Fashion forecast for March
 March - the month of expectations. We are waiting for the spring come into its own and you can finally throw boring boots and coats and try something new, fresh, bought specially for the new season.

Unfortunately, in March this year, the stars are not advised to run headlong into stores. The probability of error is too large purchases. But reconsider her wardrobe, to rummage in the closet, try to combine the new toilets in the existing things - this is very important.

Approximately the same is the case with our hairstyles. A new haircut or hair coloring will be more or less successful only during the first 4 - 5 days a month during the rest of his hair is best left alone. Let your hair grow calm myself until the second half of April. Those who did not wait something to do with it, can risk in the period from 1 to 15 March. Haircuts and make all our new clothes purchased at the time will vary with originality and extravagance "on the brink of a foul." Leave me in all this month on the street, commercials, and a half - the big question.

Now tips for fashionistas on the Zodiac:

Aries   will be a little toned and only in the third decade of March to wake up from hibernation. In choosing a trendy new things guided by your own taste. And by the way, remember, what ideas you have visited in the past - maybe they are now relevant again?

In Taurus   too many new plans, meetings and events to keep up to follow the fashion. In terms of working on their own style you should take a break and walk until that is. Changes to the image desired.

The most important concern Twins   - Professional. In this dress, haircut and color in this month, you can completely unpredictable than surely surprise colleagues and superiors. Do not overdo it, and then you will not understand.

Crayfish   will feel great. Luck is on your side. In terms of style, prefer the classics. With its black and white colors.

Lions   They may at times feel "at ease". Only after March 20, you will please those around her new spring lion's roar. Dress poshikarnee, now you should not pretend to be a gray mouse.

Virgin   will seek to society. Loneliness in March is not for you. By the way, positive changes in personal relationships. If you are going on shopping, do not take too much money, and spend it all at first, and then regret it.

To Libra   the first month of spring will be full of worries, troubles and changes at work. When choosing new things important to you not to hurry. Taste, you know, can fail. Take advisors her boyfriend.

Scorpions   waiting for a lot of pleasant moments. Many representatives of this sign are lucky in love. Dress can practical and catchy - it is not important. Makeup too low. Better a healthy complexion and charming smile.

Archers   They are concerned about making a living. If provided with the rear, and then we can think about beauty. Basically, you'll be to face. You can experiment with the red, blue and shades of gray metal.

Capricorns   in all cases traveling, meetings. It is not necessary to give up now from the usual things, and you will feel uncomfortable. If you go to the shops still hunting, buy something for the house.

Aquarians   more concerned about financial issues. However, seen on the cover of the magazine business pant suit can become your dream. Beloved man hint that now you need a new watch or a mobile phone.

Fish   from purchases can not resist, especially at the end of the month. Do not listen to advice, especially sellers in the store. Trust your intuition. There may be a desire to do something radical with the hair. Take your time.
Author: Ekaterina Tikhonova