Make-up Paris Hilton
 You can love or hate Paris Hilton, but you can not deny her charm. Of course, most of what she has to get her inheritance, but the Paris could achieve a lot: it can not only show themselves, but also devote time to the work. In addition, despite the turbulent social life, it is easy to communicate with friends and luxury to the public. Stylist Deborah Grayson tell you how to look like the owner of a vast empire.

Step 1. Start standing with eye makeup. Apply a little tonal resources forever, then use a dark pencil.

Step 2.   With the help of liquid eyeliner can be very effectively isolate the upper lash line. This method allows you to focus on the eyes, making it look incredibly deep.

STEP 3.   Using the same eyeliner, to highlight the lower lash line for a symmetrical manner.

Step 4.
  With oval brush with soft bristles spread the light shade so that each crease century was dyed.

Step 5.   Apply a silver shade with sequins top light. This will give an additional charm and elegant look.

Step 6.   Paint the upper and lower lashes with black ink.

Step 7.   Spread a light foundation to hide dark circles under the eyes.

Step 8.   Spread peach or light pink cream blush so that the cheeks were pale.

Step 9.   At the end of makeup, apply a moisturizing lip gloss on.