Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
 In our enlightened age, without antioxidants, it seems, or does not do. About them, and the scientific and popular magazines, TV shows devoted to them, a large army of scientists aggressively exploring their properties, and studies often contradictory, and even diametrically opposed. But, nevertheless, any self-respecting cosmetics company introduces antioxidants in their products - creams, shampoos, shower gels, etc., they are present in medicaments, especially in dietary supplements (Badakhshan).

So what is it really, and whether there is a sense from their use? Try to understand.

Antioxidants are what they are and what they eat ...
Antioxidants, in fact, antioxidants - natural or synthetic substances that can inhibit the oxidation process. Oxygen is probably the most important and most common chemical element on our planet, its participation in chemical reactions provides the energy for all biological processes in the body, but ... It turns out that one of the consequences of these reactions is the appearance of "free radicals" - unstable molecules that do not missing an electron. That's them in the recent past, we have announced the main "villain" and destroyers of the body.

In the world there are a lot of assumptions and theories of how the mechanism of aging and why people get sick. One of the most popular in recent years - the theory of the American chemist Harman. The primary responsibility for aging, he put it into free radicals. Deprived of an electron molecules try to take it from other molecules, damaging them and making, in turn, are also free radicals. Damages may be any cells of any organ.

 Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
 This process is opposed by antioxidants that give its electron, but do not lose stability and not trying to take away electrons from other molecules. Some antioxidants organism itself produces part comes from food (vitamins A, C, E, copper, zinc, selenium, flavonoids, etc.). For the time being the balance in the body is maintained, but the result of a failure it is broken. Free radicals becomes too much, not enough antioxidants to zalatyvaniya holes, the body's cells are destroyed, the disease starts and rapid aging.

 Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
 Harman's theory has gained immense popularity because it implies a very simple way to deal with old age and diseases, it would seem, is to saturate the body with antioxidants and ... goodbye decrepitude of old age and illness! And with stocks antioxidants no problems, they are found in most foods, especially a lot of antioxidants in vegetables, fruits, berries, tea leaves. Moreover, the antioxidants become synthesized enrich them food, cosmetics.

As far as it is justified - the big question! The fact that the last study on the effectiveness of antioxidants indicate that their role in the rejuvenation of the body is somewhat exaggerated, or rather, exaggerated fatal influence of free radicals on aging. Moreover, it was found that a high concentration of free radicals is not pathology, and the body's way of fighting infection.

Worm of doubt ...
The seeds of doubt in the miraculous power of antioxidants sown research biologists from University College London (University College London). These studies were conducted on roundworms, and the result was the conclusion - antioxidants have no effect on the aging process. What did the scientists? If you think that they are applied to the poor worms cosmetics and bio-additives fed them, then you are deeply mistaken. They are genetically modified worms-nematodes (very convenient object guinea biologists because of the short period of life) so that they themselves began to suppress the free radicals in our bodies. And, alas, this process did not affect the lifespan of worms, nematodes, and their appearance, to think, too.

Can the results of these experiments (and the like) to make an unambiguous conclusion about the futility of antioxidants in the prevention of aging? I do not know, but I doubt very much, in any case, the issue is not closed and the scientific work in this direction continues.

Even if antioxidants and do not directly affect the preservation of youth, a healthy, balanced diet (and we remember that the antioxidants come in many foods), it is of paramount importance to reduce the risk of many diseases, and for blooming appearance.

So, let us not go to extremes.

Honourable ode antioxidants
The fact that the plant food, herbal extracts, vegetables, fruits (and the juices from them) have a beneficial effect on the body, humanity knows a long time, and without any research, based on their practical experience. No wonder the Chinese emperors thought the tea leaves "public domain" and the means of one hundred ailments and drink Hibiscus (infusion cups of hibiscus flowers) was the "drink of the Pharaohs." But these drinks contain large amounts of antioxidants.

 Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
   By the antioxidant-rich fruits include blueberries, grapes, cranberries, rowan, aronia, currants and pomegranates. Among the drinks can be distinguished more (except for tea) cocoa, red wine, organic coffee, kvass, and fruit drinks made from fruits.

Among vegetables rich in antioxidants, sweet peppers, tomatoes, purple beans, sprouts of all kinds. In the twentieth century, it conquered the world, thanks to open it miraculous properties of broccoli sprouts. This plant contains a unique antioxidant indole-3 carbinol, and a record number of vitamins C and A, antioxidants, too, by the way. Broccoli stimulates the heart, cleanses the blood vessels, protecting them from atherosclerosis, heals ulcers, and even prevent breast cancer.

 Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
 The secret of the beneficial effect of fruits, berries, vegetables probably lies not only in their antioxidant effect, but in the whole combination of different mineral components - fruit and other acids, antioxidants, amino acids, carbohydrate, macro- and micronutrients, vitamins, polysaccharides, bioflavonoids, vegetable fibers, fiber, etc ..

Anyway, synthetic antioxidants do not work so well as natural, something you can see it's still not enough, moreover, they are easy to overdose, and then, instead of the use of the body is harmed.

Even many representatives of official medicine are convinced: 500 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables will do more good than a handful of daily intake of synthetic antioxidants.

What about cosmetics? We will be optimistic!
The most common anti-oxidants in cosmetics are the vitamins E, C, A, F, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, coenzyme Q 10, lipoic acid, selenium.

 Antioxidants and their role in life and cosmetics
 Despite the fact that the rejuvenating effect of antioxidants in cosmetics has not yet proved possible to assume that means? containing them are completely useless? No you can not! To date, to prove that antioxidants in cosmetics healing, reduce inflammation, protect against UV. And it was the adverse environmental conditions is largely responsible for the premature aging of the skin, not for nothing that primarily affects the skin of hands and face, and the skin covered by clothing, longer stays young. So that the use of antioxidants in Day cream in hand creams, anti-sun, anti-inflammatory creams, after-sun, cream, etc., quite reasonably.

In addition, proper antioxidants protect itself cosmetic from oxidation in air. So the introduction of the antioxidant cream allows you to shorten the amount of preservatives in it, which is also good.

Cpasayut whether antioxidants of age or do not save, these things science is not known for certain! But let's not get upset ahead of time, who knows what else will come up with these experiences inquisitive scientists. Very often the results of some experiments directly contradict the results of others. So if your favorite cream or mask makes your skin younger, softer, gentler, what, in principle, the difference due to the antioxidants it happens, or due to other mechanisms.

Using high-quality cosmetics containing including antioxidants, avoiding excessive sun exposure, caring for skin care and continually, we can already significantly slow the rate of aging of the skin, and there, staring, and invent a miracle cream "eternal youth."
Author: Olga Travleeva