The incredible transformation of Kelly Osbourne
 Kelly Osbourne - the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon. If it had not participated in the reality show channel MTV «The Osbournes" with stellar father and mother, it is unlikely that she would be so Kelly became famous and popular. Although…

Tight Teen
Viewers remembered Kelly Osbourne difficult teenager. She dressed provocatively in extravagant outfits, made an aggressive makeup. Part of me hairstyles, preferring toxic hair color. Style Kelly since "The Osbournes" not distinguished elegance Woman accused even in the total absence of taste. However, bright and willful Kelly drew the attention of the public. After the end of the show she could try yourself as a singer and actress, and quite successfully.

In the life of Kelly Osbourne was a difficult period. At age 17, she first tried drugs and became dependent on them. Kelly - a fighter by nature, she was able to cope with the devastating addiction. At the clinic she went of his own accord. In 2006, Kelly Osbourne met a male model Luke Worrell. Romance helped the girl get a taste of life. Even outwardly Kelly has changed, become more feminine and soft. She literally glowed with happiness.

Kelly Osbourne has always been plump, since childhood she loved a tasty meal. Kelly adored fast food, chips, pizza and sweets. All this washed down with it a fair amount of carbonated beverages. The surrounding Kelly felt awkward and clumsy as it was. Now it looks completely different.

Result: - 20 kg!
TV project "Dancing with the Stars", which is popular around the world, was the starting point of the Transfiguration Kelly Osbourne. In order to take part in the project, she had to lose weight at 10 kg. At first, this result is not inspired Kelly. It is believed that after the end of the project the old weight back. But the dancing is so seized the girl, that she began to lose weight deliberately. In total, Kelly Osbourne was able to throw more than 20 kg.

 The incredible transformation of Kelly Osbourne

Only through diet Kelly Osbourne would be difficult to achieve such impressive results. The need for physical exertion was evident. Now three times a week Kelly gym, where he works for an individual program on simulators. Regular cardio held under the guidance of a personal trainer. In addition, Kelly will gain a knowledge of Pilates. Thanks gym she feels confident in her own body.

After the end of the show "Dancing with the Stars" Kelly Osbourne has completely changed our way of life. Now, Kelly is committed to a balanced diet, in its menu only healthy and wholesome food. She learned to say a firm "no" to the culinary temptations and sports have become an integral part of her life.

Externally, Kelly Osbourne is very prettier, it rightfully enjoys his incredible transformation. Kelly from childhood accustomed to publicity, but now the attention of the media it has increased dramatically. Her photos have become increasingly appearing in the press, journalists attacked interview requests and try to find out the secrets of losing weight. At parties Kelly appears in beautiful dresses that emphasize the dignity of her new figure. Shapeless robes disappeared from her wardrobe.

If before Kelly Osbourne could only flipping the glossy pages of magazines about healthy lifestyles and sadly looking at photos of slender models, but now she is posing for the covers. Photo Kelly Osbourne in a bright red bikini adorned magazine Shape. She proudly displays its slender and elastic body. The shooting for the cover - a worthy reward for perseverance and tenacity.

 The incredible transformation of Kelly Osbourne
Shape Cover with Kelly Osbourne

The title "holders of a better body - 2010" - another important award. Magazine Fitness, summing up last year, called the stars that are in excellent physical shape. Kelly Osbourne's efforts were not in vain, that her new figure has been called "the best."

Love and Lies
It seemed wedding Kelly Osbourne with her male model boyfriend Luke Worrall is not far off. But the news about the change of Luke ended the romance. Kelly decided to leave. Shortly after parting became known shocking details: razluchnitsa El Schneider turned transsexual. She confessed to journalists that she was born a boy named Reynaldo Gonzalez. El Schneider said of the difficulties she had to face in order to find true self. Three years of hormone therapy preceded the sex-change operations. This was followed by another operation, the girl inserted breast implants.

Kelly Osbourne injured not only the fact of treason, but that during the acquaintance with a new passion in one of the nightclubs of New York, he did not even mention that he already has a fiancee. Moreover, he urged his new girlfriend that lonely and even wound up talking about the wedding. All this offended El Schneider told reporters, when the truth came out about the adventures of male model outside.

Frustrated Kelly Osbourne wrote in his microblog on Twitter: «Luke Worrell worst thing that happened in my life. I have never felt so unhappy now. He met hundreds of women and men at my back. " The parting was painful couple, tabloids with pleasure relished the juicy details.

 The incredible transformation of Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne - the new face of the brand, created by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, «Material Girl». Photo:

No comments
It seems Kelly Osbourne has found a new love. Rumors that she was dating a musician Robert Damian went from the beginning of January 2011, but the information about the new novel and remained unconfirmed. Without the paparazzi could not have done, photographers have photographed loving couple on the streets of London. Kelly Osbourne commented turn his life edition of Daily Mail: «I really spend good time with my new friend. We met in the UK some time ago. The rest - no comment. "
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova