Nicole Kidman: a secret harmony and youth
 She has it all: natural beauty, elegance and style, femininity and sexuality, inner strength and desire to win. She is so, we see it on the screens, magazine covers and carpet. Nicole Kidman, her name everyone knows, makes her smile smile back and look - to stop and admire.

For the first time on screen, Nicole Kidman appeared at age 15, starring in a music video «Bop Girl» singer Pat Wilson. Then there were a few roles on television and in the series. In 1989, Kidman starred in "Dead Calm" and conquered Hollywood. A slender girl with white skin and a shock of red hair, became adored by all the spectators of the United States. She - the first actress from Australia, received the 2003 "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress" and became a three-time winner of the prize "Golden Globe".

In 1990, the young actress marries the already successful at that time Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, the marriage has cracked and in 2001 began a long divorce proceedings, which was accompanied by Nicole protracted depression.

 Nicole Kidman: a secret harmony and youth
   But the actor's life does not stand still, drawing Kidman in the new subject and new roles. Her face is interested in fashion house "Chanel" - Nicole starred in commercials for the perfume brand "Chanel №5» and received the highest fee in the history of advertising.

In 2006 the actress married again - it was the chosen one Australian singer Keith Urban.

Shooting, travel, family life - lives Kidman is painted on the clock, while it manages to pay attention to their children and to win the love and recognition of viewers around the world. But as an actress manages to combine so many responsibilities and remain always smiling, slim and young? What is the success of the star of her beauty?

The secret of youth Nicole Kidman is very simple, and the actress does not make a secret of it. Yoga, a lot of fresh fruit and clean drinking water to help her avoid the signs of premature aging. Of course, it can not do business without anti-aging creams, but Nicole prefers cosmetics with natural ingredients only. Her porcelain skin requires a very reverent care, especially protection from UV rays, so Nicole always use sunscreen and in everyday life often wears a hat. But escape from the rumors in the world of show business is simply impossible. Many media release publications on plastic surgery actress and her addiction to Botox. Nicole herself denies this way of transformation. "I am absolutely genuine" - She smiles. So whether it is in fact, we are fans of the actress can not know, but, in spite of any funds, will continue to enjoy the charming and feminine Nicole.

 Nicole Kidman: a secret harmony and youth
Looking at these photos Kidman is hard to believe in the absence of Botox

I have always admired the well-groomed hair and bright Hollywood beauty. It turns out that in addition to shampoo to wash your hair Actress use cranberry juice. What makes hair get a natural reddish-reddish shade. How to prepare an elixir Nicole herself, it remains a secret. But we can try to use the following recipe nutritious cranberry hair mask .
Fresh cranberries - 3 tbsp. spoons,
parsley - 5 sprigs,
olive oil - 1 tbsp. spoon.

Cranberries and parsley mash, strain the juice and mix with olive oil. The resulting mixture rub into the hair roots and cover with foil or a special cap for masks. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

 Nicole Kidman: a secret harmony and youth
 Nicole always keeps himself in good shape: practicing yoga, swimming in the pool and playing tennis. To clean the body of toxins actress for three days drink vegetable and fruit juices, herbal extracts and the water, eliminating alcohol, black tea, black coffee and sugar. When, during the two pregnancies she gained extra weight, I had to sit on a strict diet. And the figure of the actress returned to the same parameters as early as 2 months after delivery.

If you want to lose 6-8 kilos in just 14 days, pay attention to diet Nicole Kidman. Consider the Sample menu:

The first day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar;
Dinner - 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes and spinach;
Dinner - boiled meat and green salad.

Second day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar and crackers;
Lunch - boiled meat;
Dinner - ham and yogurt.

Third day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar and crackers;
Lunch - tomatoes, fruits and celery, fried in vegetable oil;
Dinner - grated carrots - 1 cup, 2 boiled eggs, a piece of cheese.

Fourth day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar;
Lunch - grated carrots - 1 cup, 1 piece of cheese and boiled egg;
Dinner - fruit salad.

Fifth day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar;
Lunch - lean boiled fish;
Dinner - grated carrots - 1 serving.

Sixth day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar and crackers;
Lunch - chicken and lettuce;
Dinner - one boiled egg.

Seventh day: Breakfast - coffee without sugar;
Lunch - boiled meat and vegetables;
Dinner - lean boiled fish, raw or steamed vegetables.

 Nicole Kidman: a secret harmony and youth
 The second week of eating in the same way. On the day should drink at least 1, 5 liters of water without gas. Exclude from the diet of salt, sugar and alcohol. Diet belongs to the category of very strict, so enough of the proposed dishes will be difficult. Before such a diet is recommended to consult a dietician.

And "always keep smiling, to have occurred. Tomorrow is another day "- advises Hollywood actress.
Author: Alesya Marchenko