The secret of sexuality 73-year-old Jane Fonda - male hormones
 Jane Fonda admitted once that the best sex of her life was when she was 71 years old. Who also says that the secret lies in its youthful love. And as you can stay active in sex after 70? Foundation reveals the secret - testosterone.

Jane Fonda admits that taking hormones for their own sexuality. Increase libido provided the male sex hormone testosterone. Foundation says that as soon as the start to take it, I felt a huge difference. And for the third year the actress does not know what age problems with sexuality.

 The secret of sexuality 73-year-old Jane Fonda - male hormones
   Earlier, another celebrity Robbie Williams admitted that he makes himself an injection of testosterone to improve sexual desire.

And, despite the fact that testosterone - a male hormone, it can receive and women, although in much smaller amounts. The level of this hormone decreases after menopause, however, doctors willing prescribed hormone replacement therapy for women aged, including testosterone.

Testosterone is produced for consumption in the form of a gel, tablets or plasters. The important advantage - low cost of this therapy. For example, British women injection, gel or testosterone patches for six months will cost just 50 pounds. And it's worth it, they say patients try testosterone. They got a new impetus to love and sex life becomes active again.

 The secret of sexuality 73-year-old Jane Fonda - male hormones
 Jane Fonda is now 73 years old, she had a permanent relationship with producer Richard Perry, who is 4 years younger.

However, there is testosterone therapy and few side effects. Jane herself in a conversation with reporters Sunday Telegraph said that she had to stop with taking testosterone because there was acne. Indeed, physicians recognize that pimples and blackheads can be a side effect in women on testosterone.

 The secret of sexuality 73-year-old Jane Fonda - male hormones
 Yet for a long time back to Jane Fonda. The actress does not get tired to admit that she is now excellent sex. This is despite the fact that Jane's back surgery, an artificial knee and femur of titanium. In addition, the Foundation looks great. "How do I manage to look like? My recipe is as follows: 30% - good genes, 30% - good sex, 30% - sport, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The remaining 10% - this is my plastic surgeon. " And speaking about their sex lives, adding that would not like to be young again, because now the quality of her love life is much higher. "Now I understand better life, I am happier and sexier."

However, when these revelations were made, about testosterone Jane said. It became known only now, two years later.

Why do we need the male hormone?
Professor John Studd of the London Clinic, studies of PMS and menopause in women, said that testosterone can appoint women after 30 years. He does so with his patients. "It's not just about the libido. The advantages that a woman gets together with the hormone testosterone, is much broader. She becomes more energy, confidence, and a much more stable mood, "- said the professor. And to avoid the side effects, it is necessary only to calculate the dose. Adverse reactions, he refers not only acne, but also more active body hair skin. The hairs may appear on the face, but the doctor says that this can be avoided.

However, we can not say that the long-term consequences of receiving testosterone in women have not been studied, and it warned doctors of the British Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

 The secret of sexuality 73-year-old Jane Fonda - male hormones
 We draw conclusions
- Testosterone can be used as part of hormone replacement therapy in women during menopause.
- The most popular are gels that are rubbed into the skin. However, plasters, creams, tablets and injections also exist on the market.
- Top level of testosterone in women after 50 and 60 years could provide her libido, comparable with the young, as well as energizes and gives a good mood.
- Too high doses have side effects in the form of acne, oily skin and greasy hair. Less possibility of the appearance of hair on the skin, including the face and brutalization vote.
- Testosterone pills are not shown to women, because it can increase blood cholesterol, which increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.
- Women who have had their ovaries removed, may resort to testosterone therapy fearlessly.
- The long-term consequences of receiving testosterone is unknown.
Author: Olga Larsen