Slim body Gwyneth Paltrow - the result of grueling diet and exercise
 Journalist publication DailyMail Rebecca Wilcox revealed the secret toned body of actress Gwyneth Paltrow. This method is well-known expert on weight loss Tracy Anderson. Rebecca wanted to repeat the success of Gwyneth, but she was waiting for a very big disappointment - the method of Tracy Anderson, who is now captivated a large number of slimming in England, it is very difficult to sustain, it is very exhausting exercise and rigid diet.

So 38-year-old actress Gwyneth Paltrow, mother of two children, however, looks like a schoolgirl slim. This bribed journalist of the British edition. Here is the story of Rebecca what ended her experiments on a known method.

"When Oprah Gwyneth admitted that she engaged in by a certain method of Tracey, I immediately wanted to try a technique on yourself. And I wondered: What I can do with my body something like that?

Tracy Anderson - a former professional dancer, and now her career went up. Still would! After all, at the moment of its business partner - she Gwyneth Paltrow. Together they have released four DVD-ROM sets of exercises, each of which in the UK has sold over 20 000 copies. In addition, Tracy has released a book about his 30-day method, also in conjunction with Gwyneth.

 Slim body Gwyneth Paltrow - the result of grueling diet and exercise
Tracy and Gwyneth demonstrate the exercises. Photo: Planet Photo

The book appeared on the shelves in December, and still sell at least 1,000 units per week. And among customers Tracey are such household names as Madonna, Shakira, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Ritchie.

 Slim body Gwyneth Paltrow - the result of grueling diet and exercise
 According to Tracy, all we have to do to get the figure Gwyneth is doing the exercises for two hours every day, six days a week for the rest of his life. And still abide by a strict meal plan .

And it seemed to me that I could do it. After all, I do not have kids, I work a lot at home and I can not afford to pay for a day a couple of hours of exercise.

I did several times before trying to bring his body in order, but none of the methods are not pushed me from the "dead spots". My 12th the size (in Russia - 44 minutes) does not become the 10th, although I have accumulated so many discs Pilates, yoga, I also tried to run, swim, aerobics and dance. I went once to the personal trainer with whom we passed a 10-day detox program, but even such a strict diet is not carried away with a single kilogram.

In general, I was very interested, if I can not, in order to achieve the parameters of Gwyneth, but at least once to change.

I bought the book Tracy, as well as DVD-ROM, with a 90-day procedure, this program can proceed after the so-called "30-day method of Tracy," but this program is available only on the website Tracy.

The difference between these two methods is that in the first 30-day method, you should do three hours a day and going to the 90-day method, while having reduced by an hour - two hours a day.

What kind of exercises presented in this method? It is, basically, jumping, jump, aerobic steps. Tracy against such loads as running, she said that after such repetitive movements you will have a very large muscle mass. We strive not to do so.

Along with the jumps and other movements close to the aerobics classes, each class made a series of 40 Pilates movements that changed every 10 days. It's very grueling and extremely tedious exercise, I tell you. But photo Gwyneth Paltrow has supported me go through all this.

And if the exercises were more tolerant times, the diet was very hard for my body. In the first week we could have only seven different products, mainly in the form of drinks or soups. It was, for example, such a mixture: the juice of cabbage beetroot + spinach + + apple. Disgusting thing! I even threw up several times, sorry for the details.

The menu from Tracy and Gwyneth and such dishes:
- Pudding, sweet potato and corn (one cooked sweet potato mixed with a raw corn until smooth)
- Parsnip puree with carrots
- Mashed apples and blueberries
- Gazpacho (also mixed until smooth)
- Protein soup

Tracy believes that these dishes you can eat all you want and in any quantity, and when you want. But I still shared their food more or less evenly at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Slim body Gwyneth Paltrow - the result of grueling diet and exercise
One day Rebecca Tracy Anderson method:
7.15 Lifting and weighing
7.30 First breakfast: pudding, sweet potato and corn
8.00 Vocabulary for 1 hour 45 minutes
10.00 Lunch: Blueberry and apple cocktail and 3 cups of green tea
10.30 Cabbage juice and two cups of water
13.00 Lunch: soup gazpacho, mashed carrots and paternaka cup of green tea
15.00 Early Dinner: protein soup (with chicken)
19.00 Snack: easy chocolate pudding
21.00 Bath and bed. I fell asleep at 22:00
On the day of work - 2, 6 pints of water (about 1, 5 liters)

I did not eat anything except protein soup, for a whole week. This soup: carrots, celery, broccoli, chicken breast, almost without salt. And it was painful! Sometimes I was dying of hunger, but was trying to hold on. Still, the experiment!

Since the beginning of the second week of my menu was:

- Breakfast: two eggs (boiled) or a slice of bacon, turkey, plus a small amount of fruit.

- Lunch: protein bar.

- Dinner: a small amount of protein and vegetables. For example, it could be a half a chicken breast and a handful of spinach.

The famine was so strong at times that it was often difficult to get to sleep. And sometimes a little darkened eyes.

Fortunately, in the third week could proceed to the next menu. But it is quite tough. Everything had to be steamed, grilled or cook. The strict prohibition on starch. No bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. All purged without fat, no dairy products, red meat is forbidden and everything is prepared without salt.

And I stood. What are the results? Of course, I did not Gwyneth, but lost a lot of weight and my size is changed from the 12th (44th) to the 10th (42th). And I'm really happy and finally I have the body you dream about. "

 Slim body Gwyneth Paltrow - the result of grueling diet and exercise
Left - Rebecca Wilcox after a 30-day method of Tracey, right - Gwyneth Paltrow on vacation in February 2011, off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Photo: David Poole, Splash News.

Fly in the ointment
After reading this story from Rebecca, you can only be happy for her and something to take a mental note. And decent results in just one month! But of course, it can not be trusted immediately and unconditionally new diets and systems. Be sure to take into account their impact on health, because our life does not end with obtaining a slender body, we still have so much ahead. Do not undermine me his health by Tracy?

I had to look in a lot of information on the Internet by the method of Tracy. And now it is necessary to warn about something those who are already rushing to devote a month method.

First, one should not ignore that during the entire 30-day method Rebecca experienced difficulties with the general state. Lethargy, poor concentration, fatigue, grouchiness. In addition, and this, too, wrote Rebecca DailyMail, the skin began to peel off, weak nails.

The chief dietitian at St. George's in London, Catherine Collins generally responds very tough on the method of Tracey Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow. She analyzed the diet, which is proposed in the method, and said that within a month consumed less than 700 calories a day, absolutely no fat and minerals, and it is a matter of concern. Girls who sit on such a diet, guaranteed lack of calcium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins and salts, said nutritionist. It may develop a disease as hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood). A lack of iron will result in anemia. Lack of enough calcium (daily rate of about 300-800 mg) increases the risk of osteoporosis and osteopenia (which, incidentally, was recently diagnosed in Gwyneth Paltrow).

Dangerous for the body and lack of the protein (if it is less than 30 g per day). Moreover, even vitamins which come from vegetables and fruits, are useless at this diet because they can not be absorbed. After all, no fat, vehicles for the absorption of vitamins, so that only vitamins from the body are derived.

Other nutrition experts, Dr. Susan Jebb, a British expert on meditsinstkim Research Council, also criticized the diet Tracy Anderson. "Of course, you will lose weight, because according to the method will consume no more than 700 calories a day. But such sacrifices are dangerous. Drastic diets, more reminiscent of the days of fasting, can benefit only a very obese people, "- says the doctor. She also believes that a day to consume about 2,400 calories to maintain your weight. To save about a kilogram a week, the deficit can not be more than 1000 calories a day. But the method of Tracey people have a deficit of 1700 calories per day.

For such low-calorie diets, there are very great limitations. Your health should be completely normal, especially the heart.

Such a diet as a method of Tracy will produce a loss of nearly three kilos a week, but you will not lose fat, - says Dr. Katherine Collins. She believes that people who consume very little protein, provoke a situation where the body begins to eat the internal organs (kidney, liver, heart), to fill the needs of protein. That is why anorexics can die of a heart attack.

Lack of carbohydrates will lead to disruption of the structure of muscles, deterioration of motor functions. And that's too bad, especially if you expect this level of physical activity, which advises Tracy.

It remains the last argument in the procedure Tracy and Gwyneth - is exercise. However, Jo Doust, a professor of physiology at the University of Brighton, says that there is nothing new or magical in the exercises Tracy Anderson. This is the usual aerobics, well, maybe not so boring.

The only thing, perhaps, that the exact method of developing Tracy - is the power of will, because to hold 30 or 90 days of strict framework is very difficult.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin