Secrets of the stars. Felesiti Huffman
 Lynette Scavo poor does not have time to take a break from filming "Desperate Housewives"! Perfect and unique Felesiti Huffman - charming mom just can not keep up with three boys, who are about to come up with a new game! However, this does not prevent her to monitor their appearance, so that many people do not cease to surprise and delight! We asked stylist Ann Minahan tell us how to care for their hair.

Step 1.   To prepare for styling worth paying attention to their structure. If you have curly hair, it is recommended to wash them for about 12 hours before publication. If they are straight and obedient, you can make hair immediately after washing. But in any case, to give volume and silkiness use the air conditioner.

Step 2. To tresses were strong, it is to dry them in a natural way. However, when using a hair dryer, try to dry your hair from the roots - so they will look more magnificent.

  Divide into four locks. Start to wind the strand on large rollers, pulling each. However, try to do it carefully, because the health of your hair in this case depends on the ability to properly use tools such as curlers and comb.

Step 4. Apply locking spray volume. This way, you fix the result. After 20 minutes, remove the curlers and comb the curls with your fingers so that they lie flat.