Treatment dews
 Our great-grandmother, judging by the extant portraits and descriptions looked no worse than we did. Although, of course, no creams, lotions, shampoos, gels and diversity alia cosmetic industry they had not. But we had the pure nature and willingly used her gifts.

One of the magical means to care for face and body, which enjoyed the beauty of the past, there was dew.

The dew that fell on the meadow and dangling shimmering asterisks on grasses, not only is able to preserve the beauty, rejuvenate and heal the body. After all, the majority of medicinal herbs there, the same yarrow, motherwort, valerian, shepherd's purse, and many others, they contain a great number of substances beneficial to the human body and of its healing properties they convey ROSAM.

Rosa with motherwort can gather and drink in cardiovascular diseases, mildew mint calms the nerves, and yarrow with almost all the internal organs.

But our grandmother bathed in dew. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a girl or woman, dragged along the grass early in the morning. Although if you have herbs at their summer cottage and the site is not visible neighbors, it can afford to spend a mermaid and swim in the morning dew. From several of these procedures the skin look younger and noticeably acquire soft satin appearance.

 Treatment dews
   Most healing considered Kupala dew falls on Midsummer (from 6 to July 7). It's the height of summer, while the lush flowering herbs.

Dew is particularly useful in warm dry weather. Dew that fell in the morning sun dries up, and flowers and leaves of plants are substances that she learned in the evening and morning. New dew dissolve these substances, and if she wash or bathe, the healthier the whole body, especially the skin.

In the old days the grass is rolled naked. Women who managed to get old for a long time, belonged to Kupala night in the dewy thickets of willow-herb, and there tried to get wet through, and those that are bolder, got into the thicket of naked, shook off mauve flowers fragrant drops of dew and washed the body. Water balls rolled on the skin, cold and appeasing not only the body but also the spirit. So swimming in rosah it is also strengthening the nervous system. For the nerves especially good dew, taken on the new moon with chamomile field.

But if you do not want or you can not lie on the grass in the morning, you can spread out the sheets on the grass, and when it gets wet, turn it after a shower and stay in dewy sheet 7-10 minutes.

Kupala dew collected by our ancestors for the future, which dragged on the grass linen, squeezed it into a clean container and add to alcohol.

Similarly, you can make and keep in the refrigerator for a magical agent, rubbing their faces in the morning and adding ice to wipe the face. You can add and herbal decoction.

 Treatment dews
 And any dew, but only in the country, in a clean place, can be collected in a mug, glass, flicking them grass, flowers, twigs, flowers. Part of dew can be frozen, add part lotions portion preserve with an alcohol, cork and stored in the refrigerator.

Masks with dew:

- Moisturizing
Grate 1 apple, add ½ teaspoon of dew. Apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse pad soaked with dew. Wash is not necessary.

- Rejuvenating mask
To 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice to add 1-2 drops of rose essential oil and ½ teaspoon of dew. Apply on the face with your fingers or a brush for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with a swab soaked in dew.

- The mask makes the skin velvety
1 teaspoon dried chamomile boil ½ cup of boiled water, 20 minutes, drain, cool to warm, add 2 teaspoons of dew. Soak in a solution of cheesecloth, folded in several layers and apply on face for 20-25 minutes. Wash is not necessary.

Massage the scalp with dew makes thick and bushy hair, dandruff disappears, and there is a lively bright shine.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva