Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
 Name Michelle Obama cited the media and the Internet almost no more than the name of her husband, the president of the United States. Michelle opened a new page in the style of the first lady. She invented his own approach that mimics and admired. And now it has written an entire book. Some tips from the publication - in this article.

You know that even in 2009, Michelle Obama joined the list of the most beautiful women in the world? In the same year she was awarded the prize CFDA Association for his role in the American fashion. It was noted that Michelle made a bold new style with this elegant and graceful, always defends the interests of young American designers and fashion business supports America.

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book

Author of the new book - Mickey Taylor, she summarized the style of Obama in the book and gives advice on how to follow the style of Michelle. By the way, one of the tips very correct - you need to be a self-confident, and it will be the first step on the path to the style of the First Lady of America.

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
Cover of the book, the cover the inscription: "Every woman can follow the style of the First Lady"

The book is written not as a historical reference, but as a guide to action. In fact, every woman, if desired, may be the First Lady, copying the style of Michelle Obama.

According to the author, Michelle Obama always feels comfortable and confident, and always knows what outfit suits her. Mickey Taylor described Mrs. Obama's style as "classic with a twist and the".

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
Choice for diplomatic meetings left - dress Tom Ford in May 2011 for a meeting with the Queen of England, to the right - along Doo-Ri Chung in October, at a meeting with South Korean President

"She has a great love for the color" - writes the author. And I believe that we have to learn this from her. Indeed, often we choose a neutral shade costume, scary "work" with bright colors.

Other Michel luck - it's her accessories, she is able to wear, accessories combines different colors and textures easily. Special chic - a combination of different color and texture of shoes and belt, note that it is almost always wearing accessories like "from different operas."

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
The dress that Michelle Obama has chosen in 2009 for the inauguration of a spouse - by Jason Wu. After Barack Obama admitted that he did not even recognize his wife in the dress

Of course, I would be more practical advice, right? Here are tips that gives the author of the bestseller (and that the book will buy up a record number of copies, no doubt) women dared to follow the style of Michelle Obama.

We make clothes for Michelle Obama:

- Go to dress. The most profitable investment - Dress concise and clear colors, silhouette, with a large cut. These models allow you to have a lot of jewelry and accessories.

- Buy a cashmere cardigan. For women of any build this thing must-have. Moreover, the cardigan does not have to be expensive, and from well-known brand, even low cost items are of good quality and cut.

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
Michelle is really masterful cardigans. There - its appearance in 2009, the left outfit from Junya Watanabe, on the right - J Crew

- LBD (Little Black Dress), Little Black Dress. They can not be much. Do not stop at one. The LBD is possible to go from 8 am to 8 pm, it's like a good friend - never let you down!

- Flared trousers. Flared fit any figure, and always look elegant. It is enough to change the top - and the image changes, and the harmony and elegance remains.

 Style Michelle Obama already dedicate a book
2011-Michel - one of the first shows how to wear a new trend - color blocking, dresses from Narciso Rodriguez

- Corporal shoes. Today it is not just a trend, it's a trick that makes it look slimmer. Any here that you are wearing: rocker jacket or polka-dot dress, bodily shoes will always be harmonious.

Of course, Michelle Obama's style - it's not just clothes. Mickey Taylor believes that by copying the style of Michelle, does not really matter what hairstyle you choose. The main thing - is healthy hair and scalp. Watch out for this, and cut choose the one that suits your lifestyle. Needless to say that the cleanliness of the skin - is also an important moment in appearance, and this, too, should learn from the First Lady. Makeup can not be at all, but the peeling skin or contaminated pores banned.
Author: Julia Shestakova