Alicia Silverstone: what force vegetarianism
 Alicia Silverstone is now known as an actress, but early in his career, she was a model. To work in show business pushed her father, who made a series of shots of her daughter in a swimsuit, and that was the formation of young model in commercials and TV clips.

Among the first works - shooting Silverstone in music videos American band Aerosmith. For some time it was even called "the girl from Aerosmith."

 Alicia Silverstone: what force vegetarianism

Alicia debuted on screen in the film "Passion without reciprocity", after which it began a successful career in the film industry. For his role in the same film at the MTV Movie Awards, she received two prizes: "Discovery of the Year" and "best villain." The next breakthrough was the role in the movie "Clueless," for which she also won awards: "Best women's work" and "most desirable woman." Properly peer into her beautiful eyes: they are crafty and cunning, sweet and captivating at the same time.

Then the life of the actress rolled downhill. After a not very successful game in the movie "Batman and Robin", for which she was criticized, Alicia began to deny the shooting because of excess weight. No, she was not fat, but do not fit into the standards of the main characters.

 Alicia Silverstone: what force vegetarianism
 In 2004, for her role in the TV series "Miss Match," Alicia was nominated for the "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Actress in a Comedy Series." She refused to appear naked and demanded to give her underwear for scenes in which the plot it was to be nude.

In the piggy bank turned a few more films, while Alicia is known as a participant shares the protection of animals and a vegan. Go to vegetarianism Silverstone has decided not at once. Most likely, the actress led to this criticism of her figure. Later, the organization of "Reta» (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has recognized Alicia sexiest vegetarian.

 Alicia Silverstone: what force vegetarianism
 Silverstone Average menu consists of vegetables, fruits, cereals and soy products. She used to have for breakfast porridge with honey and drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice, for lunch eat salad and pear for lunch - a bowl of pea soup, fruit salad and tofu for dinner - almonds, raisins and peach.

With the transition to this type of food, Alicia changed - her hair and skin began to radiate health and, as noted by the actress herself, her sleep improved. But became more popular unloading vegetarian diet Alicia Silverstone , Calculate the total for 3 days:

The first day: Breakfast - grapefruit juice (fresh) - 170 ml, oatmeal with milk (preferably soy) - 1 cup;
Lunch - steamed vegetables - 170 g, 1/2 of the portion of boiled beans;
Dinner - boiled rice - 200 grams of cheese - 100 grams of mushrooms - 100 grams, green beans - 100 g;
For dessert - cakes with rice - 2 pieces, jam - 2 spoons, tea.

Second day: Breakfast - Pancakes with fresh strawberries - 2 pieces;
Lunch - vegetarian soup, boiled corn - 1 unit, a portion of fruit salad;
Dinner - serving of vegetable salad, pizza with mozzarella cheese - 2 pieces;
Dessert - plum (can other fruits) and sherbet.

Day Three: Breakfast - bran bread with low-fat cheese - 2 slices, tea or juice;
Lunch - steamed vegetables and rye bread;
Dinner - Stuffed peppers with rice and vegetables - 2 pieces, boiled broccoli;
Dessert - Fresh strawberries and low-fat yogurt - 1 cup.

With such a vegetarian diet once the weight is lost due to the fact that the food you eat foods that are low in fat. According to Alicia herself, between a low-calorie diet, you can lose three days of 2-3 kg.

In 2005 the actress married longtime friend Christopher Dzhaker, and in May this year gave them the fate of the boy. During pregnancy Alicia gained 10 extra kilos to lose that helped her grandmother. She sat on the board of the actress apple diet. Apples as a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, and 7-8 apples a day cover the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Apple diet   very simple and effective - 7 days minus 6-7 kg. All you need is willpower and a bag of apples. Plus, drinking water and non-carbonated green tea without restrictions. Menu: 1st day - 1 kg, the second - 1, 5 kg, 3rd - 2 kg, 4th - 2 kg, further reduction in the rate, Day 5 - 1, 5 kg, 6 th - 1, 5 kg and 7 th day - 1 kg of apples. Before starting the diet is recommended to visit a doctor for advice.

 Alicia Silverstone: what force vegetarianism
 If you do not need a diet, you can arrange fasting days 300 g of grated apples every 3 hours, which is about 1, 5 kg per day, plus an unlimited amount of liquid. Due to the discharge day on apples from the body are derived toxins, so preventing these days can hold 1-2 times a month.

Alicia Silverstone has published its own guide on the possibility of rapid weight loss - the book «The Kind Diet» (or «A good diet"), in which she has collected many recipes for vegetarian dishes (75 pieces) and described the three diet programs for weight loss. Alicia believes that veganism can not only feel fitter, healthier and sexier, but also able to save our planet and its inhabitants.
Author: Alesya Marchenko