Fashion forecast for January
 Patroness of beauty, Venus is almost the whole of January will be in Pisces, which adds elegance to all women, elevated tenderness and romance. Now is not the time for radical changes in the image. Rather, we want to come back to something old, proven, comfortable, and quiet at the same time. There are no sharp contrasts, too flashy styles and bright colors!

A sense of proportion should not have to fail. Latest soft colors, smooth transitions, flowing fabrics, soft lines. Your form must be some mystery, innuendo. Even Venus in Pisces loves the warmth and comfort. Soft-fitting knitted sweaters and scarves and long skirts, knitted dresses, fur mittens, and so on.. All this is not shameful to wear, and very timely, especially in the middle of winter.

Particular attention shoe. It has to be perfect. Firstly, the elegant, high-quality and stylish, secondly, always clean. And most importantly - how comfortable and soft slippers. It is understood that in January slush all this is difficult, but we must somehow contrive.
The hairstyles - complete anarchy! The main thing - that was nice. And even increased shaggy, if competently beat, it will come down. And if you can stand the style, so it does great.

Now let's look at how to be able to find your style this is the representatives of the different characters.

Aries   from fashion in January far. Dress will be as necessary, sometimes - quite successfully. Intuition - your main ally in choosing the correct direction.

Taurus   It should look for new solutions. Hurry to apply their findings are not worth it. Think of all the parties, consult with your best friends - the spring is just ripe for change.

Gemini Do not be too dogmatic and one-sided. Fashion - this is not a pattern. Look for beauty and harmony, not copy pictures from a fashion magazine. If the interview is coming to a new job, try to look perfect.

Crayfish Than you will be more beautiful dress, the more confident start to feel. Because, really try. In January you can afford a little more jewelry, perfume little more, a little more makeup. Do not be modest, albeit often everyone will pay attention to you.

Lioness   at the beginning of the year may be maximalist. All or nothing! Or equipment at the highest level, or complete indifference to their appearance. The middle ground is hard to find. But it will be able to give up the toilet articles that are not really yours.

Virgos   It is to ask friends, what they think about their appearance. Not bad also look around - what is, in general, people go. Just not all the people, namely those who you like, who wants to be. Tips favorite perceive as the recommendations of the best stylist in the world.

Libra   fashion fit pragmatically. There was a desire for a certain rigor and coldness. While shopping increased criticality will not buy too much. Perhaps it's for the better.

Scorpions   low startup. They itch in January to try on anything that is or hanging on a hanger. If shopping, then to complete the program if the hike to the party, you should be queen!

Sagittarius   somehow not up to fashion. Apparently, after the New Year will want to take a timeout. Now is the time to dig into their closets and look for something pose, posture, last year. Oddly enough, you'll like it. And if only someone tries to make a criticism!

Capricorns   in January, wants to draw attention to himself. After this month, many of them birthday. Most likely, you have a marathon shopping. But, oddly enough, the most successful will not buy dressy and casual and business wear.

Aquarians   suddenly become too choosy. You can not please everyone. You will be served with pearl buttons, the same, but without wings. In fact, your very in January is what the hand itself stretches. If the body is comfortable and warm, comfortable and dry feet, and his eyes look nice, then you have found what you were looking for.

Fishes   January is given for trial and error. You can even take a chance and change something in their appearance. The main thing - do not listen to others, guided only by their personal taste.

Author:   astrologer Ekaterina Tikhonova, [email protected] /* */