Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - she is incredibly noticeable lately. Participation in advertising campaigns of brands with a worldwide reputation, gloss cover, shows and photo shoots ... You might not notice it does not. Do you want to have the same shape as that of Rose? "Nothing is easier," - says personal trainer James Duigan model.

James is known in the fashion environment, he consults the stars, develops systems for their exercise and nutrition system.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Among his clients, except Rose - Elle Macpherson, model and actress, who at the age of 40, easily competes with young models.

So advice on how to make the shape of the star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her personal trainer consultant .

1. Concentrate on a thorough chewing.
Such a council, we have heard from you more than once, right? But somehow the argument that it is more beneficial for the digestive system and teeth, we somehow did not inspire. What about pohudatelnogo effect? First, a thorough chewing of food leads to the result that we eat less. And it's a proven fact. People who chew every bite 40 times, resulting ate 12% less food than those who eat fast food and chews only 15 times.

There is also another poll, according to which obese noted that each time faster and eat less food is chewed. James Duigan explains that long chewing prevents overeating, giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is already full. The stomach needs about 20 minutes to realize that it is filled. "It is very easy, but such an effective weight loss secret" - says the coach Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 2. Eat within an hour of waking up in the morning.
Clinically proven that people who skip breakfast are less prone to obesity than those who do not eat breakfast. This is because in the morning digestive system works well. And all of that will be eaten for breakfast, it will be successfully processed. This advice is also based on a study in which it was found that people who eat breakfast for half the daily calories, lost twice as much fat than those who ate breakfast more modestly.

"Always eat within the first hour after waking up in the morning" - advises James. "After spending the whole night without eating, your body is ready for refueling. Disclaimer breakfast slows metabolism and can lead to the fact that you will have to pull for dessert. And the result will be a gradual increase in weight. "

In addition, according to experts, it has a value of what we have breakfast. The first meal determines that your body will want to end the day. So avoid sugary cereals, pastries, make healthy choices. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is eating breakfast in the main animal protein, such as eggs or smoked salmon.

3. During meals, focus on the food.
Doing other things at the dinner table, we are not giving the brain to get the signal about saturation of the stomach. Incidentally, this problem is particularly true for women, since they often combine several things at once. Many of us are in the process of eating can simultaneously talk on the phone, listen to music, watch TV, even social networking. All these things, combined with the meal can be the main cause of excess weight! For example, a study at Bristol University directly confirms this. According to the experience of scientists, people who are somewhat distracted while eating, ate twice as much than those which incidentally did not do anything.

James Duigan advises its clients the better not to pay any attention to other matters in the course of the meal. And if you have to combine lunch or dinner with something else, be sure to monitor the amount of food.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 4. Eat more raw food, and learn to cook on the grill.
Be scrupulous to what you eat. If you are not getting enough nutrients, your body does not feel the saturation of food, appetite increases, we have to have more. The main advice from James: Make sure that at least half of the contents of your plate - a product in its raw form.

"If you have a sensitive digestive tract, which can not cope with raw food, remember the basic rule: the less time you spend cooking, the more nutrients it will" - says James Duigan. Cook for a couple, blanch, bake in the grill - is a great way to prepare vegetables, meat and fish. Avoid microwave cooking - studies have shown that it can destroy up to 97% of the antioxidants found in fruits.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 5. Eat fruit at the beginning of the meal.
Fruits contain simple sugars, which destroy the enzymes needed to digest food. In addition, they are very quickly digested. We need about 30 minutes to process fruit, while the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins need to 2 hours. Thus, when the fruits are eaten at the end of the meal, they do not properly digest foods rich in fat, protein and starch. That is why there are various troubles with digestion, bloating, etc., Because the fruit sugar is fermented, makes it difficult digestion.

James Duigan recommends eating fruits 30 minutes before a meal, never eat fruit after a meal or combine with proteins and carbohydrates.

6. Do not eat after 8 pm.
In the evening, all the metabolic processes slow down, and your body is almost ready for bed. Energy is small, there is lethargy. It is in this state is easy to fall into the trap. Because you want something that gives you energy and improves mood. And this ice cream, potato chips or cookies. Their evening body is unable to recycle! As a result, all the calories are in the form of fat.

But if it is very difficult to put itself on starvation rations in the evening, be sure to make sure that the evening snacks do not contain carbohydrates. Instead of chocolate is best to drink freshly brewed green tea.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 7. Eat less during times of stress.
When you are nervous, somewhat concerned, you are under stress, the metabolism is difficult, and most eaten goes into fat. No matter how hard to control myself in this state, but have to remember that in stressful times it is especially important that you eat.

Choose a soup or porridge in such moments. And just forget the rule about raw foods. Because, when the body is struggling with stress, it needs more energy, and processing of raw products require an order of magnitude more power. So under stress it shows easily digestible food.

8. Eat sliced ​​products.
It will surprise you, but it turns out when we eat sliced ​​products, reducing consumption by 20%. In addition, scientists have calculated that the amount of food on the plate is reduced by 27% when we cut products than ever lay a large piece. That is, you can greatly reduce the amount of food consumed, and did not notice it.

A small portion of food allow more attention to the process itself, it helps not to be distracted from the food (remember the advice 3).

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 9. Eat little and often.
More than 5 hours without eating - it's bad for the body. Firstly, it is stress, and secondly, more chances to overeat or consume the wrong foods.

In times of stress is always release of the hormone cortisol. The scientists have already proved that cortisol leads to weight gain around the waist and abdomen. Routine does not allow the food vary greatly in the level of blood sugar, which in turn provokes us to eating sweets, and even large amounts of food.

Try to eat little and often to prevent the fall of energy throughout the day.

10. Change your attitude to the consumption of water.
The rule that you should drink 8 glasses daily, led to what we have learned to like to consume a lot of water. But equally important is not only how much you drink, but how and when you drink.

Dehydration - indeed, a serious test for the organism. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. But do not drink water during meals. Digestion It makes more difficult and leads to bloating. Because of the fluid slows down digestion since the gastric juices and enzymes are diluted. And the absorption of nutrients from food becomes less efficient. And still felt fermentation in the stomach, bloating, gas formation.

Drink water 15 minutes before eating and 15 minutes after. If you need water during meals, limit a couple of small sips.

11. Do not eat protein with starchy carbohydrates.
The combination of protein with starchy carbohydrates (this pasta, rice, bread) slows down the absorption of carbohydrates themselves. In addition, it is reducing the rate at which energy is released from the sugar in blood. This leads to a sharp rise in insulin, and cravings for sweet dishes.

 Diet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Author: Vasilisa Cousin