Fashion forecast for February
 Our tastes and desires in February, will be radically different from January. I want something new, even revolutionary. Many people come up with the idea of ​​changing the image.

In general, there will be a tendency towards a brighter and, at the same time, a more specific appearance. Relevant be sporting, military, marching motives.

clothing   should not be complicated unnecessary details, it must be comfortable. Trousers skirts preferable, but if a skirt, it is better to short. Latest T-shirt or shirt with a big, challenging, provocative picture. There is some appropriate aggression, war attributes, portraits of revolutionaries or charismatic leaders, images of predators and so on. D. By the way, with animal-themed prints may become relevant again, especially colors of leopard, tiger, lion, cheetah, lynx. The most current colors - red, white, silver, black.

AT decorations   will be welcomed by a gray metal of the stones - ruby, garnet, zircon, heliotrope, onyx, hematite, red jasper.

AT make-up   two options. Or expressive and contrast - red lipstick, black eyelashes, light skin. Or - a healthy ruddy or slightly tanned face without a trace of makeup.

ABOUT spirits . They can be edgy, like cologne for men. Well suited smells of citrus, hot spices, bitter herbs. Another option - light and fresh smell, natural and natural in its simplicity.

Do not forget about general style of behavior . Gait must be swift, opinion - direct and open traffic - quickly and confidently. Only then will the general feeling prevailing adequate image.

Aries   will be occupied by new projects in February. Boldly experimenting in search of a new image and more trust their own taste.

In Taurus   career changes are planned. The element of refined sophistication in the way you now can not hurt. But for the latest in fashion is not worth chasing.

Gemini   catch the tail of luck! Emphasize that in his guise of independence and originality.

Cancers   at times a little uncomfortable. To feel more stable, give preference to classics and dark tones.

Lions   Now it is important to appeal to potential partners. Wear bright, catchy, but with taste. Use expensive perfume.

In Dev   It will be a lot of work. You do not get too hung up on their appearance. The main thing - convenience.

Libra   waiting a month of holidays, fun, flirting and pleasures. His wardrobe is attention to detail.

Scorpions   overcome household chores. It makes sense to go shopping in search of practical things for the whole family.

Streltsov   We are waiting for the mass meetings, travel and communication of all kinds. Your style should be felt your unique individuality.

Capricorns   to solve many material issues. Your style in February - possibly conservative, but do not overdo it with dark tones.

Aquarians   will draw attention to themselves by all possible means. Be sure to try something new - and in the clothing and makeup.

Things Fishes   go themselves. If you want to please someone, it is not necessary to experiment. Prefer things of high quality with well thought-out style.
Author: Ekaterina Tikhonova