Demi Moore: the secret of beauty and harmony is so simple!
 In November this year, the famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore turns 49 years old. In it's still hard to believe, looking at the burning charming brunette, played more than 90 roles, became the mother of three girls and beautiful women in 2005 for the third time married to a comedian who is younger than her 16 years.

Real name actresses - Demetria Guinness. Moore surname she had left from her first husband - a rock musician Freddie Moore and did not change it when married to actor Bruce Willis. And, despite the fact that in 2007 the film star has officially changed its name to the new, Kutcher, the world knows it, and will know how to Demi Moore.

Demi Moore has placed in your life priorities in the first place the children and the husband, in the second - acting career. But in the latter case, it achieves an incredible victories and world fame. A successful and well-known actress, caring mother, a loving wife and beautiful woman.

 Demi Moore: the secret of beauty and harmony is so simple!
 How she manages to combine the many complex roles, because life is - this is not a movie? In real life it is impossible to guess what will happen tomorrow, because one not previously write the script for you. In real life difficult to make the right decision and make a move, because there is always a risk of disappointment. And in real life we ​​do not always fall asleep and wake up with bright makeup as it does with the heroines of feature films.

At this age, have refined the figure makes it possible not to everyone. But Demi Moore does not hide his secret harmony - This power supply system . Indeed, nothing surprising in this, because every woman at least once in life thought about the correctness of his power, and half of us stuck to any diets. Demi prefers the raw food diet, although it does not adhere as strictly as many raw foodists - food raw represent about 75% of the diet. Basic food - sprouted grains and herbs, nuts, dried fruit, a salad of tomatoes, asparagus and avocado, tea with mint and citrus juices.

From special tricks Demi Moore may be noted chilli, which it adds to the food to stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat and tomato cocktail tomatoes because most low-calorie vegetables. From sweet actress prefers frozen juice from the cherries without sugar.

 Demi Moore: the secret of beauty and harmony is so simple!
 Main menu Demi Moore :

Breakfast - wheat germ - 3 grains, pumpkin seeds, almonds - 50g, fruit salad without dressing - 150 g and skim milk - 200 ml;

Dinner - lentils - 50g, olive oil, and coleslaw, avocado and tomatoes - 100 g, mint tea - 1 cup;

Dinner - vegetable soup - ½ servings, sunflower seeds - 20 grams, warm asparagus salad and pine nuts - 100 g and fresh raspberries.

Throughout the day, the actress drink unlimited amounts of water and fresh juices. To drink from the package set a negative. Do not consume sweets and white bread.

It is important and interesting!   Of course, in the raw food diet, plus a marked - no need to cook, and the food is to the body has a number of positive effects, including the purification of the body and getting rid of the extra kilos .  But before we go on a raw food diet, you should familiarize yourself with the reverse side of the coin-not much harm you imagine eventually .  Of particular danger causing raw meat and fish, which the digestive system is not used to from birth, and from which it can get a variety of parasites, including Salmonella .  Therefore, when buying raw meat and fish, ensure their quality and freshness .  Today, in many countries, open restaurants, which serve only raw .  They are especially popular in Japan, which offers raw fish, octopus, squid and even chicken .  These products can not be any frost or heat treatment .  Their slightly cooled and then prepared with various sauces, and sometimes it is difficult to guess what they are actually raw . 

 Demi Moore: the secret of beauty and harmony is so simple!
 Besides food Demi Moore pays attention and physical effects on your figure - swimming, pilates and yoga. She believes that you need to play sports without fanaticism, but completely exclude it from your life is impossible. About 2-3 hours a day - walking with your favorite dogs.

It should be noted, as beautiful and young looking skin actress. According to Demi, it's important to protect your skin from direct sunlight and keep track of its daily cleansing and moisturizing, so it uses only high-quality cosmetics.

 Demi Moore: the secret of beauty and harmony is so simple!
 Because not many decorative uses. But dark skin and black actress dyed her long hair and no makeup. For her hair is too reverent attitude. Demi ensures that the tips are not flogged, and once a week does scalp massage at the salon.

Irresistible and bright personality Demi Moore for his incredible appearance defies time and age. And it can make every woman!
Author: Alesya Marchenko