Fashion Forecast - 2009
 On the events of 2009 will be influenced by two main trends. The first - a continuation of the theme of struggle of old and new, which led to the crisis in 2008. It is clear that the crisis will not end just like that, and we are waiting for the exciting new twists in politics and economics, as well as in personal life.

The second trend - it is something new and very interesting. Something is ready to break into our lives by changing our attitudes, interests, tastes and desires. Many people this will be perceived as a fresh wind of change, especially given the challenges of the ongoing crisis. People are once again talking about freedom, about the ideals of humanism and democracy. Promptly respond to changes and trends in fashion. So fashion.

In fashion back pure colors, especially white, blue, silver, the more complex shades - purple, beige and bright neon shades. Do not hand over positions of gray and black. Topical would hippie style and country, and along with them - a sort of urban pohodno- - faded jeans, long stretched sweaters, loose shirts, big pockets, holes and slots in unexpected places, hoods, skirts, trousers and a wide skirt length to mid-calf or Max.
Young people, students, high school students, intellectuals and informal will dictate the major trends that are often spontaneous and not what offer luxury fashion houses, slightly behind the times .  Welcome to handmade, asymmetry, unusual .  It may be that men come into vogue long hair, and among women - ultra-short, or a combination of different lengths of hair in a hairstyle .  Unisex again become one of the favorite among those who want to keep up with the times .  In addition, the actual will of neo-romanticism, mystic city, stylish negligence .  New items fashion surprise some formlessness on one side and an unpredictable mix of styles - other .  Some people will be difficult to navigate the current trends and the older generation, most likely, they will not accept .  We can say with confidence that it will look the most impressive person who is not afraid to experiment, can be unexpected and original, inventive and free from templates .  And for sure - in fashion are those who have a good sense of humor .

What 2009 will bring representatives of different zodiac signs and what style is to stick to look fashionable, confident, adequate and, moreover, to have success in this difficult time?

Look "comme il faut" help friends. The wider and more diverse your circle of friends, the more interesting and original, you'll be able to dress and comb. And in general - the stars advise you to get rid of templates. Look for places where previously not looked bolder and try not be afraid to experiment - the success is sure to come. By the way, note the hippie style.

Taurus professional advice does not hurt. This is the time when it is desirable to work on the image of a serious and thoughtful. Seeing the reaction of others, you will realize that it was worth it. Separately, it is good to think about the appearance, in which you appear at work. Your image in 2009 should be a little more strict and serious. That's your zodiac sign will look fresh and relevant in classic clothing.

Representatives of your sign are waiting for interesting discoveries abroad. While on a business trip or a tourist trip, be sure to pay tribute to shopping. In general, you now approach something more expensive, prestigious, high-quality. You can even afford some excesses on the part of jewelry or fashion accessories. If people heads turn, then failed hairstyle and outfit quite successful. Those who do not like pathos, fit the image of a traveler, always ready to break a long journey.

Something must change, and radically and deeply. Perhaps you need to lose weight (to recover), may - to radically change hair color, or need to work on the voice and look. Decide for yourself. One thing is for sure - you need more serious changes than changes in the makeup, hair and clothes. Some cancers can come unexpectedly image vamp.

For advice on the appearance refer to the spouse or the person with whom you have close and trusting relationship. Generally, in the coming year Lioness worth the time to look back at the people - namely, to the social circle in which you strive to get. And look properly just need to be successful. You can not go wrong if you make a bet on elegance. The lady, whose taste is impeccable - this is the feeling must remain with the others from your appearance.

Virgin will not go far, and find all the fashion trends at work. Colleagues, business partners, visitors and customers - that someone will be able to get new ideas, borrow some interesting solutions. You should not overdo it on the part of the luxury and splendor. Modesty, accuracy and ease you did not hurt. The image of an active business woman - this is what you need in the coming year.

Libra in 2009, is dressed more brightly and festively. You should note, and you, in turn, are obliged to enchant all. Your image in this year should look through something royal, must be an element of glamor, glamor, something bohemian. By the way, do not turn a deaf ear tips of a loved one, it will tell you how to look your best.

Scorpions will find reasonable grains in the words of someone from relatives - those who live with them under one roof and sees them every day. Council of stars - look yourself in the romantic style. A little bit of naivety and spontaneity you now can not hurt. If it does not your style, then most likely you will pull a conservative variant or retro style. Or maybe you do not dedicate their inspiration itself, and his own home. Invite a fashion designer and a good work on the interior - another vital topic of the year.

Archers without problems will find everything you need for a perfect appearance. New items fashion themselves will go into your hands. In general, you should pay special attention to everyday wardrobe. Too pompous clothing is unlikely to be for you to face this year. The most appropriate option - something the youth, student, sports. Jeans and sneakers - a must.

Capricorns will be strongly tempted to put on as many gowns to hang the most expensive jewelry, sprayed with the most expensive perfume. Look, do not overdo it. Luxury is good in moderation, and certainly it should not annoy others. Prefer quality things made of natural materials, pay attention to comfort and practicality. Your style of 2009 - a style of secured and sober man.

Aquarians themselves will dictate fashion. Many representatives of this sign will feel the talent of the designer, fashion designer, make-up artist and stylist. For you it is a time when you can not listen to the advice of professionals, and to try to find a new image of yourself. Think, create, experiment, reveals and emphasizes their individuality - this is your year!

Fish showed some indifference to fashion trends. However, at times you will look very stylish and modern, but as if by accident, nothing much to do without. It is also a kind of talent. The most suitable for you style- mysterious, sensual and slightly decadent person, seeking inspiration in the images, in the long-gone past, or in their own dreams.

Author:   astrologer Ekaterina Tikhonova,