Menopause: change your diet
 How to stay slim, reduce the unpleasant symptoms of menopause and reduce the risk of various diseases, sometimes progressive women in a state of menopause - this article.

Some doctors believe that during the period from 40 to 50 years old women each year inevitably gaining up to a kilogram of weight. But there is good news - there was a number of experts who claim that weight gain during menopause is not obligatory. And if you type kilograms - it is not the hormones, and decreased activity and poor diet.

Indeed, we forget that the body be left to stand too long, and continue to eat as accustomed. Eating habits too, and should be reviewed. And now - simple principles:

Fish - a staple
Included in the diet for at least two servings of fish per week. Desirably, these were varieties containing healthy fats, such as salmon and trout. If the fish is not always possible to find, after all, not all live near a good supermarket, use supplements with fish oil. Perhaps slave's pure fat as from childhood, you can still buy in pharmacies. Oily fish helps prevent breast cancer and heart disease risk.

Weight - under strict control
Overweight women suffer difficult symptoms of menopause. Such troubles as "hot flashes" in skinny are almost invisible, unlike the fatties. So try to set a goal to lose weight a little bit. It does not appeal to starve, better to spend days cleaning and move more. It's funny, but one of my friend got age for this work by courier. Low-skilled work is not prestigious, but it is not working for professional ambitions, and for weight loss. The benefit of the money she earned her husband always. And, you know, I lost weight! That's me to the fact that many agents are good, up to change the work, of course, if the finance is not "sing songs".

Calcium - another friend of ours
After 50 years of daily calcium intake rate is raised to 1000 mg per day to 1200 mg, - insisted the doctor. The lower estrogen - the more calcium is necessary for our bones. But how much it is - 1200 mg of calcium? A cup of skim milk + a cup of coffee with milk + a small container of yogurt - it is 1100 mg of calcium. That is, you need something else in addition to cover the needed 1,200 milligrams. This buy low-fat dairy products. In them the same amount of calcium, but lower in fat and calories.

 Menopause: change your diet
 No bloating
Almost all women in menopause suffer from bloating. The reasons are still unknown by scientists, but the role of fluctuations in hormone levels is not denied. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, reduce the intake of salt, and processed carbohydrates - they retain water in the body. Eat whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruit. But such useful things as apples and broccoli - one of the gas-forming, and they can not be canceled. In this case, help your body fight the accumulation of gases by some drugs (for example, tablets Espumizan).

Careful with alcohol
Despite the fact that red wine - a great anti-age product due to the high content of antioxidants and resviratrola, it is not necessary to rely on alcohol. Keep in mind that alcohol, especially red wine, stimulate the "hot flashes." Also, do not forget about the high caloric content of alcohol.

Attention attention! I remember one of gear Elena Malysheva, where she extolled soy as a necessary product for menopausal women. It was a few years ago. And now she and other experts, diminished their enthusiasm for soy products. They continue to recommend soy, but only in moderation, and here's why. On the one hand, soy contains plant estrogens, and is very good for women who are rapidly beginning to lose female hormones. Soy products such as tofu, soy nuts, soy milk, can bring relief from the "tide". But there are concerns. Key that soybeans in large quantity may stimulate the growth of estrogen-sensitive tumors (these include breast cancer). So - do not get carried away!

 Menopause: change your diet
 Drink herbal iced tea
Start your day with a cup of warm tea - not the best idea in the period of menopause. Now it is necessary to change this habit. Hot drinks cause "flushing" Caffeine also stimulates these symptoms. So let's try to drink plenty of cool drinks without caffeine, and this can be attributed to the herb or berry iced teas, decaffeinated coffee with ice.

Reducing calorie
This is the basic rule when choosing dishes. Try for each dish in your diet to find low-calorie option. It will be easier to keep the weight under control without any physical effort. Base diet - products with low fat, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, cereals.

I wish you health, youth and tides, but the tides of vivacity and good mood!
Author: Your Tamara