Public opinion, or blepharoplasty Is there an alternative?
 "Lift my eyelids ..."
(Nikolai Gogol "Wii")

Looking woman - crafty, radiant, mysterious, sincere, sad, or sparkling with joy, he can express so much. That "saying" look is able to clearly convey our emotions, feelings and desires. And what a shame, if the eyes are hidden under the heavy swollen eyelids, or ugly bags under the eyes give the whole face haggard sickly.

The upper eyelids are not aesthetically pleasing hanging over the eyes, make us over five years. Not to speak about the "game look" when they themselves want to hide your eyes behind large dark glasses! What to do: decide and get rid of the problem once and for all in a radical way, or try alternative methods of struggle?

Why do I get "eye hernia"

Despite the fact that the heavy upper eyelids and puffy bottom, and found a young age, mostly, the problem still age. The first signs of aging around the eyes occur when we reach thirty - forty years. The tone of circular muscles of the face is reduced, and the skin of the eyelids loses its elasticity and begins to sag and stretch. Eyeballs each person for security purposes "covered" by adipose tissue, in the form of tiny lumps. They are usually invisible, but if circumstances (age, illness, lifestyle, genetic features) weakened ligament that holds the fat tissue - these lumps can gradually turn into a heavy ugly eye "fatty hernia."

Sagging in the upper eyelid is often compounded by the displacement of excess tissue of the forehead below the eyebrows. His eyes literally hide under overhanging eyelids, sometimes even leads to restriction of the field of view and increase the burden on the eyes, not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue.

Loss of elasticity of the skin of the lower eyelids is fraught with the appearance of "bags" under the eyes. Besides age, there are other reasons for the appearance of hernias - stress and fatigue, alcohol and smoking, excessive salt intake, lack of sleep, excess ultraviolet radiation. What can we oppose to such disadvantages as the eye of a hernia?

 Public opinion, or blepharoplasty Is there an alternative?

A radical way - Blepharoplasty or Eyelid correction

In some cases, this is really the best choice. Resorting to surgery can not only get rid of the problems such as fatty hernia under the eyes, or "heavy" upper eyelids, but also from other age-related changes, you can even adjust the shape and the shape of the eyes.

There are upper and lower blepharoplasty century:

• When carrying out blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids   often simultaneously do an endoscopic forehead lift. The surgeon during surgery straightens skin on the upper eyelid, removes the excess, drooping eyebrows raise and removes wrinkles on the forehead. The cuts on the upper eyelids are held in the natural folds of the eyelids, so do not worry about that the next operation will be visible.

Plastic lower eyelids   carried out in the presence of "bags" under the eyes, skin excess and deep folds on the eyelids. Depending on the existing shortcomings, the surgeon individually selects the way to the lower eyelid blepharoplasty - open or closed (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). In the closed method, the operation incision extends from the inner surface of the eyelids, through their mucous membranes (conjunctiva) therethrough and excess fat removed. The skin is not excised. Outdoor method involves excision of skin and muscle strips. The incision in this case is done by cilia and practically invisible.

The result of the operation saved approximately ten - fifteen years.

Blepharoplasty has a number of contraindications : This serious diseases of internal organs, infectious and oncological diseases, blood clotting, increased intraocular pressure, certain diseases of the thyroid gland.

Despite the apparent ease of operation to the rejuvenation of the eyelids, sometimes nevertheless complications arise. The most common complication - the edge of the lower eyelid ptosis (contraction) are also possible sunken eyeballs, notable post-operative scarring, the displacement of the eyeballs, contouring of the lower edge of the eye socket, nesmykanie eyelids during sleep.

The disadvantages of this method can be attributed to the presence of trauma and post-operative period. For a full recovery after surgery will require 20 days for 3-4 days after surgery, it is desirable to be at home, limit physical activity during washing to bypass the eyelids. What is particularly annoying - make-up can be applied not earlier than after 7-10 days after surgery. Although ... that means 10 days without make-up, compared with 10 years without "bags" under the eyes!

Gentle alternative

If you are not ready to radical methods, and the existing problems are not very pronounced, you can do more forgiving ways that offers modern cosmetology. For example, quickly and effectively enough to cope with the problems of the eyelid skin may be through technology RF lifting So called Thermage eyelids.

Thanks to the deep penetration of radio waves in the skin layers, this technology can reduce the degree of overhang of the upper eyelid skin, eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, and "crow's feet", removes the bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Instead of the mechanical removal of excess skin under the influence of radio waves is a natural increase in collagen synthesis, as well as the reduction and compaction of the collagen fibers, resulting in smoother skin yourself. In addition, Thermage requires no anesthesia and recovery period, the procedure does not involve the formation of scars. The rejuvenation effect is due to the activation of intracellular processes, increases in six months and lasts for 4-5 years.

Age Thermage is a safe procedure with a gentle effect on the skin. It not only effectively combats sagging and wrinkles, and improves skin tone, restores its freshness and elasticity. The truth, unfortunately, is not universal Thermage - too pronounced excess skin can not be corrected by this procedure. Contraindications to Thermage bit, but they are still there: any implanted electrical devices (pacemaker, etc.), diabetes mellitus, systemic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, etc.), Common infectious diseases and skin lesions in places the proposed treatment, pregnancy.

Complications in the form of inflamed skin, blisters, edema are very rare (less than 1%), with the sensitive skin of the patient and quickly pass, in the normal case, after the treatment, the skin retains a perfectly normal, just a smart appearance. You can use makeup and apply makeup.


If the problem still only emerged over the centuries, should be urgently prevention. Beauticians are advised to try this case, means to strengthen the eyelids and lymphatic drainage massage (manual or machine). The hardware is performed in beauty salons, but you can do manually in the cabin of an experienced specialist, and at home.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

- Apply to skin a special cream. As a rule, cosmetic lymphatic drainage massage to contain large amounts of vitamin E and are made on the basis of medicinal herbs (cornflower, aloe, rosemary).

 Public opinion, or blepharoplasty Is there an alternative?
   - Before embarking on a major exercise, carefully promassiruyte head. Put your fingers in a claw and small circular movements pads within a minute walk counter-clockwise along the scalp. The fingers do not have to be displaced over the skin. Firmly squeeze the fist in a tuft of hair at the roots and carefully pull up, walk way across the head. Now you can proceed directly to the lymphatic drainage complex.

- Place the palms on the forehead so that the tips of the fingers "met" in the center of the forehead. Carefully "wipe" the forehead from the center to the edges. Repeat three times.

 Public opinion, or blepharoplasty Is there an alternative?
 - Three fingers of each hand gently push simultaneously on whiskey. Keep well for 3-4 seconds. Then release. Repeat pressing three times.

- Place your fingers on your face so that they captured and infraorbital area and podbrove, and the upper part of the cheeks, a little push and push. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds, then relax. Repeat 3 times.

- Slide your fingers just below, on the cheeks. Press firmly and gently press down for 3-4 seconds.

- Within 2 minutes, gently "tapped" his fingertips, walk across the face from the bottom up, easy to massage the corners of the eyes and temples, tap with your fingertips around the eyes.

- Push hands to his face, gently push and hold for 3-4 seconds. Relax and repeat 3 times. Then, without changing the position of the hands and slowly dissolve into the palm side, and they have to press lightly on the face

The procedure should be performed in the morning and evening.

Secure home exercises can result salon treatment, improves blood circulation and lymph flow (electrical stimulation, mesotherapy). Consult a beautician about the cosmetics you are using. Sometimes gryzhevidnyh appearance of bags under the eyes can be triggered by the use of poor-quality cosmetics, makeup, not intended for skin around the eyes, and just not suitable for you cosmetics.
Author: Olga Travleeva