Anti-age program for women: looking great at any age
 Being young in body and soul, to forget about the actual age and enjoy life is absolutely real. Every day, take time anti-age care of myself in the mirror and always will please you!

Science Genetics claims that the rate of human aging depends on heredity is only 25%. The remaining 75% comes from your lifestyle, way of thinking and sensitivity to stress, diet, overall health, regular and comprehensive care for face and body. Fortunately, the right to build a way of life and prolong youth in your own strength!

Youth face and body: care from head to toe

People say, "Ugly women do not exist, there are women who can not take care of themselves." Life proves the validity of these words - the woman pays more attention to their appearance, the more attractive it looks. To be compelling enough "carve out" for myself only half an hour a day!

Person: care according to age

Age woman produces in her skin needs nutrients and stimulants. So, care products for the face Girls 25+   must contain components: Coenzyme Q10, plant extracts, ceramides and fruit acids. After crossing 35-year milestone   listed ingredients to be added retinoid and AHA acids, i.e. substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. At age 45+   to maintain the health of your skin means should include phytoestrogens, liposomes, and nanosomes. But it is absolutely at any age, you should be able to correctly apply the cream for the face.

Beauty literacy:   Cream applied light "whipping" motion from the center to the periphery of the face, avoiding the skin stretch. At the end of half an hour the excess funds should be wet cloth.

 Anti-age program for women: looking great at any age

The neck and décolleté: meticulous care

Neck and neck area is very susceptible to aging. It is these areas of the body give a woman treacherously age. This is a scientific explanation - the skin in these areas contains a minimal amount of sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is required the same meticulous care as well as the face. Daily clean neck and neckline, apply a moisturizer, and at least once a week indulge nourishing mask. To maintain skin tone very effective contrast perfusion and wipe the skin with ice from infusions herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula, peppermint).

Hands: caring attitude

Protect your hands from exposure to cleaning agents and detergents, as well as a potentially traumatic works - the key to their perfect appearance. Do not forget, if necessary, use rubber gloves. Combine business with pleasure - before putting on the gloves grease hands with olive oil. In doing so, you give the skin of the hands of the excellent spa treatments. Furthermore, at least morning and evening moisturize special hand cream.

The body: cellulite

With age, the skin of the body can lose elasticity and smooth relief. As a consequence, to the forefront are the cellulite bumps and sagging skin in the area of ​​the forearms and abdomen. Prevent age-related problems helps physical activity and hygiene self-massage. Make it a rule, every day before going to bed to moisturize the skin of the body special milk and carefully knead the problem areas anti-cellulite agent.

The area around the eyes: moisturizing

First wrinkles on a woman's face usually appear around the eyes. There is so because the part of the person is actively involved in facial expressions. Cosmetologists say up to 25 years to put the cream on the said zone is not necessary, since at this time there enough content subcutaneous tissue. But later in life you need to get a cosmetic product for the eye contour and use it regularly.

 Anti-age program for women: looking great at any age

The ration of youth and beauty

Perfect skin condition is not possible without a healthy diet. Damaging factors for the skin are primarily trans fats and simple carbohydrates. These components supply cause inhibition of metabolic processes in the skin cells, adversely affect the lipid membrane of the cell, thereby triggering uncontrolled processes of aging.

The solution is to include in the diet of a sufficient amount of antioxidant foods: blueberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, oranges and other brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the basis for your diet must have foods rich in folic acid, iron, zinc and calcium, vitamins A, C, E and group B: whole grain cereals, dairy products, fish, seafood, vegetable oils, and lean meat.

The movement as a way to circumvent the aging

Regular exercise activates the production of hormones needed by the body to stimulate the immune system and improves the microcirculation of the skin cells. To skin the body is not lost with age, elasticity, align exercise outdoors or visit a gym with nightly self-massage of problem zon.Ochen important point - physical activity should be fun!

How beautiful a woman depends on her own. You love yourself and your body and you will be rewarded handsomely it!
Author: Natalia Bartukova