that improves their flexibility, reactivity, tone and strength.

No chance of the second jaw
Double chin sure no one is decorated! And if you do not - you are very lucky, and that he never appeared to take the following preventive measures - to get rid of the high pillows, pay attention to posture, to fight for the preservation of elasticity of the skin on the neck and under the chin.

- It is very important when walking is not lower his head, chin should be slightly raised (30 degrees to the horizontal), look under the foot of course necessary, but only to look.

- Every morning, without getting out of bed can perform this exercise: starting position - lying on a flat surface and slowly raise your head about 45 degrees, slowly lower .  We do 3 sets of 15 times .  If there are no problems in the cervical spine, the exercise can be complicated - his head hanging over the edge of couches and lift out of this situation .  In this exercise, a lot of muscles are utilized - neck, cervical, including subcutaneous (or broad) of the neck muscles (m . platysma) .  It is this muscle experts believe the primary responsibility for the formation of double chin .  For many people this muscle is so thin that is divided into several fibers, and about a quarter of women, it is generally absent .  In this case, exercises to strengthen the muscles, of course, will not give any effect .  In such circumstances, the skin is supported only by its own elasticity .  And combat the appearance of double chin should firstly by reducing the thickness of body fat (if present), and secondly, maintaining skin elasticity .

- To enhance the tone of the skin, after washing Tapping his chin with a towel soaked in the following solution: 1 tbsp. l. salt, 1 tbsp. l. vodka 1chayn. l. vinegar or lemon juice and 1 cup of water. To improve the elasticity of the skin 1-2 times a week is useful poultice of boiled potatoes, pulverized to the consistency of sour cream with 1 egg yolk, 1 ch. L. honey and 1 hour. L. vegetable oil.

- To maintain the beauty of the neck is important to the state and so-called digastric - this promotes strong muscles proper (direct) the angle between the chin and neck, weakening its impact on the chin area. One simple and fun exercises to strengthen this muscle - lift the tip of your nose and try to "bite" his nose lower lip.

- One more exercise - press the tongue against the upper palate, tongue strain (with him tense and digastric), then relax it. Run 10 to 100 times, and then move the tongue under the front lower teeth on the inner side, and again stretch from 10 to 100 times.

- A simple exercise - to write his nose in the air alphabet (any - Latin or Russian). Carry out at least two times a day

Down with "mournful" folds
In order not to appear nasolabial folds and vertical wrinkles on the upper lip, it should get rid of the habit of hard to draw in and keep the upper lip. Keep it relaxed and slightly ajar.

Exercises against nasolabial folds, as well as for the overall simulation persons:

1.Silno lighten up and slowly release the air through the mouth;

 A number of unfortunate changes pretty face ... and how to deal with it!
   2. Place the index fingers of both hands in the corners of the mouth and hold them in this position throughout the entire exercise performance. Attempt to push the corners of the mouth upward, while preventing the movement using finger pressure.

In carrying out this exercise, try to relax the facial muscles, without taking part in it.

To cheeks were, apples, wiggles his ears ...
To preserve the elasticity of the cheeks, it is important to state the chewing muscles. It would seem that this is the muscle at all involved as much as possible, why should it even specially trained! But not everything is simple!

As one of the most difficult, this muscle is weakened, droops, forming bags, "bulldog cheeks" Roughly, weighing oval face, depriving it of grace and youth.
Yes, we have a lifetime train this muscle by eating hard raw vegetables and fruits, but this is not enough. More needed and special gymnastic exercises, which are able to return to its original position, the muscle and other related muscles, - temporal and three ear. As practice shows, one of the most effective exercises that help maintain muscle tone chewing - wiggling ears.

While this ability is given to women is not easy, but with persistence you can master it.
Mentally imagine how your ears and the face on the sides are raised, and try to engage the corresponding muscles. Then, imagine how your ears are pulled back, while the cheeks are expanding.

Do not be discouraged if at first you will not feel any movement. Eventually all will ... Traffic ears not only strengthens the muscles of the cheeks, but also promotes the "blurring" of facial wrinkles around the eyes.

Another exercise to strengthen the muscles of the cheeks: touch the tips of the middle fingers to the corners of the mouth. Smile, stretching the corners of your mouth upwards - towards the temples (count up to six). You should feel like every movement of your muscles are raised. Hold for 6 seconds and then slowly counting to six, return to starting position.

A clear oval
To maintain a clear oval face, except for wiggling their ears, we can offer a number of other exercises.

1. Tilt your head slightly back, chin pull forward, pull your lips. Slowly smile. Hold this position for five seconds. Return to starting position five slow movements.

2. Form of the upper lip small elastic ball out of the air. Tight-lipped, with an effort to move this ball in a circle under the right cheek, under his lower lip, under the left cheek, under his upper lip. Stay a couple of seconds. Repeat several times, until you feel a strong heat in the lips and cheeks.

This exercise - an excellent prevention and correction of sagging cheeks, smoothing wrinkles nasolabial triangle, correction jawline.

Well, take for the cause, or rather his face! Remember the simple rules - to face touch with clean hands, do everything in the mirror carefully, slowly, gently, and with an excellent mood.
Author: Olga Travleeva