Milla Jovovich and Diet Harley Pasternak
 Milla Jovovich - The well-known American actress, behind which a long track record of roles in action films and blockbusters, career models, fashion designer and singer in the band Plastic Has Memory.

Milica Bogdanovna as it was named at birth, along with his girlfriend, model and actress Carmen Hawk created the brand and was released under the brand collection Jovovich-Hawk - for energetic, dynamic, stylish, modern women.

 Milla Jovovich and Diet Harley Pasternak

In his clothes Milla often reflects the style 40-60's, focusing on the bright and vivid colors. The very same actress does not consider himself a shopaholic and very comfortable with the acquisition of new things. But the style and elegance are present in Mille always, even during pregnancy.

 Milla Jovovich and Diet Harley Pasternak
   Her professional activities do not interfere with private life and the education of her daughter Ever Gabo, which Milla gave birth in 2007 by director Paul Anderson. Actually, from this period, and begin our story.

Through constant training, beauty treatments and nutrition, Milla has always been a beautiful and slim, and even now, its external data can be the envy of many. But during pregnancy, Milla really recovered - and pictures of plump actress quickly got into print and online media. But it is unlikely you will see the changes in her character, for example, in Alice from the movie "Resident Evil 4: Afterlife" (2010), or in the Hope of "Freaks" and Lady de Winter from "The Three Musketeers", which came out on wide screen this year. Remove excess weight Mille helped her personal trainer - Harley Pasternak.

The diet was not tight, but yielded positive results. Principle diet: 5 meals a day - three main meals and two snacks, wherein in each step must be available protein, fat, fiber, complex sugars and water. A diet based on the glycemic index, which is the sugar content in the blood. By monitoring this indicator can reveal how certain foods affect the human body.

Pasternak developed for individual menu Jovovich:

First breakfast: cereal porridge, cooked in skim milk, and tea;

Second breakfast: fresh apple, a slice of low-fat cheese and a glass of water;

Lunch: Chicken Salad (green leaves salad + chicken wings without the skin), tortillas (without the addition of wheat flour) and water;

Lunch: vegetables, steamed, dried meat of turkey and water;

Dinner: salmon, steamed, rice and green tea.

Pasternak developed for the actress not only diet menu, but also a complex exercise that Milla performed under the supervision of a trainer. The positive result did not take long - a few months Jovovich regained their former weight that the actress was before pregnancy.

 Milla Jovovich and Diet Harley Pasternak
 Special diet 5 factor + regular exercise = positive for improving the figure of Pasternak in 5 weeks. The author proposes to train for a simple system consisting of 5 physical exercises, designed for 5 minutes each, all of which will only take 25 minutes of your time.

But what is included in the proposed coach training course?
- Cardio (running, jumping rope, bike) - 5 minutes;
- Strength training (biceps swing, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) - 10 minutes;
- Abdominal exercises - 5 minutes;
- At the end of lessons jogging - 5 minutes.

 Milla Jovovich and Diet Harley Pasternak
 Effectiveness "Diets 5 factors" Harley Pasternak   evaluated and other Hollywood stars: Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, Benjamin Bratt, Alicia Keys and others. It is not surprising that his diet is liking a movie star. After all, the fact that the actors and singers, always busy on the set and the tour is very important, not only the most effective but also convenient technique. Pasternak tried to take into account all the nuances that his program had been spent minimal amount of time, meals for the diet prepared quickly and the available products, as well, so they can be prepared with the help of a small set of kitchen appliances and equipment, which can be found in the trailer.

If you want to try Pasternak diet, you do not necessarily stick to the menu Milla Jovovich. You can build your own diet, but based on the advice and the basic principles that are developed by the authors of the program. And, of course, do not forget about the complex daily exercise - 25 minutes a day and you're in good shape!
Author: Alesya Marchenko