Water and movement - all you need for harmony and youth
 While no one doubts the benefits of water, and the benefits of exercise, few can boast the fact that the commitment to comply with these simple secrets of slenderness and youth. Maybe you did something wrong? And so there is no effect of the two Councils?

Water: drink cold or warm?
About favor of eight glasses of water a day like controversy ended. Although there are from time to time are skeptics who say that it is sufficient that water that we consume, along with coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables. May be it is so. But remember to start with, how much you eat fruits and vegetables. Probably not as much as we would like. Secondly, do not forget the caffeine, which is present in tea and coffee. Caffeine is known to dehydrate, so you should not think about increasing cups of coffee a day, and for compensation for drinking water cups of caffeine-containing beverages. Then, every woman is able to observe the changes that occur to the skin and hair, as she drinks enough water.

Now the big question: what kind of water is more useful - hot or cold? A few years ago I traveled to Japan, then to Hong Kong and China. They adhere to the Chinese women rule: to moisturize the body after a night's sleep, the first glass of water should be warm, the temperature equal to body temperature (ie, 30 to 40 degrees Celsius). After already having arrived home, not once seen as Chinese and Japanese restaurants, bought in warm water. Now many Europeans adhere warm water, especially in the morning. It wakes up the metabolism and helps to lunch is easier to digest, almost 30 minutes.

 Water and movement - all you need for harmony and youth
   Those women who began to start your day with a cup of warm water, noticed that no longer fat. In addition to accelerating the digestive system, a glass of warm water in the morning is necessary to moisten and cleanse the body after sleep. After all, the horizontal position of the body for a long time been the accumulation of toxins. Sometimes the water can add a slice of lemon to taste.

Try also required to drink a glass of water when you come home after work. This will help prevent overeating and relieve fatigue.

If you do fitness, in the days when the train, you need to consume more water. It is also true that the work of the brain needs plenty of water, it is not difficult to check - once you're at work to drink enough water, will immediately notice better concentration and freshness of thought.

 Water and movement - all you need for harmony and youth
 Move: how much and when?
Women who do not get fat, do not necessarily spend grueling workout in the fitness rooms. Quite the contrary. Europeans, and especially the slender Frenchwoman, recently left a comfortable car at home or in the parking lot, and do all your day try to walk or go by bike, the benefit abroad quite a lot of places where you can rent a bike, just a couple of hours . There is even a saying that "French go on foot wherever they may be." Agree, very affordable option activity!

Therefore, the question "how much you need to move? "The answer is obvious:" a lot! ". However, the activity should be moderate. Walking in this sense is the best solution. There is even such a direction as a tourist walking - a combination of pleasure and walk. Supporters of Nordic walking for more than 15 million. It is those who do not pace yourself for sports, and enjoy it. Walking Tour - it's the same hiking (hiking or cycling), when people somewhere are not intended simply to go for weight loss, but to get a new experience. There are routes for gourmet (in search of a cafe or new dishes), there is an art routes, it's like the open air, so that somewhere in the stop to draw the landscape, there are historical tours, cultural. Recently gaining popularity just walking for reflection and observation of nature.

This walking burns calories 20% more than regular walking. Experts say that the load becomes less visible, and not exhausting, because you walk with a purpose not related to fitness.

It seems that many of our daily activities can be attributed to the form of the tourist walk is shopping on foot, lifting up the stairs with no elevator, walk the dog. Stresses there is little, but there is an effect toned and slim figure. And a lot of time saved. Indeed, why go specifically to trainers? We are not machines, to think only of the muscles, and we can combine several cases.

 Water and movement - all you need for harmony and youth
 Walking: how?
If we have convinced you to start a lot of walking, you should act according to a definite plan, the movement was a joy and a pleasure.

Walking - a great solution for those who want to lose weight, because from the very start of training you will lose weight by at least a kilogram each week. This sparing load for the joints, as well as a good training of the cardiovascular system (especially when walking fast).

Offer two ways to make walking for a day longer:

1. Add walking to their regular classes. For example, make a part of the road walking to work. If you work at home, half an hour after dinner, it is also useful to walk (which is good for digestion). In a week you need to add at least 3 hours of walking, then become lose weight.

2. Try to go where you used to be. Many people mistakenly believe that the strength we need to save, and extra steps do not to get tired. Review this approach. If you come to a meeting and have to wait (friend, a doctor in the clinic, colleague, etc.), do not stand or sit. Spend waiting in traffic. There is a rule "100 steps". This means that the wait will be much faster if you make 100 steps. A reward - not just the end of expectations, but also weight loss.

Walking, of course, is much easier than to begin to engage in the gym. But here you need to follow some principles that does not hurt. So for exploring the city should:

- Avoid congested traffic streets, the crowds - a walking rhythm when jumping, nerves tense, not good for the health of walking in such conditions will bring.
- Walking with heavy bags - it's not great for training, the spine is overloaded, and mostly negative emotions.
- Do not walk in high heels. And sneakers are also not very suitable for walking around the city in their hot, and they are not suited to the city together.
- Shoes - Low boots laced to the leg they were stable. And it fits almost any style.
- When walking posture is very important: keep your back straight, chin up, as if you want something to consider in the distance. But from time to time and look at his feet. Shoulders are relaxed, laid back and chest slightly forward. Poor posture while walking - a pain in the back and neck, a weight loss is already here!
- Always carry water to drink during long walks.

Look around, enjoy the freedom, think of pleasant things - it will strengthen your desire to continue walking classes. Good luck!
Author: Your Tamara