Less 10 years: what prevents the skin to be younger
 The aging of the skin - a process that not only affects the daily skin care. There are a few factors that promote the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots. Find out what can prevent your skin to be younger.


The vision deteriorates with age. Sometimes it happens when you only twenty-five: from the computer, incorrect glasses or because of genetic predisposition. Then the muscles around the eyes are trying to help the eyes to focus and concentrate. Eyes squinting, the skin around the eye wrinkles - first appear "crow's feet", and after the fine lines and wrinkles.

Many have resorted to Botox injections from the fine wrinkles around the eyes. But first, the good doctor will ask you to go to the optometrist. Sometimes a pair of new glasses or contact lenses - this is what will solve the problem of early wrinkles.

 Less 10 years: what prevents the skin to be younger

Poor dental care

Teeth not only help to chew food. They are a structural part of the face. When teeth wear out, become shorter, and even more so when some teeth missing - a person loses part of the frame. Facial skin also eventually becomes weaker and lacking core sags even faster. Therefore, take care of the oral and dental health are now advised to not only dentists and beauticians. If a tooth is lost - you need a dental implant, it will help the process of grinding the food, but even more for the beauty of the implants will face because the skin does not sag and form wrinkles around the mouth.

It remains important advice as to preserve youthfulness of skin around the mouth - taking care of their teeth.

Poor quality sunglasses

The delicate skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires special attention. Many do not dare to put on sunscreen this area, or just forget about it. Sometimes trust in the protection of the skin around the eyes from sunlight sunglasses. This is a good decision. However, not all points can provide a good barrier. Only high-quality glasses have filters against UVA and UVB rays. Counterfeits - it's just tinted windows in which you also schurites in the sun and, more importantly, the skin can get burned.

Do not skimp on good sunglasses, an accessory must-have for any season.

 Less 10 years: what prevents the skin to be younger

Cardinal slimming

Hormonal aging changes lead to lower levels of collagen in skin. Dr. cosmetologist Ranella Hirsch (President of the Organization of American cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons) found an interesting explanation why excessive weight loss is not conducive to a young appearance. She compared the face with ... a sofa. "Your face is like a sofa. When the sofa was new, it covers were well stretched, and there were no wrinkles on the surface of the furniture. But over time, it ceased to be a sofa taut look. Springs hurting, foam, too. As a result, cases sag, wrinkles are formed. " An interesting comparison? The same process occurs with the skin of the face and body, when we begin to rapidly lose weight - skin "falls", forms folds and wrinkles.

Try to fix the position of the various spies and keep as much as possible the same weight.

Birth control pills

You've probably heard this expression as the "mask of pregnancy"? In fact, this skin hyperpigmentation. It is caused by hormonal surges during pregnancy. Hormonal birth control pills can cause the same effect. Sometimes, they appear brownish-gray spots on the upper lip, cheeks, forehead and nose. Such discoloration adds years. And it's not just an observation. It is supported by research. For example, Procter & Gamble as a result of its tests found that the older woman's face is seen, if there is an uneven and non-uniform tone.

There is good news: a hormone that causes hyperpigmentation, disappear within a year after pregnancy, or shortly after the cessation of hormonal birth control pills. Assuming that the skin is protected from the sun regularly.

For the treatment of age spots should go to a dermatologist who will prescribe drugs containing antioxidants (including tretinoin and niacin), vitamin C, kojic and azelaic acid.

 Less 10 years: what prevents the skin to be younger

Stay in the sun

Many women pay for the constant exposure to the sun such skin lesions as a brown-gray spots (melasma), protruding vessels, freckles. Many people believe that once the damage is done, you have nothing to correct. And indeed, over the years, these signs of the sun on the skin only intensified. However, you can prevent and darkening of freckles, and the emergence of new blood vessels on the face. You just need to drastically limit their stay under the open sun. Then melonodermiya be less visible, and will not darken.

If the skin has been damaged by the sun - that is no reason to abandon sunscreen because there is a chance at least not provoke further development of photoaging.

Wrong demakijazh

Makeup removal - the most important part of skin care. Recently, the British beauty editors DailyMail conducted an experiment, the results of which can be called shocking. They proved in practice, as the skin breaks down, if not to wash off makeup at night. Editors DailyMail decided on an interesting experience because we were surprised by the statistics. The poll among British women showed that a third of those surveyed at least twice a week, goes to bed without washing off makeup.

The experiment was simple: during the month of journalist Anna had to go to bed in makeup. Experts have estimated how aged her skin during this time. 40-year-old Anna in the face during the experiment soaps only in the mornings during the morning shower. Falling asleep with makeup on his face, the next morning, Anna saw a dirty pillowcase, the remains of mascara on the lashes, and under the eyes, and felt itchy skin. After washing it applied a moisturizer and then apply makeup.

 Less 10 years: what prevents the skin to be younger

So, the girl broke down a month of agony from his skin. And in the end? Constant dryness, tightness, roughness of the skin. The surface of the face became rough and flaky. Tone Cream not lay down an even layer, and looked very dry. Eyelashes with each passing day it becomes more scarce and sticky, and a week later there were swelling under the eyes. Donated and lips - they have become dry, looked sloppy. The pores around the nose were closed, and the facial skin become red and irritated. All of the "charm" can be seen on the photo of Anna before and after the experiment. Next - followed by evaluation of professional dermatologist. He estimated what happened to Anna skin. His verdict was shocking: just over a month the skin of Anna aged almost 10 years!

Do not neglect removing makeup. Do this twice, then you can not add years to his face.
Author: Tamara